Asshats are Unhappy With Obama’s Inclusiveness

23 January, 2009

One of the high points for me in Barack Obama’s inauguration speech was (along with his strong expression of support for actual science) his not to the religious diversity of America:

“For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness.  We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers.  We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this earth.

And, when he said it, alarm bells went off in my head.  There are two words in there which are, basically, the equivalent of tossing a haunch of mutton to a starving mountain lion.  And I was right.

Over at AOL news are a whole bunch of scary quotes regarding the use of the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘nonbeliever.’  

With that one line, the president “seems to be trying to redefine American culture, which is distinctively Christian,” said’ Bishop E.W. Jackson of the Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Va. “The overwhelming majority of Americans identify as Christians, and what disturbs me is that he seems to be trying to redefine who we are.’”
Bishop Jackson, you are wrong.  America is not, and never has been, a Christian nation.  President Barack Obama is not redefining America, he is, for the first time at the national level, recognizing American culture for what it is — a true stew (we are not a melting pot — in a melting pot, all of us would look alike, think alike and believe alike (which we do not)).  Obama is not redefining who we are, he is recognizing who we are.
Jackson said he and others have no problem acknowledging that “this country is one in which everybody has the freedom to think what they want.’” Yet Obama crossed the line, in his view, in suggesting that all faiths (and none) were different roads to the same destination: “He made similar remarks in the campaign, and said, ‘We are no longer a Christian nation, if we ever were. We are a Jewish, Hindu and non-believing nation.'”
Not so, Jackson says: “Obviously, Jewish heritage is very much a part of Christianity; the Jewish Bible is part of our Bible. But Hindu, Muslim, and nonbelievers? I don’t think so. We are not a Muslim nation or a nonbelieving nation.”’
Jackson claims to accept that America is a country ‘in which everybody has the freedom to think what they want.’  He is, however, claiming that, since a majority of Americans are Christians (and he includes (somewhat reluctantly, Jews), we are a Christian nation and those who don’t think the right thing are less than human, are less than American.  He says, in no uncertain terms, that Muslims, Hindus, nonbelievers (and, though he doesn’t state it outright, I have no choice but to assume he also includes Native American beliefs, Sikhs, Shintoists, Buddhists, animists, etc.) are not fully American as we are not part of the dominant paradigm.
The Rev. Cecil Blye, pastor of More Grace Ministries Church in Louisville, Ky., said the president’s reference to nonbelievers also set off major alarm bells for him. “It’s important to understand the heritage of our country, and it’s a Judeo-Christian tradition,”’ period.
Reverand Blye, you are also wrong.  America is based upon the enlightenment — a humanist philosophy which stands in stark contrast to the Judeo-Christian tradition.  Had the Founding Fathers created our government in that tradition, it would have been a monarchy with an established church (and all other churches would have been forced to pay taxes to support that state church). 
On the plus side, however, are the surveys on the page.  One asks, “Do you believe in a higher power?” and 13% say no (which is a little low — it should be about 16% (but this is an internet poll which are extremely inaccurate)).  The other question asks, “Did Obama’s nonbeliever remark bother you?” with 74% saying no and 24% (presumably the same 1 in 4 who think that 43 was anything less than a total disaster as President) saying yes.
So three out of four respondents to this survey have no problem with the inclusiveness of Obama’s speech. One in four want to deny citizens and legal residents equal rights as Americans.
You, the asshat Christianists, the Dominionist assholes who want to turn America into an evangelical version of Iran, the right wing conservative religious nuts, the ones determined to recognize equal civil rights for gays, lesbians, atheists, Muslims, and all the other citizens who do not think exactly the same things about God and Jesus,  are perverting the basis of the Constitution of the United States.  You are seeking to exclude about 25% of United States citizens based upon belief.  You are ignoring the founding documents of our democracy.  You are behaving in an un-American manner.  Which is your right.  But it is also my right to tell you that you are wrong.


  1. I saw that on AOL just before I saw your post. I wish I could say it’s unbelievable.

  2. There’s a scene in Last of the Mohicans when Duncan is berating the colonists and says they come and go without so much as a “by your leave” to which Cora replies, “they do not live their lives ‘by your leave'”!

    What I hear from the “tolerant” Christians when they say things like “everybody has the freedom to think what they want” is that rather than be a right, it’s a privilege granted ‘by their leave’ and they expect to both be thanked for it and for others to know their place. If you read statements like what you have posted here with this in mind, they suddenly makes sense, don’t they?

