Blue State, Red Governor

24 November, 2009

When I graduated from college with an honours degree in history, I moved to Rhode Island and spent about a year selling cars (well, it was a history degree, right?).  I enjoyed Rhode Island.  Nice state.  Rather liberal.  Delightfully bizarre.  But, like the rest of New England, definitely a blue state.

The General Assembly of Rhode Island passed a law which allows domestic partners ((all quotes from the Providence Journal) defined as “”exclusive, intimate and committed relationship” with the deceased and had lived with him or her for at least a year prior to the death; is at least 18, not married to anyone else, not related by blood and who was financially “interdependent”) to bill that would have added “domestic partners” to the list of people authorized by law to make funeral arrangements for each other (okay, that quote is from the newspaper, but the link is to the state house bill).

That sounds reasonable.  If a couple live together, if their lives are entwined emotionally and financially, they should be allowed to plan funerals for each other.  Who could possibly be against that?

Well, the governor of Rhode Island, for one:

Republican Carcieri said: “This bill represents a disturbing trend over the past few years of the incremental erosion of the principles surrounding traditional marriage, which is not the preferred way to approach this issue.[“]

Traditional marriage?  So if a 90-year-old man marries an 18-year-old twit with an annoying Cranston whine (even more grating than Fran Drescher’s) and croaks three days later, the twit can plan a funeral.  But two men (or two women, or a man and a woman) who live together for a year (or more!) in “exclusive, intimate and committed relationship” and were financially “interdependent” cannot do the same for each other?  What lame-ass excuse could the governor possibly give?

[H]e believes a “one year time period is not a sufficient duration to establish a serious bond between two individuals…[relative to] sensitive personal traditions and issues regarding funeral arrangements, burial rights and disposal of human remains.”

So do you suppose he will be asking the state house to pass a bill limiting the funereal rights of those married less than one year?  I doubt it.

Carcieri said he was also uncertain “how it would be ascertained in many circumstances whether [a couple] had been in a relationship for year” since there is “no official or recognized form” of domestic partnership agreement in Rhode Island. He called this proviso “vague and ill-defined.”

You have got to be shitting me.  Conservatives (usually Republicans) stand foursquare against any recognition of human rights including (but not limited to): gay marriage, gay partnerships, gays, living gays, etc.  And now this Republican governor claims that since there is no official recognition he doesn’t know how the relationship would be  ascertained?  Bullshit. 

According to one of the representatives in the state house,

Describing himself as ”genuinely upset” by Carcieri’s actions, Rep. Segal said: “‘I think the man is heartless and this has become a bad joke that has carried on for far too long.” The joke? “His insistent, persistent need to assert himself by undermining the lives of gay people who love each other and want to be in committed relationships.”

Segal said Carcieri took his adamant opposition to same-sex marriage too far, since this “doesn’t change the definition of the word ‘marriage,’ as evidenced by the fact the “overwhelming majority of people in the General Assembly who oppose gay marriage saw fit to support the legislation. ”

I guess the governor is a subscriber to Santorum’s ‘man-on-dog’ slippery slope reducto ad absurdum argument.  If we allow them to plan funerals then they will want weddings and then they will want to be married and then they will want to marry their dogs and then they will tear down the entire foundation of western civilization (which is, of course, so weak that allowing civil rights to all humans will destroy it).  By stopping teh gay planning funerals for their partners, he is preventing the destruction of the western world.

Ladies and gentlemen of Rhode Island (and every other state, for that matter), no matter how progressive or moderate or non-batshit-crazy a GOP candidate appears, he or she will, nine out of ten times, revert to form, will begin spouting anti-gay, teabagger, Beckist, Limbaughite neoconservative radical right wing bullshit.  Oh, sure, during the election, they may talk a good game, but to remain in the GOP, a candidate, an office-holder, must hold fast to, at a minimum, 80%, of the Republican Party’s purity test.  If they don’t, they lose the money.

So the question remains:  why do blue states elect GOP governors?  And why are the citizens in the blue states surprised when they embrace the neoconservative fantasies?



  1. Ah, the pendulumn as begun to swing back to American values and you and your ilk are unhappy. Main and now Rhode Island have bowwed to the Word of God recognizing God’s Holy Word as expressed through the Book of Truth. Do you find it coincidence that as the pendulum works away from sinners and lawbreakers, away from perderasts and buggeres, away from those who flought God’s Love, that our economy begins to improve? Of course you do because you fail to see the connection between God’s unconditional Love and the wages of sin.

    All Americans must bow before God’s ineffeble will. He has set down the simple rules which we as human beings must follow. Failing to follow these rules has created the greatest economic failure of the since the great depression. Men living with men, women with women, polyandry, polygamy, pederasty, homosexualiety, licentiousness, fornication all lead to economic failure. The proof is in history. Russia in the early 1900s. Germany in the 1920s. America in the late 1920s. England in the 1770s. France in the 1780s. China inthe 1940s. Rome. Greece. Turkey. All have embraced the homosexeueal agenda and have at certain times paid the ecomonic price of sin. God’s Loving punishment has Chastised these nations as He has chastised America. Two states have shown that they understand the necessity of bowing to God’s Love, accepting God’s Righteous and Holy punishment and have rejected theis floughting of God’s unconditional Love.

