Denver Missed the Memo

12 March, 2010

Since the beginning of the month, there have been three truly remarkable (remarkably disgusting, that is) cases involving the GLBT community.  Two responses:  punish everyone and blame the gays (Catholic Charities in Washington and the Iwatamba school district);  the third (Denver) didn’t get the memo.

When the city council of Washington, D.C., voted to recognize that human rights apply to all humans and legalize marriage between consenting adults without restrictions.  Catholic Charities immediately jumped in and threatened to stop providing services in the city/district as this would make it impossible for Catholic Charities to remain faithful to the religious bigotry  teachings of the church.

I guess (I cannot prove this, but I think it is a damned good guess) that someone pointed out that Catholic Charities stood to lose $22 million if they walked away.  Then they figured out how to kill three proverbial stones with one bird:  first, save money by no longer writing any new benefits for spouses (because a couple might have matching rather than complementary genitalia);  second, keep the millions of taxpayers dollars;  and third, blame the gays.  Catholic Charities would, I’m sure, just love to keep providing benefits for everyone, but those mean old gays forced us to screw over everyone and keep the money  (full details here).

Down in Mississippi, a brave young lady named Constance McMillen decided to attend the high school prom with her girlfriend.  The school said no.  She contacted the ACLU.  The ACLU said that such discrimination is a good way to get sued.  So the school board canceled the prom and told everyone it was her fault.  The ACLU told them that would also garner a lawsuit.  The school board, essentially, told them to screw themselves.   Once again, three stones with one bird:  first, they can demonize the ACLU;  second, they can screw the GLBT community; and, third, they can blame the gays.  The Iwatamba schools would just love to let the senior prom happen, complete with testosterone overdrive and a crinoline overdose, but those mean old gays forced them to cancel the prom (full details here (and note the comments have descended into full-blown Christianist asshattitude)).

Out in Denver, though.  Denver.  Damn, they fucked up big time.  When Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School found out that one of their students had two parents with matching rather than complementary genitalia they booted the kid out of the school.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  They should have closed the school, pocketed the money, and blamed the gays for forcing  them to do it.  Oh, and demonize the GLBT community.  No, they just blamed it on sex outside of marriage (full details here).

The archdiocese of Denver really screwed up.  I guess they didn’t get the memo.



  1. I like the snark, but I’m starting to lose hope.

  2. Quixotic: I think we are reaching the younger Americans. Oh, sure, there are still plenty of misogynist, racist, homophobic Christianists out there, but there are fewer than my generation. As more people realize that the world won’t end if consenting adults can get married, that gay couples have the same dynamics as straight couples, the wall of bigotry comes down a little more.

  3. gays forced us to screw

    Taking quotes out of context can be fun. I would love to see the students of that Mississippi high school hold their own non-school affiliated prom and allow Ms. McMillan and partner to attend. This sounds so absurdly like a modernized version of the Footloose story.

  4. Desertscope: It does sound a little like Footloose. Unfortunately, the South has a long history of ‘private’ proms — and almost all of them have been designed to be strictly exclusionary — blacks, Catholics, non-correct-evangelical-right-wing-church-attenders — rather than inclusionary. I have read (though I cannot remember where (damn!)) that a hotel in nearby Tupelo has offered to hold the prom for free without restrictions.

  5. Actually, I think private organizations should be allowed to discriminate. Let them live or die according to their beliefs. I too agree that younger people care less and less about this and that they are sympathetic to the LGBT community so if organizations want to discriminate, go ahead, but eventually that membership pool will shrink and shrink and they’ll have no choice but cease discriminating or close up shop.

    Now of course if an organization expects to get ANY government funding, then that’s different. They then have to stifle their desire to discriminate in exchange for the funds.

    Btw, I’m not surprised by Denver. Denver sucks. How ’bout them Broncos? LOL!

  6. Philly: No question. I agree. Which makes me wonder just what the courts consider to be government funding — if Boy Scouts meet, no charge, in a public school which receives federal funding, does that count as federal funding?

    Denver doesn’t suck, they’re the ones who missed the memo on the whole ‘punish everyone and blame the gays’ strategy. Broncos are a good team. They are well run and reasonably up front about what they do. Unlike, say, the Cowboys, Raiders or Chiefs.

  7. I suppose I am being a bit melodramatic. I want to say that if we look at history from an objective standpoint, it does seem that things are constantly on an upward trend towards a more progressive society…though thats not to say there aren’t ups and downs, like the dark ages…and when living through some of these setbacks it can feel as if fighting is pointless…but we must remind ourselves of past victories i suppose. Thanks again, (((Billy))), for the great content and discussion you provide.