  3. I read that article a little while ago and thought about blogging about it, but seems you beat me to it.

    I was quite startled how many people had voted yes to the higher power question. But was heartened that obviously a lot of those are sensible enough to know inclusiveness is the right thing.

    Overall America has a long way to go, I just hope the enlightened get a hold on power before the right-wing religious nutjobs turn your country into a theocracy. (but which particular faith, that is the question the christians can never answer)

  4. Laurie: When I saw it, it had been up for about 12 minutes on AOL. Just a serendipitous sighting.

    Philly: Damn! I really should email my post to you and let you point out the obvious before I put it online.

    Excellent point, though. My right to my beliefs is granted by the Constitution, not the religious leaders of America. Wish I’d thought of that.

    Oz: Don’t let me stop you. That’s one of the great things about the atheist blogosphere — ten of us can post on the same thing, and there will be ten different takes on the situation.

    As for the percentages of those saying they believe in a higher power, it’s a little high. But then some ‘nonbelievers’ may still be universal deists. And among those who voted yes, that includes all religions, not just right-wing evngelicals Christians.

  5. Wow. Baby steps, I guess…

  6. You and your elk really do disgust me. and our new ‘president” does disgust me to. when hussane was running, we warned the world that he was a secret muslim. we warned the world that he would take American away from the path of God and righteousness and down the road of perdition. he has removed God’s loving protection from our great Christian country throu the inclusion of athiests and satin worshppers. By inlcuding muslims and nontbelievers and the hindu, husseen has show his true colors. he is a mulsim out to change America from a Christian nation t oa statanic nation. The proces has already began. now my taxz dollaars are paying to kill babies all over the world. my tax dollaras will help the terrorists in guantanomo to become citizens. my tax dollars will be used to force Americans of faith real Americans to do things like provide abortions or abortion pills or abortion condums which is against their relgion. hussane is out to deny our Christian heritage which inspired our founding fathers to create a Christian nation. Only Christians and Jews who follow the same book and will be perfect in God’s time, are truly Americans. Atheists adn other satin worshippers are only Americans out of the generosity of teh real Americans. I weep for what has become of my nation. God’s protection has been removed. the only way tat America will survive is through all atheists and devil people to freely accept the love provided by our one loving God through the sacrifice of his only Son to wash away our sins. All must be saved by the love of he blood of Christ or America will fall. You, and all of your sinner friends must freely accpet Gods love or be cast into the pit of hell to be tortured for all eternal by the one loving God.

  7. • It’s “ilk”. This is an elk, and this is an elkhound (ain’t she cute?)
    • Obama is the President, not ‘president’
    • You and your ilk disgust me for
    1) failing to spellcheck
    2) failing to capitalize
    3) raw ignorance
    • What’s wrong with worshipping satin? It’s so silky smooth and shiny
    • How is your god loving if he throws people who don’t accept him “into the pit of hell to be tortured for all eternal (sic)”?

  8. Wow, once again we see that religious nuts can’t spell. For my part the mention of nonbelievers in the speech seemed kind of an afterthought. I am just glad that 75% of people had no problem acknowledging our existence.

    Personally, I’m more thrilled with Obama rescinding the Mexico City policy. Yea for reproductive freedom!!!

  9. CL: After the last eight years, baby steps seems like a giant leap.

    Philly: Maybe he does have a thing for elk. I’ve heard of stranger perversions, neh?

    Kate: Even an afterthought is progress. I, too, am pleased (though ‘…..’ seems pissy about it). Also, tightening up who can call what top secret and actually respecting FOIA? Wow!

  10. O, another f-cing elitist just like your president thinking he is better than the real American Christians who made this contry the best place in the world. communitcation is about transmitting idea from one person to another. As long as the communicators are civil to one anther, does the spelling or grammar matter as long as the idea isteslf is transmitted. Or are you angry that you acannot understand the love of God as expressed through the life and death and rebirth of his one and only son for uour sins to be bathed in the blood fo Jesus and thus expunged. You must embrace the one true God freely and of your own free will or you will as certain as the Bible is true be condembed to a eternity of hellfire and damnation wihin the bowels of the earth for eternity. You must love God or you will suffer.

  11. I guess being civil includes saying we disgust him and threats of being “be condembed to a eternity of hellfire and damnation wihin the bowels of the earth for eternity.” Wow. That is a very long time. Your god seems to me to be a pretty nasty character.

    I prefer not to be bathed in the blood of anything or anyone.

