Breaking the Back of America

22 November, 2009

Conservatives are the backbone of America.  Their respect for the Constitution of the United States, their respect for the laws of America, their respect for the President of the United States of America (whether they agree with his political views or not), their battles for equal rights for all humans, and their Christian ethics, including a sense of love and respect for all life are the epitome of exemplars of good old fashioned Americanism to which we should all aspire.  As long as we remember that ‘aspiration’ actually means butt sweat.

Out in Missouri, the Lafayette County Republicans are extremely disturbed that a Democratic candidate, and an African-American at that, defeated serial adulterer and all-around asshole John McCain.  Do they accept the electoral defeat in a democratic way?  Do they play the part of the loyal opposition?  Do they try (as Democrats did (to their regret) under W’s reign) to work with the new occupant of the White House in a constructive manner?

Well, this is from Missouri, so I guess I’ll just have to show you (from the website of the Lafayette County Republicans):

From the website:

“A Citizens Guide to Revolution of a corrupt government.
1. Starve the Beast. [keep your money]
2. Vote out incumbents.
3. If steps, 1 & 2 fail?


The first sentence is grammatically scrambled.  I’m not sure what they mean.  Do they want a revolution in order to install a corrupt government?  Do they think that the Obama administration is corrupt and must be spun?  Do they assume that if anyone accepts the Obama administration as legitimate, we must not qualify as citizens?

Then the billboard exhorts Americans to, I guess, break the law by not paying their taxes.  Because the cure for a deficit is tax cuts (or just not paying your taxes).  Odd that when Clinton was in office, and he began to pay the public debt down, that he was a ‘free-spending, tax and spend liberal.”  Bush (the W one) gave a massive tax cut to the wealthy (the top 1% got almost a quarter of the tax cut (like they needed it)), pushed through a Medicare drug plan paid for by borrowing, and involved us in two wars (with no plans to actually, you know, pay for them) and doubled the national debt, made the federal government larger (without paying for it), and was the darling of the ‘starve the beast-ers’.

It also exhorts them to ‘throw the bums out.’  Wow.  An actual democratic idea.  Well, it was probably a mistake.

And if their people lose the election?  Foment rebellion and start a civil war.  [update]  As The Spanish Inquisitor points out in the first comment below, that could be treason, right? [/update] 

Holy batshit, fatman!  These idiots are, um, idiots?

But that’s just the teabagging, Palin-worshipping, Beckasskiss, Limbaughite wing of the GOP (by wing, I mean majority (52% of Republicans do not think that Barrack Obama is legitimately President of the United States)).  I’m sure that the conservative Christians are much, much more civil.

After all, this evening I saw (on a beautiful vintage BMW Bavaria (and it is not funny that a car built during my life can be called vintage)) a bumper asking for a prayer for Obama.  Yes, the one that you and I have been reading about here, here and here (and all over the web):   “Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8.”

Of course, Psalm 109:8 is one of those perfect examples of Christian love and respect for life:  an imprecatory prayer.  A prayer for someone to die.  Asking that loving Abrahamic God to hurry someones death.

Christian radical conservative asshats are, of course, allowed to say this.  They are allowed to put it on teddy bears (just what little  Becky Sue needs to help her sleep), t-shirts and bumper stickers.  It is (I’m not a lawyer, so if I have this wrong, let me know), as far as I can tell, protected speech.  [update]  The billboard, as SI points out, is fomenting armed rebellion against the legal government of the United States which would appear to him (and me) to be treason.[/update] 

Does anyone in the GOP, or the radical Christian right, realize that they have a pot of gasoline sitting on a lit burner, and are trying to figure out how to increase the gas flow?  They are creating a sense of fear so deep that in some areas, ammunition for long guns and handguns is becoming scarce.  They are terrifying their followers, intentionally, in order to create a culture in which violence is the only answer.   A medical doctor in Kansas,  law enforcement officers in Pittsburg and Florida, visitors to the Holocaust Museum, and, I am sure, others, have been killed by frightened conservatives scared out of the fucking minds by conspiracy-mongers. 

Conservative respect for the Constitution means that if you lose an election, the winner is illegitimate (anyone here ever read about the Civil War?).  Respect for the laws of America means that if you disagree with a law, you can ignore it (county clerks have been told that in Iowa.  Respect for the President of the United States of America applies only if the President is Republican — a Democrat is, by definition, a usurper.  They seek to deny equal rights for all humans based on a bronze-age definition of what being a Jew meant.  Christian ethics, the ‘culture of life’, means treating women as chattel, as breeding machines. 

The radical Christian right and the radical neoconservative political right have banded together and seek to force their narrow, bigoted, racist and misogynistic view of ‘morality’ on each and every one of us. They seek, literally, a Christian version of the theocratic ‘democracy’ of Iran.  And if they cannot achieve it by the ballot, they are quite happy with providing philosophical scriptural cover to those who would help them achieve it by assassination, coup, or outright civil war.  Conservatives, religious or political, are not the backbone of America.  They are trying to break the back of America.

And they claim that liberals like me don’t respect America.



  1. Isn’t any attempt to foment rebellion against this country, regardless of whether it’s in furtherance of another government, considered treason?

  2. SI: Damn. You are correct. At least I think you are. I have altered the post to reflect this.

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  5. I’m not really sure it would be treason, I was just asking. I’d think it was awfully close, if not. It’s probably protected speech to “say “let’s overthrow the government” without some overt action towards that end. Maybe putting up a billboard would be considered sufficient overt action?

    I don’t know. I certainly think it’s valid to question one’s patriotism, something conservatives like to do, for even agreeing with that billboard.

  6. SI: The more than half of the GOP who believe that Barrack Obama is not a legitimate President would not view it that way, though. They would see it as treason to support an ‘illegitimate’ President.

    • Funny. They say consistency is the hobgoblin of tiny minds, so maybe this is an indication of my tiny mind, but doesn’t it seem inconsistent for these same people to accuse us of being unpatriotic when we didn’t lock-step behind Bush on the way into Iraq? This is the same Bush who was elected under a far blacker cloud than Obama, by a minority of Americans to boot, but question his decision making, and we’re metaphorically banished from America.

      • SI: But Bush was an R. That means everything is okay. Remember, if you know that god(s) is on your side, any sin you commit or law you break is merely helping your god(s). Tell me again how Christianity makes one moral?

  7. You need think about it. Despite the emails, the overwhelming evidence showing global warming is happening hasn’t changed.
    “The e-mails do nothing to undermine the very strong scientific consensus . . . that tells us the Earth is warming, that warming is largely a result of human activity,” Jane Lubchenco, who heads the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told a House committee. She said that the e-mails don’t cover data from NOAA and NASA, whose independent climate records show dramatic warming.

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