  8. Quixotic: It really is three steps forward, 2.999999 steps back. Incrementalism works. Slowly, but it works.

    And you forgot the biggest backslide of all: Disco

  9. I hear that the AHA is providing a grant of 20K to hold an inclusionary prom. So, 1 point for atheist morals.

    Your post reminded me of an incident in high school in which student A was picking on student B and student B’s reaction was to fly into a rage, rip off his own writwatch and stomp on it while yelling, “See what you made me do!?”

  10. Billy you have asked in the past for proof of the undeniable connection between countenance of homosexual marriage and homosexal practices and adverse economic activitiy permeating the economic sphere of our once great country, a country which is being brought down by a willingness to not only countenance but actually encourage those who choose to willingly break the social compact which has existed among man, God and government since the beginning of time. Here it is. Just look at Washington, District of Columbia. In 2005, the unemployment rate in the District was 9.2%. Still high compared to the actual states but within the realm of the standards of deviation statistically. The city fathers chose to override God, law, the wishes of the citizens of Washington, D.C. and extended to those who chose willingly to break the social compact a tissue of coverage in the form of a complete redefinition of marriage. Now, the unemployement rate in the District is 21.4%. Twice as many residents of our Capital District are now out of work. The only difference between 2005 and 2010 is the passage of an ill-considered law granting the rights of homosexuals, bogomilians, sodomites and perverts the right to be married within the eyes of the District but not in the eyes of God. God punishes those who refue to live within the social compact among God, man and government which was presented to man by God and recorded thorugh time by the Holy Bible. The collapse of the economy in Massachusetts, Connecticutt, Vermont,California, Iowa and now the District of Columbia, and by extension to our entire nation in th form of our massive deficits, our high unemployment, our plummeting stock market and housing prices, can all be laid at the feet of those who countenance and encourage those who have failed at their God given obligation to uphold their end of he social compact among God, man and government as set out by God Himself.

  11. The only difference between 2005 and 2010 is the passage of an ill-considered law….

    The only difference between then and now? Talk about simplistic thinking.

    • Yeah, absolutely nothing happened economically in the last 5 years to warrant an increase in unemployment. However, I have another theory. In that time, there has been a rise in stereoscopic films, commonly referred to as 3D films. Now there has long been a social compact among film fans, movie makers and god since the beginning of time that films are to be presented in standard 2 dimensions. Well now the abominations of nature which we call 3D movies, which break the social compact by presenting depth, are clearly responsible for the woes this great nation faces, and put all other nations who dare to exhibit these abominations at great risk. Now with Avatar as the biggest movie ever, I fear mightily what retribution god will unleash upon us. Woe, the end is nigh! Repent!

      Btw, the Koreans will seal our doom with the soon to be released 3D tvs. We’re fucked, people.

  12. The Chaplain, they only piece of social engineering experimentational legislation passed in the District of Columbia during the last 20 years, much less the last five years is the countenance and encoragement of those who would break the social contract among government, man, and God. One has only to open ones eyes and see the dangers which such social engineering experimentatoin commits upon our commonwealth. What European nation currently has the highest unemployement rate, the lowest standard of living and the shortest life expectancy is Holland the same nation whose embrace of the perversion of those who broke the social compact lead directly to the slaughter of 70,000 innocents in Srebrenicza, Yugoslavia accoriding to the testimony of one of America’s most decorated officers. This is not simplistic thinking this is looking at the history and economics and seeing the historically repeating pattern of those who countenance and encourage the minority who reject the social compact of God, man and government a pattern which has repeated itself time and time again. Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. And we are.

    Philly Chief: I thought that Disney did the story much more better as Pocohantas but If you wish to call Avatar the Biggest Movie Ever taht is your right, I grant you.

  13. And here we go, down the rabbit hole.

  14. Postie: ‘See what you made me do’ seems to be a favourite tactic of five year olds and conservatives.

    Reginald: The economy of Washington D.C. does not exist in a vacuum — it is part of the United States economy. Don’t you think that the financial shenanigans that created the sub-prime meltdown on the national level had more to do with local economic conditions than a law passed more than a year after the economy imploded?

    Chappie: He excels at simplistic thinking.

    Philly: When you phrase it that way, it makes just as much sense.

    Reginald: Expanding rights to all humans is ‘social engineering experimentational legislation’? Then what was representative democracy? Or abolition? Or suffrage? Or desegregation? Or voting rights? Letting two competent adults who love each other get married isn’t even in the same league as the other ‘experiments’ in expanding freedom — the number of people directly affected is small; too small to have an effect on the economy. Apparently, more than large enough to have an effect on what is left of your mind.

    Lurker: Yup.

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