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Criminalizing Miscarriages?

1 February, 2010

On of the things I admire* about the radical religious right wackos is their ability to get you coming or going.  First, they fight tooth and nail against any possibility of teaching our children actual facts about reproduction, sex, and all of the various ways to prevent pregnancy (abstinence, condoms, birth control pills, sponges, aspirin, IUDs).  Then, if a girl and boy do what teenagers do and (because they have been lied to about the effectiveness of birth control) she gets a little bit preggers, they make it as difficult as possible to get a legal abortion (by intimidation (of doctors, nurses and patients at women’s health clinics) or violence (up to (and including) murder).

Out in Utah (a bastion of progressive thought), a new law has just passed out of committee.  The “bill tightens the definition of what an abortion is and removes a legal immunity for women if they intentionally try to have an illegal abortion.” (this (and all others (except where noted)) is from KCPW‘s website).  Read the rest of this entry ?


Who Searches for This?

2 December, 2009

Dear whoever found my blog searching for this term:  “losing my virginity flow chart.” 

Why would you search for that phrase? I get plenty of visits from people looking for deflowering videos, deflowering ceremonies, deflowering nuns, losing my virginity, etc., but a flow chart? 

Okay, now I need to actually make up the flow chart.  I picture it involving alcohol somewhere along the line.


Side Hugs and Gangsta Rap

25 November, 2009

The radical Christian right (the folks who assassinate doctors, teach children lies about their bodies, try to force their special version of unreality into American public school classrooms and, basically, are trying to create an American Christian version of Iran) have a thing about sex.  Specifically, they are paranoid about sex.  They are afraid that somewhere, a woman might be enjoying the act.

Christian children, the children of radical Christians, are taught that sex is bad.  Physical contact is bad.  Physical pleasure is bad.   Being anything other than exactly what your parents say your preacher says the Bible says God says you should be is bad.  And touching yourself (or others) is bad.  Being human, in other words, is bad.

So what about hugs?  Are hugs okay?  Read the rest of this entry ?


What if America Was a Christian Nation?

24 November, 2009

Many conservatives (both political conservatives and religious conservatives) have a dream of transforming America from a secular democracy to a theocratic Christian democracy (picture Iran but with Robertson, Dobson, Haggard, etc. filling in for the Imams).  So how would America be different if that happened? Read the rest of this entry ?


A Power Greater Than Jesus: the Adolescent Sex Drive

17 September, 2009

It surprises me (why, I don’t know, since it has happened often enough) when an anecdotal experience from my (rather boring) youth serves to perfectly illustrate something happening in the world today.  For instance, take this story of  narrow-minded authoritarian zealotry: Read the rest of this entry ?


Healthcare: Profits and Prophets

14 September, 2009

I have some weird friends.  They’re good people, but some of them are severely disconnected from reality.  I find myself trying to explain things calmly and rationally.  And with no effect.

I’ve told her that yes, Obama really is an American.  His mother is a citizen, therefore, no matter where he was born (that would be Hawai’i (an actual state of the United States)) he would still be a US citizen and no, he does not kill babies.  I’ve told him (yeah, more than one) that high tax rates on the rich, massive public investment in infrastructure, and strong labour unions have, historically, lead to much more rapid economic expansion than supply side economics.  And I have, patiently, explained to both of them that ‘death panels’ already exist — they are run by for-profit insurance companies.

And here is a case in point:  Read the rest of this entry ?


The Shark Jumping GOP

7 September, 2009

There was a time, long ago, last century, to be exact, that the Republican Party, the GOP, was a party of ideas.  The ideas were bullshit, but they had ideas.  Cut taxes for the rich, raise taxes on everyone else, and the economy will improve.  Cut taxes and the tax revenue will increase.  Punish people for being poor and the poor will bootstrap themselves right up.  Deregulate industry and industry will  regulate itself.  These policies have given us huge deficits, a wider gap between rich and the rest of us, businesses bankrupting themselves for lack of regulation, and a government which does not have the money to provide the basic services Americans expect.  This is all the direct result of the GOP’s ideas.

Now, the GOP has become the party of no.  No ideas.  Just say no to everything.  Loudly.  Read the rest of this entry ?