Faith and Freedom Institute Wants Neither

10 March, 2009

A new group, The Faith and Freedom Institute, has decided to fill in the vacuum of evangelical leadership created by the semi-retirement of James Dobson.  The FFI will combat “satanic wickedness” and will return America to a foundation of Biblical principles.

Theocratic Democracy

Notice that the Bible is on top, Faith comes before Liberty, the large cross, staff and sword, and immature hyperpatriocity of the eagle and flag. 

Why do they need to do this?  According to their home page:

The United States today is like a grafted tree (which tend to produce the best fruits).  It is producing fruit on some of its branches which is sour (that would explain the expressions usually found on the faces of radical religious right leaders (sour puss?)), ill-formed (the thoughts are, anyway), rotting in the core (because the radical right’s ideas are so out of date that they have rotted), non-sustainable (the political and religious right are trying to make America unsustainable), and unpleasant to the eyes (but the religious right is so good at closing their eyes, how would they notice?).  Other branches, although in the minority now (atheists and the non-religious make up just under 15% of America’s population, so are we the minority to which he refers?), continue to yield the kind of produce which the tree had given from its inception (it is called the liberal and progressive wing).  The nation today is not producing the products which our founding fathers thought they were planting (because we have sold out to the idea of unlimited profit, a powerful oligarchy, and persist in ignoring the 1st Amendment).

The Faith and Freedom Institute, based in Location TBA (I guess they haven’t found someone gullible enough to finance it), is a research (Biblical research has always struck me as mental masturbation (with some exceptions))  and action-based (Scary. For the religious right, action tends to mean working to deny the rights of other people (plus the occasional sniper or bomber)) organization which will educate (education is a good goal) all people regarding the facts and principles which made our country great (Fantastic.  All Americans should understand the enlightenment principles upon which our contry was founded).  The institute will address political (I’m assuming, of course, that they mean Republican conservative politics), moral (Whose morals?  Biblical morals?  A war against mixed threads and lobsters?), and biblical perspectives of the past (all Biblical perspectives are of the past, you morons!)  and present with the intent of leading (Is it just me, or does ‘leading’ make any one else think of propaganda and brainwashing?) our thinking (Try thinking without preconceptions.  I dare you.) and applications back to the values of our founding fathers (I really don’t think that idiots like Dull (what a perfect name), Donahue, Dobson, et al. would get along too well with Jefferson, Adams, Paine and Franklin.  Nor would they be too wild about lifestyles or religious and political views). The illegitimate grafting (of religion to politics and government) which has brought about undesirable changes (like massive debt, government incompetence, and multiple wars) must be removed (hopefully they mean by voting;  or is this yet more eliminationism?) in order to restore this nation’s vitality and sustainable fruit (And vitality and sustainability will come about by using facts and reality, not faith and myth, to run the government).

From NBC:

“America was founded with a spiritual basis (no, read the Constitution), but there are those who want to make it a purely secular nation,” (which is what our founding fathers intended) Dull said near Capitol Hill Thursday. “Because of the rejection of God and His values, we can expect nothing but His judgment (All quake before the judgement of a mythical being). All one needs to do is to read in history and find out how that when a nation forgot God, God forgot the nation.” (I get the feeling, reading these diatribes, that these folks don’t read history books.)

That is where Dull says the Faith and Freedom Institute plans to step in (a pile of shit). According to Dull, the Institute “is being formed to lead America back to the knowledge of God in order to save the nation from the judgment of God.” (Because faith-based government worked so well for the last eight years, right?)

“Without a doubt, we believe that there is a definite agenda (created by the religious right) to destroy America that is being empowered by satanic wickedness (Rolling on the floor and laughing my ass off) and enhanced by Godless citizens,” (Shit.  He means people like me.  But satanic?  I don’t believe in god(s), faeries, gnomes, competent Republicans, unicorns, or any other mythical being.  Why would I believe in(much less worship) satan?)  Dull said. “The Faith and Freedom Institute desires to put those who have an adverse vision for America on notice that we will not lie down and allow them to overtake us and our heritage (Translation:  “We will take away your freedom unless you subscribe to my faith),  but that we will intend to stand up and fight for those rights given to us by God Himself (No, enumerated and codified by the United States Constitution) and proclaimed by many who committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to make America work.”

As a result, Dull blamed things like economic failure and moral decline to abortion and same-sex marriages on an idea that “God is being forgotten.” (Not quickly enough!)

Dull said the new Christian conservative organization would provide educational opportunities in order to motivate leaders to call for a return to God and basic values. (That is called indoctrination, not education.)