  12. Civility starts with respect, respect for yourself, your ideas, and those with whom you engage with to share your ideas and beliefs. Posting a comment with no regard for spelling, grammar, or punctuation…
    • shows no self respect and belies laziness
    • shows no respect to who you’re addressing
    • shows no respect for your ideas and beliefs you’re presenting
    • has tremendous potential for misconstruing whatever it is you want people to get from your comment

    Now that’s not even touching upon what Laurie pointed to. Right out of the gate, you were insulting. Clearly you have no wish to dialogue and instead wish only to pontificate. That’s not being civil. As for claims of what constitutes a “real American”, well, perhaps you should actually go and read what our Founders said and did, especially if you’re going to continue invoking them.

    Oh you’re right about one thing pal, I “cannot understand the love of God” when it means “love God or you will suffer” an “eternity of hellfire and damnation wihin (sic) the bowels of the earth for eternity.” That’s not love, that’s extortion, but of course your god isn’t real, it’s just make-believe, so it’s cool.

    Have a nice day and remember, reading is fundamental.

  13. Make pease with God and you will not be so biter. You spout off about civility and criticice my grammar which makes oyu and elitist but have not responsded to my point htat by denying Americas Christian roots and heritage hussane obama is detroying America. You rather would make fun of grmmar thatn try to refute somthing with is true. America is a Christian Natino and Hussen Obama is turning it into a muslin nation which means we will lose our freedom and wealth. God will forgive you if you ask with youre heart.

  14. Bitter? Who’s insulting who? No, I think you are bitter, and I suggest you make peace with the English language.

    Elitist? Aren’t you claiming you, as a Christian, are better than non-Christians? Isn’t your claim of being a “real American” asserting that you and those who agree with you are better than those Americans who disagree with you?

    Is a Natino more like a Latino or a neutrino?

  15. Polemics and insults. Either answer or leave. You cannot refute that his embrace of atheistism and satanism in his address shows that the president is denying the reality of Americas history as a Christian republic protected by God as long as we are people of hte Book.

  16. Well, off to worship. I will read your insulting non-reply tomorrow after church. But remember, all of you, if you don not freely accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior of your own free will and accept that He died to cleanse youre sins you will be punished in hell for eternity. God loves you and controls youre life but you, each and every on of you satan worshippers myst make a personal decisoin to accpet God.

  17. The US is not founded on Christianity. Read your Constitution.

    If your god controls my life, then he’s responsible for everything I’ve typed here today, so why are you so upset? I’m behaving according to his plan. But you know, if he’s in control of everything, I wonder why he controls my typing so well but has you all over the place? Maybe he doesn’t care much for you. What a dick, huh? Well, what are ya gonna do, right? Oh, but if he’s in control of everything, then he wanted Obama to win. Isn’t that interesting? How do you wrap your muddled head around that? Well don’t worry if you can’t, your head is muddled for a reason, his reason, right? Hallelujah!

  18. Damn. I step away from my computer for a few hours and the dotted menace not only returned, but continued to return. Thanks, Philly.

    ….. Couple of things. First, none of us here worship satan (or any other imagined being). We also don’t worship unicorns. We don’t worship leprechauns (though I used to like Lucky Charms when I was young). We don’t worship honest Republicans or any other imaginary creature.

    Second, President Barack Obama (he has, to my knowledge, never used his middle name in preference to his first name) is a Christian (remember all the tripe about his pastor?). He is not separating America from its past, he is recognizing, officially, the reality of our founding. As Philly said, “The US is not founded on Christianity. Read your Constitution.” (Couldn’t say it better myself).

    Philly: Again, thanks. I was dealing with a mob of Cub Scouts (I think they left with the same number of kids they came in with).

  19. I wonder, will ….. actually return tomorrow? In the past, he (I assume he, but I may be wrong) has dropped by for one, two or (on occasion) three dosings of dreck and then disappears for a while.

  20. We myst make a personal decisoin to accpet god? Does that mean god is furry?

    I just got my son a t-shirt that says: Agnostic dyslexic insomniacs lie awake all night wondering if there is a dog.

  21. I thought my elk was quite fantastic, actually.

    What we have, is a failure to communitcate. 😉

    Also, you said America was protected by your god? Really? Were we protected at Pearl Harbor? from Pauncho Villa? from Al Qaeda? No?

    By the way, I don’t worship fictional characters. Twilight is sooo beyond me.

  22. I see you’re still at it Billy, excellent! I see no need for me to comment on the subject at hand, you guys/gals seem to be keeping things in proper prospective, and laying the nonsense and ignorance to waste.

