Snow and a Grocery Store

8 December, 2009

We are expecting snow tonight. How much?  Three to five inches.  How do I know? 

  Well, I went to the grocery store (some skirt steak (on sale), salsa, wine (for cooking) and a few other things (no bread or milk went into the cart)).  And there were 3 to 5 people standing at every open checkout lane.  I guess that means we can expect 3 to 5 inches of snow.



  1. Been pissing snow here (Kansas City MO area – for right now) off and on all day. Stuff is supposed to move easy over the next couple of days. Good luck. Am avoiding the markets myself, lazy.

  2. Damnit. East not easy.

  3. I almost; almost; envy you. New York hasn’t even flirted with Winter yet. The temperature hasn’t been below the high 30’s since February. It’s 40-something and raining cats and dogs right now. So, just miserable.

    • We got a couple two-t’ree inches a da snow, haina? Den it goin’ ta pure rain. Lousy as an overcooked pierogi.

  4. Up here in Wyoming we’ve only had 2-3 inches. Why? It’s too cold to snow. Yesterday we set a new record, -29 deg. F. Windchill can drop it to -30 or -40 easily.

    I hate Wyoming.

  5. We got 2-3 inches just outside DC last weekend. Most of it has melted, but now it’s getting colder again.

    Kate, I don’t envy you those temperatures. The coldest temperature I remember experiencing was during my first winter in Winnipeg – air temperature about -40C (which is just about where the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales meet) – windchill about -80C. It was fucking cold!

  6. Kate: The coldest I have ever been was a ski trip to Wildcat up in New Hampshire. It was -15 at the bottom and -25 with wind at the top. That was also the only time I ever got frostbite.

    On the bright side, if you stay away from Yellowstone, there are very very few traffic jams in Wyoming, right?

    Chappie: There were flakes in and around DC? No, really? Whoddathunkit.

    Why were you in Winnipeg? In winter? Are you nuts?

    • Um, yeah, no traffic. I got rear-ended the other day braking for someone who had spun out. In my 4 month-old car. Grr.

      And Chappie, thanks for the warning about Winnipeg. I will stay well clear.

  7. There are always flakes in DC. Last weekend, we even got some of the snowy kind. 🙂

    I was in Winnipeg in winter because I lived there for seven years. We had two seasons: snow removal and road construction.

  8. My parents live in Maine. They have a special celebration when the snow melts: Independence Day. Their seasons are winter and blackflies.

  9. I had a girlfriend in Minnesota. When I went to visit she warned me they had two seasons – ten months of winter and two months of heavy sledding. Got there in April. Blizzard.

    • I should note that was thirty years ago… I think they’ve improved to three months of heavy sledding.

  10. Ric: I have found a way to be snowed on every month of the year. Including June at Yellowstone, July in Colorado, August in California. Not enough to sled with, but enough to annoy.

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