    Marriage is for the cretaion of children. This is as it has been since Eve destroyed Paradise by IGNORING GOD’S LOVE AND ENCURRING GOD”S LOVING PUNISHMENT UNTO EVEN TODAY’s GENERATION!

    America, repent and embrace the Love of God as expressed through His only begotton Son, Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords or America will collapse and go the way of every single nation which has ever allowed men to marry men or women to marry women; they have collapsed and become colonies, literal or economic, of a greater power. Do you want to be a economic colony of China?

    Embrace God and Live. Embrace the devil and die. I just don’t want to see the rest of us dragged to hell on earth and an afterlife of hell because of a few who want to give civil rights to people who ignore the civil contract, civil laws, and the Law of God.

  2. Pointing. Laughing. Crying. Retching.

  3. Reggie, please indulge me a moment if you would…In your last paragraph you speak of civil contracts as if they all have to be blessed in some way by a church or deity. Marriage is exactely that , a civil contract between two people and the state in which the contract is formed, nothing more nor less. I had no need to go and have my car blessed after I signed the contract agreeing to purchase it, and every time I write a check (which is also a legal contract) I didn’t scamper off to the clergy to have it ok’d. So it goes to follow that to fulfill the obligation to the state to recognize my marriage, it is not required for me to have the contract “blessed” by any given religious body.

    You also speak of civil law and you seem to think that it should only apply to whomever you and your type see as fit to recieve its benefits, this is contrary to the COTUS that is the primary civil law of this nation and it applies to all men regardless of any differences you may wish to place on it. Please get a copy of the constitution and learn it for yourself. (End of rant and thank you for indulging me).

    P.S. @ (((billy)))… Very glad to see you have recovered from illness and glad you are getting back to yourself, welcome back.

    • I shall make this simple so that even you may understand. All civilized laws are based upon the laws of God. America is a civilized nation. Therefore our laws are based upon Gods laws. Laws against fornication homosexuality and coohabitatoin are on the books in most states – some have yeislded to Satan and takent he laws off the books – and are being punished for it – look at Californias unemployment rate, the highest in the country. Those who break laws are punished in civilor criminal court. Men who live with men, womene who live with women, men who live with women are sinners and LAWBREAKERS. Those who choose to flought God’s Holy Writ, and the laws of their state, have broken the civil contract which has existed since God created the universe. Those who break the civil contract between governed and the government have no right to expect that Americans will change the law just to accomodate their perversions. God created marriage and what He has created, let no man or government change.

  4. Is God too busy hating gays to teach his followers how to spell?

  5. Reggie: Thanks for coming back. You are amusing. Please, if you can, back up anything you say with some citations. Please.

    Lurker: Agreed.

    Tau: No problem. I don’t even charge for indulgences. And it is good to be back.

    Chappie: I know that my spelling is not perfect. Mr. Genovese brings it to a whol new leevl, thought.

  6. the chaplain “Is God too busy hating gays to teach his followers how to spell?”
    Ho dar you! The Lord inventd langage! His follwoers, clothde in richusnis, can use it hoever He pleeses!

    Personally, my favourite bit was the first two sentences of his second paragraph, where he first told you that God’s will was “ineffeble”, then followed it up with a bunch of rules indicating His will. The bit right after about the nations and dates when they reached peak gayness was almost cute. I would’ve debunked what he said, but my shovel is woefully inadequate for such a large pile of crap. I mean, merely contemplating the “fact” that the vague, sporadic, half-assed taking two steps forward and one step back for civil rights for homosexuals brought the entire economy to its knees makes blood come out of my ears. You’d think that greed on Wall Street and corporatism in Washington would’ve been the obvious culprit, but no, it’s the gays.
    You know, it’s remarkable what one can state as fact when one doesn’t bother to let reality get in the way. For example, I am cheese and I fly on Thursday beside a brewery inside seven pounds of sunshine.

    Oh, and on-topic. While it’s bad enough that some people want to deny homosexuals the rights that they themselves enjoy now, they’re even going out of their way to stick it to ’em even after they die. That’s just cold. Next they’ll be legislating post-life noogies and indian burns. (Note: they’ll be doing all of this while committing adultery, getting divorces and, in some cases, being really, really gay themselves)

    • MO: Is that what you were aiming for?

      His word salad is impressive. I really love the way he keeps saying that god(s) love is unconditional and then sets the conditions under which it is given. I figure he was in a home for the bewildered for a while. Makes sense, right?

      • I spent some time in a home for the bewildered. They released me once they thought I’d been sufficiently dewildered, but they went too far. Now I’m wildered.

      • Not to worry. Theyer are wilderness areas for people like you.

  7. Wow. I knew I was bold, but I’m apparently literally so. Damn you, lack of preview!

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