Focus on the Family Narrator Caught Propositioning What He Thought Was a 15 Year Old Girl

7 April, 2009

The right-wing para-fascist group Focus on the Family has a great deal of faith (faith:  the ability to believe anything based on no evidence) in the effectiveness of abstinence-only-sex-education.  Despite reams of evidence that  AOSE not only does not alter teenager’s sexual habits (except, of course, that it makes unsafe sex (and thus sexually-tranimitted dissease and pregnancy) more likely), FoF continues to force-feed this faith-based program in public schools with the connivance of conservative politicians (who really don’t like to think anyway (which makes faith-based laws more likely).

I have run across different ideas for this anti-education stance:  it punishes the kids for doing a natural thing (which the 2,000 year old myths says is wrong);  it is a back-door way to force religion into the schools; or it produces more children which means more butts in the seats which means more money.  When I read this over at Deep Thoughts, though, I realized there is a fourth possible reason:  ignorant girls are easier prey.

A Colorado Springs man who narrates the Bible in Spanish on CDs and works in the Spanish broadcasting department of Focus on the Family appeared in court Monday in Golden on two felony counts of using the Internet to lure a 15-year-old girl for sex, The Denver Post reports.

 Juan Alberto Ovalle, 42, was arrested Friday when he drove to Lakewood to meet the girl — who turned out to be an undercover officer — after discussing various sexual acts he wanted to perform with her, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office said. (from the Colorado Independent)

Maybe he assumed that this girl would be as ignorant about sex as those subjected to the non-education of the right-wing.  He is a good Christian and even reads the Bible over a Spanish-language radio network.  He wasn’t, apparantly, all that shy, though, about telling ‘her’ what he wanted:

Ovalle “came to know the Lord at the age of 14,” according to a Web site offering his Spanish Bible narration for sale, and founded Spanish Christian Audio in 2001 to “help Christian organizations with their audio needs.”


After first encountering the officer who was posing as a 15-year-old girl on the Internet last week, Orvalle made “sexually graphic statements in a chat room to a person he believed to be an underage teen,” the district attorney’s office said in a release. When the undercover officer said her mom wouldn’t be home the next day, Orvalle said he was “horny” and made arrangements to come to her house, according to an arrest affidavit.

Looks like Focus on the Family needs to focus on vetting their employees.  But don’t worry;  god(s) will forgive anything if you ask hard enough telepathically.



  1. I am shocked! /sarcasm

    Is there something in the holy water in Colordao Springs? It seems these crazy religious stories are coming out of that city pretty often.

  2. I thought of this on at about 3:00am: “Sexual Repression Leads to Sexual Obsession.” Now why can’t I think of that at the right time?

    DB: I don’t think it is the water. I think any time you acieve a certain percentage of people in a community who know that god(s) has given them the only truth, things get weird. Fast.

  3. Well you have to focus on the family in order to spot the freshest young meat, right? CLEARLY this clown wasn’t properly focused, or else he’d not be chatting up an undercover cop.

  4. Philly: Well, I’m sure the cop has a family, right?

  5. Yes, but a proper hunter focuses on the correct prey.

    For instance, I’m sure he’ll be focused on in prison. I hope his cellmate is “horny”, and very large.

  6. Hey(((Billy)))are you sure it ain’t the water? I don’t know many people who really like Coors beer.

  7. Philly: If they can overcome the language barrier love may blossom. Will he (an FoF para-fascist) suddenly discover that condoms work?

    Tau: Coors is like making love in a canoe. It’s fucking close to water. Besides, Colorado Springs is in a completely different watershed.

  8. And the Christian commenters on other sites are already saying that he’s not a real Christian.

  9. No, really? Gosh, I couldn’t have seen that coming.

  10. And in other news, Santorum is still a dick, Dobson is still a narrow-minded bigot, Cheney is still an asshole, and the main stream media still parrots the right wing talking points.

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