Where Have I Been II

25 January, 2010

Back on 06 January, I posted the first half of my trips to visit family up and down (literally) the east coast.  I promised that I would, on the next day, post the second half.  So here it is nineteen days later, and I realized that I had let down my loyal fan.  Er, fans.  Both.  So, without further ado, here is the second half of my travelogue (with pictures (and parenthetical statements inserted where apropos)):

We drove back from Florida on 30 December.  The whole way.  And we made really good time.  We pushed it for two reasons:  first, we knew there was snow on the way and, second, we had to get the van inspected before the end of the month.  We got home around 9:00pm, unloaded the van and started the washing machine, and then began repacking for Maine (it is colder in Maine than it is in Florida (necessitating a complete repacking)).

Early next morning, I was up and to the car place.  Our mechanic runs a Monroe Muffler place and is really good.  I was worried, though.  It was snowing and I  knew that one of our calipers was not relaxing fully, so I expected to pay for some brake work.  Good news:  brakes were fine.  Bad news:  I needed new tires.  Good news:  there was a special on Bridgestones.  Bad news:  it was still expensive.

I got home at 10:00am, we loaded the car (in the snow) and set out for Maine.  What did the drive look like?  It generally looked like this:

We followed right on the heels of the snowstorm the whole way.  We saw car wrecks galore.  We went through two gallons of washer fluid.  We hit 45-mph speed limits on the Maine Turnpike (which (of course) meant that people were driving at speeds from 35 to 70)) and saw more wrecks.  We got off the highway in Augusta and drove through freezing rain and fog to Belfast where it (mercifully) turned to snow.  Up Route 1 to Ellsworth through 4 inches of snow and very easy driving, then down to Southwest Harbor.  Followed by a shot of scotch.

On New Years Day, we had a great meal of hopping john and I baked some chocolate bread.  And it snowed.

On 02 January, it snowed.  And we cleaned up the foot or two of snow.  And went down to Seawall (Acadia National Park) to watch the surf.  Beautiful (but cold):

A little further along, the surf was going over the road.

On Sunday, we shovelled up more snow.  And went for a drive to Bar Harbor and back (just (((Wife))) and I (we needed some ‘us’ time)) and the views were amazing:

We then went back to Grandma and Granddad’s and shovelled more snow.  And it kept snowing.  Basically, we ate, played cards, and shovelled snow. 

There were, however, some really nice avian theropods:

I have to wonder about my parents, though:  three cats and four bird feeders.  Kinda makes me wonder.  Then again, wondering about my parents could end up being a full time job, so I just let it go.

From Pennsylvania, to Florida, to Pennsylvania, to Maine, to Pennsylvania.  I need a vacation.



  1. Back in 1964 my wife and her family (we were dating) travelled from the house I sit in here in Altoona (central PA) to Florida to visit my (future) mother-in-law’s sister.

    They stopped at our house on the way back (we lived in northern Virginia, literally three miles from 95) for a bit of a rest and my (future) father-in-law told my father that he figured he had made pretty good time, averaged close to forty miles per hour some days.
    A person I know in civil air patrol is a Greyhound bus driver, and he tells me that for a while you could do much better, average-wise, but in the last couple of years it’s actually regressing to that sort of time-distance perameter.

    Bird feeders and cats…you have actually PRICED “Little Friskies” lately? And hey! if the birds can’t get out of the way, isn’t that just nature…?
    Actually, I can picture my sister doing exactly that…”Ya wanna eat today, cat…? SIC’em”!!

    Still, that “cardinal”… as with the supposedly “great” herons you are fond of photographing, are you sure that isn’t merely an “ordinal” rather than a “cardinal”? 😉

    Seriously, you, the Chaplain, and the lady who hosts
    “Changing Scenery” take the most wonderful photos, and I always enjoy seeing them.

    There’s a cardinal nest in the vines by my kitchen window. At least it always starts out as cardinals, but English sparrows seem to run them off by April. ‘druther have the cardinals.

    I think I saw a robin yesterday.

  2. Sarge: I think (on the way back) we averaged 59.75 miles per hour. Including stops for gas, meals and potty. Of course, I was cruising at 72 for most of the trip, so hovering around sixty is not to bad.

    And I know he was a Cardinal because, right after I got the photo, he transferred a child-molesting priest from one church to another.

    Glad you enjoy the photos.

  3. “And I know he was a Cardinal because, right after I got the photo, he transferred a child-molesting priest from one church to another.”

    Hey! He’ll be here all week, folks.

    Funny, I flew to Denver for New Year’s and didn’t see a single snowflake.

  4. Postie: Sometimes the jokes just write themsleves, y’know? And try the chicken.

    Funny, I flew to Denver for New Year’s and didn’t see a single snowflake.

    And boy are his arms tired!

    • Bada-Bing! You are on fire my friend. Poconos, here you come.

      • Oddly, Postie, I went to Florida, visited (((Wife)))’s family, and saw lots of flakes.


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