Republican Family Values: Bullshit!

5 July, 2009

bullshitThe Republican Party, in a rather successful attempt to convince poor and middle class Americans to vote against their self-interest, have embrace the idea of family values.  They are anti-choice (because women are made to have babies), anti-birth-control (because if the sluts want to have sex, they damn well better get pregnant (otherwise, they might do it for pleasure)), anti-sex-education (because if you teach kids the facts about how their bodies work, they might get the wild idea that they can control their own fertility), anti-pornography (because we certainly don’t want humans to think that sex might be enjoyable), anti-GLBT (because we should ignore the Levitican proscriptions about shellfish and mixed fabrics and embrace the anti-homosexual message (without, of course, cherry-picking the Bible) and anti-freedom-of-though (because rational thought is the enemy of faith). 

(As many of you know (and if you don’t, you really need to read here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, herehere and here (well, you don’t haveto, but you can definitely (by the number of posts) that this is important ot me)), I have frequently blogged about the absurdity of abstinence-only-sex-education. And it is much more prevalent in GOP-leaning states.)

So how’s that working for the the GOP?  Well, according the New York Times,

While conservatives fight to “defend” marriage from gays, they can’t keep theirs together. According to the Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract, states that went Republican in November accounted for eight of the 10 states with the highest divorce rates in 2006.Conservatives touted abstinence-only education, which was a flop, when real sex education was needed, most desperately in red states. According to 2006 data from the Guttmacher Institute, those red states accounted for eight of the 10 states with the highest teenage birthrates.

And, a study titled“Red Light States: Who Buys Online Adult Entertainment?” that was conducted by Benjamin Edelman, an assistant professor of business at Harvard Business School and published earlier this year in the Journal of Economic Perspectives found that subscriptions to online pornography sites were “more prevalent in states where surveys indicate conservative positions on religion, gender roles, and sexuality” and in states where “more people agree that ‘I have old-fashioned values about family and marriage.’ ”

So GOP-leaning conservative red states tend to have more divorces, more teen pregnancies (see how well AOSE works?)  Liberal teens do get pregnant and get STDs, liberals do get divorced, liberals do enjoy pornography, but (and this is the vital difference), but

. . . Democrats didn’t build a franchise on holier-than-thou moral rectitude. The Republicans did. They used sexual morality as a weapon and now it’s shooting them in the foot.

And just  in case statistical tendencies are not your forte, we can also go with the anecdotal evidence of individuals (from La Figa:

Here we go again…my GOD can’t these morally superior religious politicians keep it in their pants?!  Enough already…I hate waisting my time on them but it is necessary to shed light on these pathetic “moral high-grounders” as they tumble off of Mount Holier-then-Thou.

WHY? you ask…

Because unlike Clinton, Kennedy and a whole host of other political figures who have been caught with their pants down, these GOP religious frauds have been feverishly working to moralize America through the passage of laws controlling everything from freedom of religion, gay rights, definition of marriage (THAT one really cracks me up!), women’s reproductive rights, religiously motivated wars, the annihilation of public education in favor of religious schools and home-schooling – and on and on and on!  You can screw up whatever relationship you want, have indiscriminate sex with who ever you please, thump whatever scripture-twisted version of the Bible you choose – but KEEP YOUR BIBLE OFF MY BALLOT!

THAT’s why!

Following that beautifully written tirade is a list of (at current count) 123 Republican  politicians and functionaries who have been charged, or convicted, or have plead guilty to, rape, child molestation, or have admitted to other non-family-friendly activities.

American journalists, can we please put to permanent rest the idea that conservatives and/or Republicans have a special lock on family values?  It was bullshit, it is still bullshit, and it will continue to be bullshit.


  1. Well said.

    When you are lied to about sex, lied to about evolution, and lied to about family values…no wonder more and more people are abandoning fundamentalism.

    Religious fundamentalism, predicated upon a foundation of lies and delusion, will most likely and unfortunately persist strongly for many years into the future. However, I am not afraid to declare my support for reality-based thinking. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Right-wing hypocrisy makes me smolder too.

  3. Wait on a minute… people pay for online pornography?

    • Nobody said they were smart enough to find places like xhamster and the like.

  4. Teleprompter: The odd thing is, some people prefer the lies to reality.

    Chappie: And remember, Faux News calls liberals hypocrites. The right wing is very into projection.

    Bruce: Aparently you get better quality that way. For instance, if you are into bestiality, you watch a man tup a llama for free. But for $10.95 a month, you can watch a man tup a vicuna (much silkier).

    • Teleprompter: The odd thing is, some people prefer the lies to reality.

      Heh, I wouldln’t describe that as “odd” so much as “human freakin’ nature”. 🙂 Humans love stories (aka ‘lies’)– stories let them feel they control a frightening, powerful, and essentially random world.

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  6. “Republican values?”
    You mean the cowards that came to ‘take up’ for Palin??
    They are COWARDS, imo.
    However, as bad as they are, the left makes them look like angels.

  7. Wait on a minute… people pay for online pornography?

    See, now THAT’S the real symptom of red states. They’re so poorly educated and clueless that they don’t know how to find the plethora of free porn online which we savvy blue staters enjoy so they needlessly pay for it. Poor saps.

    • Philly: blue states are BANKRUPT-dolt

  8. TheMadJewess: Yeah, the left made sure that women and minorities could vote, made sure that workplaces are safe, passed laws to make sure that food and drugs are safe. Yeah. Lots of damage.

    Philly: Then again, I have (((Wife))). Why would I need porn (free or paid)?

    • Leftists are destroying this nation. I dont think you are a leftist, I think you are just a democrat.

      The democrat party is not the original party of ‘rights’, the Repubs were, sorry, you can look it up. The women that got the right to vote, (which made America suck, b/c women are emotional) were from ALL walks of life, sir.
      Minorities voting? Minorities have been voting in America since the late 1700’s.

      It was kosher Jews that made the workplace safe. You are giving far too much credit to a movement that is against democracy.

      Martin Luther King was HATED by leftists, sir. Malcolm X was embraced, for his violent ways..

      • 1. What the Republican party was like over a century ago has virtually no bearing on a discussion of the Republican party of today
        2. Please define what YOU mean by the term “leftists”.
        3. Last I checked, women were not alone in having emotions or in being driven by them.
        4. “It was kosher Jews that made the workplace safe” is simply not true. Sorry, you can look it up. 😉

  9. ‘Yeah, the left made sure that women and minorities could vote’ says Billy…

    & the worlds been screwed up ever since.

    • sexist pig

  10. It was screwed up before. It’s just screwed up different now.

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