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The Tactics of Authoritarianism: Fear

19 April, 2010

They (who) seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers call this a new order.  It is not new and it is not order.
                   Franklin Delano Roosevelt Read the rest of this entry ?


Atheists Really Do Exist.

7 August, 2009

As I was leaving work today, I noticed an older woman sitting alone.  She sat on one of those walker/stools which have become quite popular.  I thought it odd as the park was closed.  So I stopped to ask, “Are you waiting for a ride?”

She smiled at me and, in a beautiful North Carolina Piedmont accent, replied. “Oh, yes.  My husband and I parked at the mall and he just walked over to get the car.  So I hope he’s picking me up.”

I thought for a moment and realized that there may be a problem.  The walkway to the mall is usually locked right at 5:00pm.  So it may already be locked, in which case this could get  difficult.  I explained the situation and told her that I would check an make sure he made it all the way up the ramp, and would also make sure that the main gate was still open so he could get back in.

She beamed at me and said, “Oh, you are so wonderful.  You are a good Christian and one of God’s people.” Read the rest of this entry ?


The Poverty of a Young Earth Viewpoint

10 July, 2009

When I was 12 years old, my father took me out of school for two days and we hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  As we passed the Temple Butte Limestone and the  Tonto formation (Muav Limestone, Bright Angel Shale and Tapeats Sandstone) we began taking samples of each layer, placing them in my almost empty backpack, and carrying them down to Phantom Ranch.  We sampled the Temple Butte (a nice exposure along the Kaibab Trail), the Tonto, the accessible Grand Canyon Group, the Vishnu Schist and the Zoroaster Granite.  We also sampled the dikes and sills within the metamorphosed pre-Cambrian formations.  By the time we got to the bottom, my pack weighed around 60 pounds.  Those rocks came out of the canyon by mule.  We repeated the process on the way up, sampling the Redwall Limestone, the Supai Group, the Hermit Shale, Coconino Sandstone, Toroweap Limestone and Kaibab Limestone.

Ordinarily, this would be illegal as all get-out, but my dad was a Park Ranger and we were collecting the rocks for the museum at Yavapai Point.  Years later, when I visited the canyon again, I was rather put-out.  The large rocks we had hauled up and down the canyon trails had been cut down to samples twice the size of my fist.  I carried rocks three times the size, and they cut them down to little bitty pieces.  We could have chopped them down to size before lugging them around.

 According to more than half of Americans, the Grand Canyon is a monument to Noah’s Flood.   The shales, limestones, sandstones, lava flows, block faulting of the Grand Canyon Supergroup, the metamorphic Vishnu Schist and Zoroaster Granite (metamorphosed from sandstone, limestone, shale and lava flows) were deposited during and directly after the Noatic flood.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Evangelical Sexualization of Pre-Teens

1 July, 2009

One of the joys of my life has been watching my babies become toddlers become preteens become teens become adults (with some (in (((Girl)))’s case) some stopoffs in ‘bitch’).  At every stage, there were difficulties, there were challenges, and there was growth.

And the toughest part about growth was trusting.  I trust myself.  I trust (((Wife))).  Trusting (((Boy))) and (((Girl))) to make the right decision when needed can be a little trying at times.  All (((Wife))) and I can could do is teach them, help them recognize what destructive decisions can do, and, most of all, understand cause and effect relationships.  It has made for a rather roller-coaster ride but, for the most part, the kids have made pretty damn good decisions.

(((Wife))) and I did not lock them up in a convent (though it was (on occasion) tempting (though I’m not sure a Unitarian convent would have had the desired effect).  We did not fill their heads with fairy tails about birth control or the risk of disease.  We did not subject (((Girl))) to a Purity Ball. Read the rest of this entry ?


Church Pastor Pleads No Contest in Kingston, PA, Case

15 June, 2009

I just saw it on the noon news, so I don’t have a link yet.

Brian Neiswender, accused last summer of touching a teenage girl inappropriately during church youth group events and private music lessons, pleaded no contest today to charges in Luzerne County Court.  He pled no contest to fondling three teenage girls (not sure what the exact charges were that he pled to, I will post that when I know).  He will be sentenced July 27th. Read the rest of this entry ?


Faith over Fact Every Damn Time!

4 April, 2009

One of the aspects of our political system is the way it relishes expertise.  Our elected representatives, senators, governors, and President, are all of the highest caliber.  The best and the brightest. Experts in the art of governance. Honest men and women who always put the health of the country over the finances of their friends.  The witnesses called to testify before these august legislators, providing expert advice, aid immeasurably.  And, in the United States Congress, this process has been on display this week during testimony before the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Ultimate Dummies Book

2 April, 2009

Obstructionism for Dummies.  Like they need it.

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Cherry Picking

24 March, 2009

As I follow discussions on various blogs, I have noticed a certain, shall we say,  tendency among certain conservatives (Christian and Republican, religious and political) to cherry pick.  Yes, I know I am covering quite a few people with a very large blanket, but, bear with me.  I think it is a valid blanket statement.

This cherry picking can be seen on many levels.heigh-ho-cherry-oh Read the rest of this entry ?


Abstinence Only Sex Education:

17 February, 2009

Still Does Not Work.
But It Does Cost Millions. has a fantastic article about, once again, the failure of abstinence-only sex education.  The writer points out the sickness of one of the lessons of ATM (Abstinence ‘Til Marriage) — blame the girl who gets raped because she’s a slut and put herself in a bad situation.  I really cannot add much.  But I did notice other absurdities in the ATM website. Read the rest of this entry ?


Prairie Muffins?

21 January, 2009

When I was a kid (actually, until a few minutes ago), the term ‘prairie muffin’ referred to this:


These were also referred to a meadow muffins, cow pies, cow chips (when dried), and (on one very uncomfortable day) third base.  Then I visited An Apostate’s Chapel (to be fair, I visit Chappies site almost daily) and discovered, down in one of the comments, a link to the Prairie Muffin ManifestoRead the rest of this entry ?