    Quick comparison. I think that “belief” is very similar to crack addiction. Both religious belief, and crack use tend to suspend a need for education, responsibility, ration, and reality, as you’re experiencing through some of these e-mails.

    The crack-addict runs to the crack-dealer to give him his money for his fix. And the believer runs to the “Extreme Promises” dealer for their fix, cash for hope. But in the crack-addict’s defense, at least the crack-addict possesses enough sense to actually receive something for their money. Just try to convince a crack-addict to purchase some invisible crack with their money, and then you’ll most certainly recognize the factor that separates the two groups.

  23. Obama is a “miserable failure”
    I must admit that this is sweet revenge. A few years ago tech savvy internet users with Bush derangement syndrome linked President Bushes bio with the Google search term “miserable failure.” Now the label has been transferred to President Barack Obama.

  24. Just as i expeted no answer just a bald statemtne with no support followed by personal attacs. Why do you hate God. Why do you hate your personal savior? Why do you hate America? America always was and always wil be a Chfistian natino. Read the real Constitution.

    And God does protect Amereica. God’s love of America is unconditional. But sometimes like all children we are bad with s-x and homos and such and God myst punish us. If we stray too far however God will withdraw his love and leave us in the hands of satan or muhamot or the hindu or atheists all of who worship satan. 911 was a warning by God to support our real President Bush. now we have a faker in te white house. he is not a real American. he denies our Christian past. All of you need to go to church and here the reality of life on earth. We must willingly submit to the unconditional love of the one true God and his Son our Savior or else be killed forever in the pit of hell. Go to church and ask youre preacher who you should have voted for John McCain and Sara Palin to keep America a Godly nation else He will remove his unconditional love.

  25. Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold. . . make pease with God and I won’t be a biter because. . . I’ll be able to just gum my food?

    So what’s the alternative to Christianity? Hell’s Kitchen?

  26. Anonymous writer, I don’t know if you are deliberately acting as if you don’t possess good sense, or if you just can’t help yourself. But from what I’ve read so far, you’ve had plenty of legitimate explanations given to you. As for atheists worshiping satan, please get a dictionary and look up “Atheist”.

    And where exactly can we all obtain a copy of “the real” constitution, and when and where was it drafted. As for hating a god, I personally have no more hate for a god than I do for let’s say, Darth Vader. As for god’s love and protection, I’ll bet you lock your doors when you leave home, right? And if you choose to attend and give money to pep-rallies, I mean church, then that’s your right.

  27. You eliticist intellectuals realy enjoy mocking real Americans don’t you. You are cowards who would necver serve your country and your God. You toss statemetns out withought support and exepct all the world to believe you. No one has proven that America i not a Christian nation so it is a Christian nation founded on the loving protection of God. I pray for your souls and hope that you find Gods love before His wrath finds you.

  28. Anonymous: Please Google up “The Treaty of Tripoli”, read it thoroughly, and get back to us.

  29. …..: Seriously. What are you trying to do here? If you are trying to convert people to your version of Christianity, I have two words for you: EPIC FAIL. Occasionally dropping by my blog and leaving racist and (there really should be a word for religious bigotry (if there is, someone let me know)) bigoted comments tangentially related to the subject at hand ain’t working. Your continuous bizarre threats that we should freely accept your god or be punished out of love is not working. Perhaps if you actually engaged the commenters here rather than attempting to either rant or preach, you might get somewhere. I’m not going to ban you (see my comment policy at the top of the page) but I do ask you, please, to think about what you are trying to do here. Whatever your plan is, it ain’t working.

    All: thank you for helping me out on this thread. I’m not intentionally ignoring the alternating idiocy and wisdom, but I’ve been busy the last couple of days.

    Part of me wants to call Poe on this …. character, but I’m not sure. His server numbers jump from one post to the next and there is no valid email address. I can’t quite picture someone willing to eviscerate his or her brain to this extent. The absurdities involved would give most of us a migraine: god’s love is unconditional and he will take it away if we do the wrong thing; no has proved that America is not a Christian nation therefore it is a Christian nation.

    Laurie: When I was in high school, I used that joke to gauge a persons sense of humor and vocabulary. The only ones who got it were D&D people.

    Teleprompter: “What we have, is a failure to communitcate.” ROTFLMAO!

    Info101: Thanks for stopping by.

    Redneck: Thanks for stopping by.

    Nan: Would making pease with god make one a theosexual?

    Info: I really don’t think that some theists are able to comprehend a human being who does not believe in a higher power. They can comprehend a human believing the wrong higher power, but there has to be a god involved somewhere.

