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American Jihadists? Yee-Fucking-Ha!!

3 March, 2010

I have been asked, through email and through comments, why I, as an atheist, give a flying fuck about theists — about what believers do, or think, or believe.  Why do I blog about religion and belief in god(s) if I am an unbeliever? 

There are many reasons I blog.  I blog to help me understand who I am.  I blog to poke fun at political and religious absurdity.  And I blog because I am scared abso-fucking-lutely shitless about the radical right. Read the rest of this entry ?


Feel That Christian Love

5 December, 2009

Christianity is a religion of, supposedly, love.  The love of god (and if you don’t love him back in the right way, he will sentence you to an eternity torment.  The love of children (and you can even let them starve while waiting for god to provide).  The love towards one’s enemy (specifically, Christians would love them to die). Read the rest of this entry ?


Breaking the Back of America

22 November, 2009

Conservatives are the backbone of America.  Their respect for the Constitution of the United States, their respect for the laws of America, their respect for the President of the United States of America (whether they agree with his political views or not), their battles for equal rights for all humans, and their Christian ethics, including a sense of love and respect for all life are the epitome of exemplars of good old fashioned Americanism to which we should all aspire. Read the rest of this entry ?


I Get Mail. And It Isn’t Nearly As Exciting As It Should Be.

19 August, 2009

Today, I got an email from Tina Jane.  I  did not recognize the address, or the mailer, but, after doing a quick McAfee scan, I clicked.  Then I clicked over to a Google document.  And I realized that I was being witnessed via billytheatheist (at) as I read: Read the rest of this entry ?


Bishop allows villagers to notice ‘reality of nature’

10 August, 2009

A small village in Switzerland has, collectively, spent the last 331 or so years praying for one thing.  Now they are petitioning the Vatican to reverse their prayers (from Yahoo News (via the AP)):

Since the vow was established in 1678, the deal was simple: the citizens of the isolated mountain hamlets of Fiesch and Fieschertal would pledge to lead virtuous lives. In exchange, God would spare their homes and livelihoods from being swallowed by Europe’s largest glacier as it expanded toward the valley with heavy winter snows. Read the rest of this entry ?


Trying to Belong

22 June, 2009

When I was 12 years old, we moved from Grand Canyon, Arizona (a small (less than 3,000 year round residents) and educated (more than half the families had at least one member with a college degree) one) and moved to a small town in western Maryland.  I moved from a school with 16 students per grade to one with about 200.  And I moved from an ecumenically open and diverse community to a northern lobe of the Bible Belt.  I felt a strong need to belong. Read the rest of this entry ?


Church Orgasm, Jell-o and Cheeze Whiz

22 May, 2009

Earlier today, while perusing PhillyChief’s excellent blog (I done casted aspersions ’bout his Chiefs, so I gotta get on ‘is good side), Quantum Flux, in the comment section, made a comment (the comment:  “What next will the crazy holy rollups think up next!? Jesus causing female orgasms?”) which sparked a memory from my childhood.  Well, not actually childhood, more like teenager-hood.  And not a pleasant memory, either (thanks a lot). Read the rest of this entry ?