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Fearing the ‘Other’

25 March, 2010

I strongly suspect that (((Wife))) and I scare the shit out of many extremely religious people.  I bet dollars to donuts that my best friend does, too.  Why?  We’re boringly normal.   Read the rest of this entry ?


Christianist Values: Jesus on a Sniper Scope!

19 January, 2010

Trijicon  is, by most accounts, a reputable member of the national defense establishment and the NRA.  I know that they produce excellent scopes for rifles — for hunting trophies, for meat, and for hunting humans (real quick caveat:  I do not hunt but I have no real problem with most hunters;  I also understand the ethics and efficacy of military sniping — neither is the point of this post (not that that will stop some, but . . .)).  It would appear that they are, at some level, full-blown Christianists looking to ‘save’ the Middle East (after all, those ragheads are worshipping the wrong misogynistic psychopathic ‘god(s)’) for the greater glory of the eternal paradise of  . . .   Sorry. Read the rest of this entry ?


They Just Can’t Help Themselves, Can They?

14 January, 2010

The earthquake in Haiti is tragic and horrific.  And the response from America was quick — U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard units were underway within, literally, hours.  And the the response from one of the most prolific mouthpieces of the religious right was adding insult within, literally, hours. Read the rest of this entry ?


You Can’t Make This Shit Up

16 December, 2009

And here I was, innocently thinking it was just really, really shitty animation and pathetic dialogue: Read the rest of this entry ?


A Torture Device on a Christmas Tree

13 December, 2009

Back when I was in (I think) middle school (Western Maryland’s version of junior high) I began to hear various Christers (billboards, pamphlets, T-shirts in school (mostly (but not all) on students) and in conversation) telling me (and everyone else) to ‘keep Christ in Christmas.’  Which is when I decided that Xmas was a good way to annoy people who annoyed me.  Since then, the right-wing takeover of Christmas has continued apace (actually, I think it has accelerated with the War on Christmas idiocy). Read the rest of this entry ?


Oklahoma OK? No, Oklahoma In-Sane!

8 December, 2009

A few months ago, down in the great state of Kentucky, a high school football coach got into a little bit of trouble (I say a little bit as the school district decided this was just okey-dokey) when he loaded up members of his football team and took them to a Baptist revival.  As I pointed out at the time, the argument that ‘it was voluntary’ doesn’t cut it.  Playing time for athletes depends upon the perception of the head coach.  Being on the team depends upon the perception of the head coach.  If a player is, for whatever reason, perceived as ‘not a team player’, the player will spend lots of time sitting on the bench.

Why do I bring this up?  A court case has been filed in another less-than-progressive state:  Oklahoma (from American Atheists). Read the rest of this entry ?


More Mail: AFA Fundraising

8 October, 2009

More mail.  And this one came from an email farm server in Phoenix, so I can’t even blame anyone.  Actually, I can.  I blame myself for putting my email address out there on my blog.

Anyway, I got this in the email today and, well, shit.  Read it: Read the rest of this entry ?