“The Faith and Forum Institute intends to motivate religious, governmental and social leaders, as well as the general public to confess the sins of forgetting God and His word, to repent and turn back to God, and begin to live by the values that made America great,” Dull said.  (I could use this to fertilize my garden.)

If you can stand the idiocy, take a look at their site

Part of me is actually encouraged by this.  Obviously, the radical religious right is nervous.  They realize that, after controlling one political party for around 30 years, and having their picked man in the White House for 20 of the last 28 years, that the politics of exclusion, faith, zealotry, government hatred, and profit worship have failed (the only consistently good economy of the past 28 years was the 8 years of the Clinton administration (hmmm))).  They are panicking.  Rather than try to understand their failure, they are doubling down.  They believe that if they shout as loud as they can, the failed policies will suddenly begin to work.  Faith-based thinking leads to failure.

The Faith and Freedom Institute does not want faith, they want Americans to blindly follow, out of fear, the dictates of a small group.  They do not want freedom, they want to deny freedom to those not willing to pretend faith.  And they should be institutionalized.


  1. I think that freedom to you and me is mental honesty, growth, learning, evaluating. Having an autonomy of conscience.

    Freedom to them is freedom FROM all these things. No gray areas, behavior in certain drawers, and generous helpings of “faith” rather than gray area. People who are outside of this construct are quite uncertain, threats to “order”, and to certain mindsets quite frightening.

    This mindset also has said, (and I’ve heard it expressed by so-called “adults) “We’ve been ‘good’, so why should we be punished because you won’t behave”? Like kids do. And we are people about whom something must be done, both pleasing to their deity and for their own safety. The fact that the “leadership” will be near royalty will be irrelavent won’t make any different.

    A lot of people thought the last eight years were kind of nice, they actually miss that kind of thing. Their “New Jerusalem” seems to resemble Calvin’s Geneva, Savanarola’s Florence. It’s fine with them.

    I wonder if this guy Dull is a local pastor from around here…sure sounds like him. Very down on “cafeteria christians”, you took the whole ball of wax or none at all, no pickie-choosie. Felt that the local school system was Steeped In Sin, home schooled his kids. But insisted his son be allowed to try out for the high school football team, he was a taxpayer, so why not? Oh, well…

    If this is, indeed, Gary Dull, he and another local fundy pastor, a guy named Jeff Dollar sum up the whole religious thing in two words: Dull and Dollar, the most signifigant obsevable things.

  2. “…an amendment was proposed by inserting the words, ‘Jesus Christ…the holy author of our religion,’ which was rejected ‘By a great majority in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mohammedan, the Hindoo and the Infidel of every denomination.'” From Jefferson’s biography

    I believe it was values like that which made America great.

    Anyway, I hope NAMBLA never catches on to such clever marketing like these clowns, or else they’ll reinvent themselves as something like the American Defenders of Youth and Love, and claim to be a rights advocacy group for the education and motivation of proper child mentoring.

  3. If I have to argue at one more person about how the US is NOT and has NEVER been a Christian Nation, or how marriage is only a holy unchanging heterosexual monogamous institution if you never actually look at history, my head is going to explode.

    I don’t understand why the gov’t allows private (religious) schools to indoctrinate and brainwash people into believing this junk.

    This country needs some massive education that is based on reality and facts rather than wishful thinking and imaginary super-beings, and fast.

  4. Craig “I don’t understand why the gov’t allows private (religious) schools to indoctrinate and brainwash people into believing this junk.”
    “Of the people, by the people and for the people” works best when “the people” aren’t stupid. The elected represent those who elected them (in this case, humorously, the electors who elected the elected are the Elect).

    “This country needs some massive education that is based on reality and facts rather than wishful thinking and imaginary super-beings, and fast.”
    Public schoolin’ ain’t never been no good, and it ain’t not didn’t get no better after that dern monkey trial, golsarn’d it! Then that atheist broad banninated the prayer from school and it did go downhill real good, dagnabit!

  5. Sarge: Yeah, god(s) tends to be really into the whole collective punishment bit. And he misses. Lots.

    Philly: You get a Gurney Halleck award. Treasure it.

    Well, if the right can sell magical Christianity to adults and make the rich richer to the poor, I guess NAMBLA could do that. Maybe if they team up with the Catholic church, neh?

    Craig: That’s why they put their kids in religious schools — so they will be indoctrinated and brainwashed. And the government allows it because of the idea of separation of church and state. Were there an official religion, chances are the government would control what was being taught. What they seek to destroy is what allows them to operate.

