I’ve Been Tripping

26 February, 2010

There was a tour group leader show up in Albany.  The good news — I got to go on a road trip.  The bad news — I got to go on a road trip.  I left on Thursday morning at 5:00am.  It was already snowing when I hit the road.  The driving wasn’t that bad.  Snow and slush.  I just cruised at between 45 and 55 miles per hour and, other than the  trucks, things were pretty easy (the trucks (which (of course) can go much faster (their weight lets them cut through the slush rather efficiently) kept passing me and spraying me with lots of blinding slush).

Until I got up near Cobleskill.  There is a large hill just South of Schenectady on I-88 and I found myself behind a medium-sized recreational vehicle which was heading up the grade at fifteen to twenty miles an hour while fishtailing across all three lanes of traffic.  Not exactly an amusement park ride.

As I crested the hill, things went to hell.  I slalomed through flare lines (set up to close lanes while they pulled people out of the snowbanks).  I passed minivan wedged into the snow.  The passengers (and (I assume) on of them was the driver) had left the vehicle.  The menfolk were dressed in jeans and plaid.  The women were dressed in ‘Little House on the Prairie’ haute couture.  Pure prairie muffin.  And all eight of them were kneeling.  In six inches of snow.  On the shoulder of a super highway.  With cars sliding and spinning and skidding.  One out-of-control Suburban could have taken the whole group out.  Were they thanking god(s) for sparing their lives?  Were they thanking god(s) for putting them in the snow bank and giving them a chance to kneel in the snow and pray?  Were they praying for the non-Christians and liberal Christians to wreck, too?  I was still laughing as I passed through the toll-booth onto I-90.  Where it changed to rain.

The just-under-four-hour trip from Wilkes-Barre to Albany took seven hours. 

The trip back was easier.  The trucks were still a pain in the ass.  I got passed by a Suburban (the speed limit on I-81 in PA had been dropped to 45 and I was going 50 (and the trucks and anything with four-wheel-drive were blowing past me) which I later saw on its roof by an exit ramp (I hope the idiots are okay).

Anyway, I’m home and am cooking a nice bean soup with a smoked hock.

And to add to my annoyance?  Work was closed Thursday and Friday.  And I was up in New York working.  Damn!



  1. Hopefully (no weather surprises, airlines do what they’re supposed to, airpoert security doesn’t go ape-shit for some reason) my wife and I will be travelling to Nevada for two weeks. We’ll be a little over an hour from the Donner Pass, and will, in, fact be in sight of where the party passed.

    Late fall or early spring, the idea isn’t comforting.

  2. Wait. At an accident scene with cars and trucks still going by they were kneeling in the snow and praying? Please tell me they were well off the side of the road. Please.

  3. Dam. His submit too soon.

    Wait. At an accident scene with cars and trucks still going by they were kneeling in the snow and praying? Please tell me they were well off the side of the road. Please. If not they were putting everyone else on that road in danger.

    Maybe they were thanking the civil laws which require seatbelts and crashworthiness of their van. Not bloody likely, but always possible.

  4. Sarge: Just hope they took all the staples out, otherwise you might get to know a DHS officer really well.

    And that close to Donners Pass? Avoid the pork.

    Lurker: Yes, they were right on the edge of the road — on the shoulder. And I doubt they were thanking the government. For anything.

  5. When I read “Prairie Muffin,” mu first thought was, indeed, “meadow muffin.” That thought was followed shortly by an image of a young Melissa Gilbert…

  6. Desertscope: You are correct on both counts.

  7. Im just curioous. What is wrong with thanking God that there were no injuries or deaths? He is in control of our lives and guides us that we may be fulfilled. They thank God that He was merciful. Why is this wrong?

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