Who Searches for This?

2 December, 2009

Dear whoever found my blog searching for this term:  “losing my virginity flow chart.” 

Why would you search for that phrase? I get plenty of visits from people looking for deflowering videos, deflowering ceremonies, deflowering nuns, losing my virginity, etc., but a flow chart? 

Okay, now I need to actually make up the flow chart.  I picture it involving alcohol somewhere along the line.



  1. I look forward to that flowchart. When you’ve done that one, perhaps you can do something for the people who come to my blog looking for “bad advice”. Who the hell looks for bad advice?

    • That would be atheists and other God haters. And by notion of them being atheists, fools and God haters, they have found bad advice.

      • Yuk, yuk.

        Actually, that was me. I mistyped “losing my virginity blow chart”. Can’t remember what it was I was looking for. It must have been the illicit drugs I was taking.

        I’m having so much fun being an atheist.

      • Postie: Republicans?

        Matthew: You really need to look up the definition of atheist. Really.

        Spanqi: Are you also responsible for the ‘deflowering ceremony video’ hits?

  2. Isn’t it amazing what you find when searching through your server logs?

    • There are some weird-ass people out there. No question about it.

  3. Excellent — sounds like a fun flow chart! I look forward to reading it. 😀

  4. Are you telling me that, in all the sex manuals that have ever been published, no one has ever included a flow chart? Good God, man! How did humankind ever manage to reproduce without one? It’s a wonder we haven’t gone extinct!

  5. Chappie: These sex manuals: do they illustrate manual stimulation?

    • Who would waste time trying to stimulate a manual?

      • Well, if it’s a sex manual . . . .

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