    MO: Have I ever said you are just a might bit cynical?

  6. I want to thank the Academy, my parents, Mrs. Chief, spice, and of course a big shout out to all you Fremen! Mauuuuu-DIB!

  7. Their web site is not as injurious an eyesore as many Christian sites, but it’s pretty amusing all the same. I like the photo with the banner held in place by a couple of bricks. These guys are more than just a few bricks shy of a full load, but at least we know where two of them went.

  8. Philly: Your SF Nerdism is showing. And it is Muad-Dib, not Maud-Dib. Sheesh!

    Chappie: The photos are rather amusing. I also liked the first big text area — it is posted as a graphic (I had to type those paragraphs in, no cut and paste). Maybe the bricks are purple, fuzzy, and came out of an unfit orifice.

  9. I find it humorous that reading about a group like this coincides perfectly with another article I read this A.M. about how Chuck Norris (the RR’s new poster boy, and yes its that C.N.)says that there are now enough extreme right wing crazy groups out there that he thinks its time for an open rebellion against the government. Unfortunately I laughed so hard that I spewed coffee all over my monitor, but it was a good morning laugh.

  10. Raivo Pommer raimo1@hot.ee

    Rumenien ja Lettlands geld

    Die Reaktion fiel gelassen aus. Obgleich nach Ungarn und Lettland mit Rumänien nun der dritte osteuropäische EU-Mitgliedstaat die Europäische Kommission in Zahlungsschwierigkeiten geraten ist und um Hilfe gebeten hat, zeigen die Finanzmärkte nur verhaltene Reaktionen.

    Die Landeswährung Leu wertet zwar um 0,8 Prozent auf 4,3077 Leu je Euro ab, doch ist sie damit immer noch unter dem Tief von Anfang Februar bei 4,3614 Leu. Die Kurse der rumänischen Staatsanleihen gaben immerhin leicht nach.

  11. Tau: I saw that one too. The great Chuck Norris has begun to believe the internet jokes.

    Raivo: What the Fuck? I translated your comment (Babel Fish) and got this:

    Rumenien of Latvia money.

    The reaction failed calmly. Although to Hungary and Latvia with Romania now the third Eastern European European Union member state the European commission is guessed/advised in pecuniary difficulties and asked for assistance, the financial markets show only restrained reactions.

    The national currency Leu devalues by 0,8 per cent on 4,3077 Leu for each euros, but is it thereby still under the low of at the beginning of of February with 4,3614 Leu. The courses of the Romanian government loans gave way nevertheless easily.

    What does Roumanian devaluation have to do with the Faith and Freedom Institute?

  12. It’s just spam.

  13. Craig: I know. But I’ve never gotten German spam. Much less German spam about Roumanian currency.

  14. (((Billy))) “MO: Have I ever said you are just a might bit cynical?”
    I prefer “realist”.

    TauRaven “I find it humorous that reading about a group like this coincides perfectly with another article I read this A.M. about how Chuck Norris…”

  15. MO: It was covered in Crooks and Liars: http://crooksandliars.com/david-neiwert/chuck-norris-and-glenn-beck-tout-ol-

  16. Ah, the Second Amendment (nutbar version):

    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  17. Pah! The first part of that should’ve been crossed out. Y’know, because they ignore that bit because it doesn’t buttress their argument. “You can have my State Militia’s guns when you pull them from my State Militia’s cold, dead hands.” just doesn’t have that special ring.

  18. MO: I’ve noticed that a certain subset of conservatives tend to be cafeteria Americans: they walk down the line, and only use the parts of the Constitution they like.

  19. The idea of the Constitution, you see, is more important than the ideals it contains.

  20. I saw the newsclip at MySpace.com. I got the town, but I need some more details.

  21. MO: I like. 🙂

    Athiest Insurgency: Thanks for stopping by. I would recommend contacting the newspaper or possibly one of the free-thought people quoted in the article for additional details. All I could find was the one article.

  22. You do you feel free to call them idiots and deny them the right of thinking and saying what they do? The idiocy of this is yours.

    • At no point did he say he wanted, nor advocated for the denial of their rights to free speech. It would seem that if you got that from his posting, then you’re the only one exhibiting idiocy. Btw, take a moment to proofread next time before posting. That’ll make you look less like an idiot, too.

  23. At least we see we are very polite, isn’t?

    • As coisas polida a fazer teria sido a de ler cuidadosamente antes de comentar, e para revisar antes da publicação.

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