What if America Was a Christian Nation?

24 November, 2009

Many conservatives (both political conservatives and religious conservatives) have a dream of transforming America from a secular democracy to a theocratic Christian democracy (picture Iran but with Robertson, Dobson, Haggard, etc. filling in for the Imams).  So how would America be different if that happened?

A few months ago, a crossing guard in a nearby town was arrested for having sex with a teenage boy (he did give him some new shoes in return) and filming it.  (From WNEP Channel 16):

Joseph Gyuriska will spend at least three months in jail for making pornographic videos with a teenager. The rest of his sentence will be spent on house arrest.

Gyuriska, 86, told the judge we was very sorry for what happened.

The judge said his 85 years with a non-existent criminal record would not lessen his punishment for what he did.

Gyuriska was sentenced to six to 23 months. The first three months he will serve in county jail. The rest will be spent on house arrest.

Gyuriska pleaded guilty to corruption of minors in August.

He admitted to police he videotaped the teen performing sexual acts with himself and another man in exchange for sneakers and clothes.

Gyuriska was a crossing guard for the Dunmore School District and is a World War II veteran.

He told the judge before he learned his punishment.

See, if this was a religious theocracy, he would not be going to prison for three months and then three to twenty months under house arrest.  He would have been transferred to another street corner (hat tip to (((Wife))) for that one).

(I am not minimizing or mocking the actual crime which was committed.  Nor am I mocking, in any way, the court system.  I am, however, mocking the way that a certain religious organization in the United States, Ireland, and other nations, has behaved.)


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