You Can’t Make This Shit Up

16 December, 2009

And here I was, innocently thinking it was just really, really shitty animation and pathetic dialogue:

Three things:  Please, please, please, please be a Poe (though, as Ron Gold (The Invisible Pink Unicorn (and a hat tip to IPU for this piece of dreck)) points out, it would be difficult to fake (not impossible, though)).  Second, some of us won’t get to heaven because we think?  Third, the blonde woman at about 2:30 nodding in agreement with an expression I have seen on people stoned out of their fucking minds.  And fourth, demons and Satan take things seriously?



  1. More proof that fantasy will cause children to reject the Love of God. Fantasy is so damaging to our children as it drives them away from the reality of God’s Love.

    • Um, God is the fantasy.

  2. Matthew is completely correct. I, for instance, was driven to reject the love of Gawd by the fantasy of… Gawd.

  3. Typical of a believer: can’t tell the difference between myth and reality. What a twot.

  4. vark: Thats easy. Myth is the word of man through stories and fantasies. reality is the Word of God. God cannot be a fantasy or the world we live in would also be a fantasy which it is not because we actually exist throgh the Love of God as expressed through the Bible which is the Word of God. See?

    • Take the red pill, Matthew.

  5. Matthew: The difference between Pokemon and Christianity is the kids know that the pocket monsters are fantasy.

    Postie: Which of Gawd’s habits do you fantasize about?

    Vark: Welcome to my blog. If your fantasy is your reality, then I guess you assume that other people’s fantasies are their realities.

    Matthew: You really don’t recognize irony, do you? I think you are living in a fantasy world.

    • Gawd in a habit? That is kinky.

      • Why do nuns remain celibate? Force of habit.

  6. I’ll bet the poor children of the idiots in that audience are like Rod & Todd Flanders. Their only entertainment is Bible Trivia and Billy Graham’s Bible Blaster Game.

  7. Buffy: What gauge shotgun do they use to blast the bible?

    Though I have been exposed, through friends,to a few fundie churches, I cannot comprehend the mental anguish an intelligent and inquisitive child must go through in an environment like that.

  8. We used to have a Bible Trivia game. It was a knock-off on Trivial Pursuit.

  9. Chappie: Isn’t it all trivia?

  10. Glad you liked this dreck I dug up (((Billy))).

    Anyone wanna bet this guy is a closet Pokemaniac?

  11. Ron: What, pray tell, is a Pokemaniac?

  12. So fantasy pocket monster = bad.
    Fantasy pocket savior = good.

    Right, got it!

    Btw, I never thought of calling my pocket monster a savior. That’s pretty cool. I preferred to use Merlin’s line from Excalibur, “a dream to some. A nightmare to others!”

    • Which would explain all the priests who have a problem keeping the pocket monster in their pockets.

  13. Philly: Once again, you find the perfect phrase. Which I should have thought of. Damn.

    Lurker: Is that a wocket in his pocket?

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