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The Right is not Right Enough for the Right!

8 January, 2010

Off the top of my pointy little head, I can think of many, many truly uncomfortable things that I could be doing.  Getting a root canal while listening to rap music is up there near the top.  As is listening to the 1812 Overture played entirely by cats on blackboards.  Nothing that I can think of, however, could be as bad as running for office as a member of the Grand Old Party, forced to please both the religious and political radical right. 

The party has moved so far to the right that a right-winger like McCain or Snow are considered too liberal.  The teabaggers and thumpers are controlling who can, and cannot, be elected as a Republican, and it is based on faith, not fact.  Today, Saint Ronald Himself would not be an acceptable conservative.

 Two cases in point: Read the rest of this entry ?


Heterodoxy, Orthodoxy, Heresy and the GOP

1 November, 2009

Orthodoxy, heresy and heterodoxy, the idea that belief in certain things (as opposed to performing the correct ceremonies), pervades the ten thousand or so Christianities of the world.  For the most part, each sect teaches (and is taught) that they, and only they, have the one correct answer to life, the universe and everything.  Whether the unity of the trinity (or the trinity of the unity), the omnipresence of the holy spirit, whatever.  It sometimes seems that the smaller the disagreement, the bigger the verbal battle. Read the rest of this entry ?


Specter Now A Democrat!

28 April, 2009

I have voted for exactly one Republican during my life as a voter.  That one Republican was Senator Arlen Specter (It does not mean I agree with him 100%, but, on balance, I approved of the job he was doing, so I held my nose and voted Republican (in ’92, ’98 and ’04)). Now, Specter is switching parties.  As of today, he is a member of the Democratic Party.   Read the rest of this entry ?