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Panties in a Bunch Over Pink Ouija Boards?

6 February, 2010

One of the toys that we three kids played with when I was younger was an Ouija board.  Oddly, no matter what question was asked, or by whom, the answer usually matched the thoughts of the oldest of the three.  Not little (((Billy))).  Harmless fun.  Well, for me, annoying.  For my older sisters, fun.

Years later, I discovered that Ouija boards were not viewed as harmless fun.  They were, according to one local preacher (local (at this time) being Western Maryland) decried the boards as a gateway to Satanism.  As marijuana leads inexorably to opium, so Ouija leads directly to Satanic cults, orgies, human sacrifice. atheism, Darwinism, voting Democrat, alcoholism, divorce, and viewing the Bible as allegorical.  Apparently, Christians (the specific subset of literalist Christians (and selected others)) are so insecure that they think a children’s game — a boring children’s game — is a threat to their belief system. Read the rest of this entry ?


Happy Halloween

31 October, 2009

When I lived in Arizona, I loved Halloween.  We had small classes (I think that we had about 16 kids in my class) and, every year, it became a competition for the weirdest, most outlandish costumes.  Space aliens, zombies, train wreck victims, you name it.  Very few of the ‘plastic mask and plastic poncho’ cheapo costumes.  And, in a small town, trick-or-treating was really safe.  We could hit every house in the town.  Twice (one year my pals and I had two costumes).

Then we moved back to Maryland.  To the northern end of the Bible Belt.  To social conservative central.  To culture shock. Read the rest of this entry ?


I Don’t Need to Know This: Mythology and the Protection of World Views

20 September, 2009

Over at the Spanish Inquisitor, SI brought into the discussion about the recent study showing that religiosity and teen pregnancy are closely linked a view into the willful ignorance of faith.  Faith, the willingness to believe something despite no or contrary evidence, requires ignoring certain aspects of the world around us.  And to protect the worldview of the faithful, almost anything — the beliefs of other religions and cultures, any contrary world view, even the findings of scientists  — can be relegated to myth.   The thing of it is, though, every religion teaches that their mythology is fact, and all others are myth.  Maybe they are all correct. Read the rest of this entry ?


Church Pastor Pleads No Contest in Kingston, PA, Case

15 June, 2009

I just saw it on the noon news, so I don’t have a link yet.

Brian Neiswender, accused last summer of touching a teenage girl inappropriately during church youth group events and private music lessons, pleaded no contest today to charges in Luzerne County Court.  He pled no contest to fondling three teenage girls (not sure what the exact charges were that he pled to, I will post that when I know).  He will be sentenced July 27th. Read the rest of this entry ?


One Heckuvva Game!

12 June, 2009

There are few things on earth as exciting as the last five to ten minutes of game seven of a Stanley Cup Finals.  I cheer for the Bruins and the Capitals in hockey.  I like both the Red Wings and the Penguins (though I will cheer against them).  I wanted good hockey.   My hope for this final was seven games, with the last one close.  I got it. Read the rest of this entry ?


New Jack Chick Tracts

29 May, 2009

A few weeks ago, I wrote yet another post about atheism and morality.  In it, I made that point that Christians have no reason to behave in a moral or legal way because, as long as they believe the right things strongly enough, and have embraced a personal saviour in the right way.  I even had a commenter agree that anyone, no matter how evil, can, even at the end of his or her life, embrace Jesus and be saved.  Now, there is a new Chick Tract which says the exact same thing:  you can sell your soul to Satan and still, at the end, be saved. Read the rest of this entry ?


Ultimate Protest

31 March, 2009

Do you ever feel like you want to protest something?  Or everything?  But each different thing that you protest needs a new sign, right?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an all-purpose protest sign?  One that tells the world you hate everything that your version of god(s) hates? 

Well, (via hissingteakettle (attribution under Creative Commons)) here it is: Read the rest of this entry ?