  30. You might want to focus on Art.11 of the treaty, it’s what you’ve been looking for.

  31. I agree with you Billy. But I also detect a pattern of incapability, or unwillingness to properly educate themselves on numerous issues. And then have the audacity to get mad when being made fun of while espousing sheer ignorance, and being proud of it.

  32. It’s so hard to tell the difference between an example of Poe’s Law and an example of fundie brand crazy.

  33. For a while I thought …. was really the “All Hat and No Cattle” character that was sent back to Texas from the White House last week. While the spelling and grammar fit, he can’t be bothered to put out that much effort on anything. …. is just willfully ignorant and wants this country to be a theocracy. But which cult will get to lead??? And will the other cults be willing to follow???

  34. I’m a little late apparently. I too like Elk (to look at not eat) and satin. Does that make me unamerican?

  35. Info: Which treaty? The one we signed with the “Barbary Pirates”? (Not to be confused with the Pittsburg Pirates (who, I think, used to be a Major League Baseball team)). And there are so many mutually exclusive ideas within ….’s writing that I would not know where to begin (I’m glad I don’t teach Junior High English).

    Philly: It’s either very well done satire or very poorly done evangelizing.

    Kulkuri: Thanks for stopping by. Which cult will lead is where theocracies tend to break down. I think in the US it would come down to a battle royal between the Catholics and the Southern Baptists.

    Poodles: Better late than never. I actually like elk (both to look at and eat). It doesn’t taste nearly as gamey as mule deer or white tail.

  36. I vote yes for elk, elkhounds and satin.

    I vote no for religious drivel.

  37. Chappie: I kinda prefer cats. Is there an elkcat? I know theres an Elko in Nevada, maybe that’s what dotman was thinking about.

    I do find it interesting, though, that I was posting about the right-wing Christianists who insist that America is a Christian nation (whom I referred to as ‘asshats’) and, lo and behold, one shows up to prove my point.

  38. Billy: Yes that’s correct, the treaty refers to the “Barbary Pirates”. And the men responsible for it’s creation most certainly were the forefathers of this nation.

    George Washington himself was still seated as the U.S. president, Joel Barlow authored the document in 1796, John Adams signed it, and it was unanimously approved by the Senate on June 7, 1797.

  39. you liberals are silly and desperate. you immoral losers won and you are still bitter. try loving your country and your creator. grow up!

  40. (((Billy))), I am impressed. You even have dead confederates commenting on your blog! Unless it’s General Grant’s horse, in which case I’m even more impressed.

  41. We won, but we’re losers? I’m not sure how that works, but you must feel like shit losing to silly, immoral people.

    So which country am I supposed to love, the United States or the Confederate ones, Jeffy-boy?

  42. Jeff: Thanks for stopping by. Did you enjoy your stay (extended and against your will) at one of America’s National Parks?

    Watching the radical right wing (neocons, rabid Christians, Fox News) freak our over every single thing said (or unsaid) is funny. The right has even started to invent things to get their base riled up — guns and the fairness act. Are they really that desperately affraid that the right will realize that the last 28 years of trickle-down economics, tax-cuts for the rich, massive deficit spending and deregulation have failed? The right sounds desperate. The left and center (75% of the country) sounds cautiously oprimistic.

    As for loving my country, I do. However, loving my country does not mean that I do not think we can do better, nor do I gratuitously insult those who point out our collective failures.

    And I do love my creator(s). Mom and Dad are wonderful people who, when I was young, taught me to think for myself rather than mindlessly parrot Fox News.

    Laurie: Did Grant have a pet ass?

    Philly: Well, the Republican Party is rapidly becoming the party of white southeastern men. I guess Jeff Davis would be an appropriate symbol for the new Republicans.

  43. The comments prove american christians are badasses. I personally can’t stand christians; they say they are all loving, but they are all hating. Send me an american christian and I’ll return that thing broken and shattered

  44. Carlos: Again, do not stoop to the level of those with whom you disagree. Violence (and threats of violence) plays into the believers hands — they already see themselves as an oppressed group being hounded by evil atheists.

  45. …when its the other way around. Its so hard to resist punching one.

  46. ‘They do it too,’ is a piss poor excuse. Try again.

  47. I know. I just think we need justice

  48. Justice does not involve violence. That is revenge. There is a big difference.

  49. Mark 16: 16 He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned.


  50. I’m having a small annoyance. Im unable to subscribe to your rss feed for some reason. I’m using google reader by the way.

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