Oh, Joy and Happiness Unforseen: An Alphabet Meme

17 February, 2010

Chappie has a fun bit of nonsense up on her blog:  The Alphabet Meme.  She got it via email but has transubstantiationated  it (must come from being a chaplain, donchaknow) to a blog post and made it voluntary.  If anyone else wants to play along, go for it.  If not, you should be expecting an email of dead chipmunks within 30 days.  Not that I would threaten anyone, of course.  Just sayin’. 

Using the first letter of your last name, answer the questions listed below. You may do this in the comments on this thread, and/or on your blog. If you do it on your blog, leave a comment here. If you do it on your blog and want to tag ten people, go right ahead.  If you want to play along, consider yourself tagged. 

1. Your last name
Cxxxx  (I actually spell it differently)

2. 4 Letter Word
Crap (how was my day?)

3. A Boy’s Name
Cotton (Well, I’m sure Cotton Mather was a boy at some time, right?)

4. A Girl’s name
Clementine (Oh, my darling, oh my darling, etc.)

5. An Occupation
Chaplain (In honour of the transubstantiatoress)

6. A Color
Crimson (which, combined with gray (or grey) were my college colours)

7. Something you wear
Cap (Rhymes with crap)

8. A Beverage
Cherry Coke (My soft drink of choice)

9. A Food
Capsicum (another name for green pepper (which I had in a stir-fry this evening flavoured with Tuscan seasoning blend))

10. Something Found in the Bathroom
Crap (You had to see that one coming)

11. A Place
Cherbourg (A good example of just how bad a harbour can be mucked up (WWII))

12. Something You Shout
CRAP!  (I’m noticing a pattern here)

If any wish to play along, you may do so in the comments or you may do it on your blog (would you do it with a goat?  would you do it on a boat? . . .) and link back (which I will now do back to Chappie). 

And, after reading the comments under Chappie’s post:  “Cxxxx, a fan of the Crappy writings of Cotton Mather, along with his friend Clementine, visited the Chaplain’s blog and turned Crimson at the thought of drinking a Cherry Coke while wearing a Cap, and eating Capsicum (which will, in time, turn to Crap) in Cherbourg;  Crap!



  1. (((Billy))):
    Thanks for joining the fun. Strangely enough, my day really was pretty crappy today. Or, more in line with my answers at my blog, shitty. I’m okay now. I’ve had supper, am sipping rum and (diet) coke and slowly unwinding. So that I can do it all over again tomorrow. 🙂

  2. I could never develop a taste for rum and coke. Right now, I’m enjoying a Sam Adam’s Winter Lager. And it was good.

  3. And I could never develop a taste for beer.

  4. Hey, yours looked a lot like mine:

    1. Your last name: Cxxxx (I actually spell it differently)
    2. 4 Letter Word: Cunt (I used it in the word cunt cap, from another blog entry at chappy’s)
    3. A Boy’s Name: Caleb (I love those hillbilly names)
    4. A Girl’s name: Connie
    5. An Occupation: Cook
    6. A Color:Crap-colored (probably cheating, but hey)
    7. Something you wear: Cap (again, seen in cunt cap)
    8. A Beverage: Corona
    9. A Food: Caviar
    10. Something Found in the Bathroom: Commode
    11. A Place: Canada
    12. Something You Shout: CRAP! Same as you

    Hence this:

    Caviar connoisseur Connie carries Corona-clobbered Canadian cook Caleb’s crap-colored cunt cap to the commode.

    I tried to make it all C words, but failed. It’s harder than it looks.

  5. Desertscope: When I was in, they were still called c-caps. Now they have the berets (which I still cannot get used to (and the new uniforms just look weird)). And good job with the C’s. I give you a C++ (get with the programming).

  6. Since I don’t want any innocent animals hurt and sent to me here you go:
    1. Your last name
    N****** (You won’t figure it out, don’t try.)

    2. 4 Letter Word

    3. A Boy’s Name

    4. A Girl’s name

    5. An Occupation

    6. A Color

    7. Something you wear

    8. A Beverage

    9. A Food

    10. Something Found in the Bathroom
    Naked person

    11. A Place
    New Mexico

    12. Something You Shout
    No! (usually starts with fuck though)

  7. Napalm as a beverage? Your stomach must be a lot stronger than mine.

    • HA! HA! It can be a painful drink:
      Cinnamon Schnapps
      Cinnamon Liqueur

      • Never heard of the drink. Of course, my drink of choice (and almost my only hard liquor choice) is scotch, blended scotch, tidy. Although I won’t say no to some Patron tequila or the occasional margerita.

        The thought of drinking something ispired by jellied gasoline is just wrong.

  8. 1. Your last name

    2. 4 Letter Word
    Hell !!!!!

    3. A Boy’s Name

    4. A Girl’s name

    5. An Occupation
    Helicopter Pilot

    6. A Color

    7. Something you wear

    8. A Beverage

    9. A Food
    Hot dog

    10. Something Found in the Bathroom

    11. A Place
    Hell, Norway

    12. Something You Shout

    • Welcome to my blog, Jeff. Thanks for stopping by. I would quibble, though, as to whether a hot dog is actually food. But, to each his own.

  9. Napalm isn’t my favorite drink either. I prefer Jager. Or a really good really tequila.

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