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American Jihadists? Yee-Fucking-Ha!!

3 March, 2010

I have been asked, through email and through comments, why I, as an atheist, give a flying fuck about theists — about what believers do, or think, or believe.  Why do I blog about religion and belief in god(s) if I am an unbeliever? 

There are many reasons I blog.  I blog to help me understand who I am.  I blog to poke fun at political and religious absurdity.  And I blog because I am scared abso-fucking-lutely shitless about the radical right. Read the rest of this entry ?


Glenn Beck is an Idiot

11 June, 2009

Glenn Beck is an idiot.  (And grass is green, the sky is gray, and scrapple is delicious.)  Either that, or he is severely dyslexic (I am mildly dyslexic (mostly number orders and left-right)).  Why do I say this?  While talking out of his ass about the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial, he said (from C&L): 

Beck: This is not the work of right-wing conservatives. This is the work of someone today who is racist, crazy, or most likely, both. Common sense tells you that there are very hateful people on the Right and the Left. Read the rest of this entry ?


Leader of the Anti-Abortion Movement Calls Followers “Fruits and Lunatics”

8 June, 2009

Nan, who writes the very enjoyable blog All The Good Names Were Taken (which is a great name for a blog), commented today (on Federal Investigation Begins into the Murder of Dr. Tiller):

Given that Cheryl Sullenger was apparently e-mailing back and forth merrily with Roeder, and she’s a major player in Operation Rescue, one can hope the investigation will be serious and a number of the Operation Rescue folks will find themselves doing perp walks. Read the rest of this entry ?


Does Torture Work? Depends On Your Goal.

18 May, 2009

One of the earliest long posts I ever did was an anti-torture post (Three Cases to Consider).  I offered, for your consideration, three historical cases in which torture was used in order to force false confessions from medieval Jews accused of creating and spreading the Black Death, from accused witch Johannes Junius, and from a Syrian Jew named al-Hallaq who had been implicated in the disappearance of a Capuchin Monk.  In all three cases, they were forced to confess to impossibilities:  spreading the plague through poisoned wells, consorting with devils, and using Christian blood for Passover bread. Read the rest of this entry ?


Faith in Torture is Misplaced

28 April, 2009

The radical right likes torture.  They have a great deal of faith that, despite clear illegality and ineffectiveness, torture works.  I find it very difficult to stomach the idea that we, as a nation, are actually debating what torture is and whether it works.  I really cannot add a whole lot to the various discussions going on all around the blogosphere, but I can point out a couple of things. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Ultimate Dummies Book

2 April, 2009

Obstructionism for Dummies.  Like they need it.

Read the rest of this entry ?


Yea Tho’ I Drive Through the Valley of Christians . . . .

29 December, 2008

(((Wife)), (((Boy))), (((Girl))) and I had a wonderful (for the most part) holiday with (((Wife)))’s family down in Florida.   We drove down Monday night into Tuesday morning, spent the 24th at the Magic Kingdom (with a fantastic meal at the Crystal Palace restaurant), enjoyed Christmas day at the in-laws, visited Epcot on Friday, and had a huge meal at the Cheesecake Factory and went for a boat ride on Saturday and drove home on Sunday.  The drive down and back is an easy one:  I-81 to I-77 to I-26 to I-95 to I-4 (and the reverse for the trip home) and just under 1,100 miles (about 18 hours (including stops for meals)).   Here are a few observations from our trip: Read the rest of this entry ?