100,000 Visits

22 November, 2009

Not that it means anything, but today, I passed 100,000 visits to my blog.  I try not to obsess about my numbers, but I do pay attention to them — in 2008, I averaged 107 visits per day.  This year, I’m averaging 207 per day.  Not to shabby for part time blogger, eh?



  1. Congratulations on passing 100,000 visits, it’s a big accomplishment indeed. I’m struggling to get my first 100 with my newest blog…

  2. That’s quite good! It takes time to develop a good following, I am still trying to. Social Networking Sites help a ton though. 🙂

  3. As long as 90,000 didn’t come from Gideon, that’s a mark to be proud of. 8)

  4. I don’t think that G—-n has found me. Yet. This is a good thing.

    He makes me rethink my position on banning people.

  5. Congrats. That’s a great milestone.

    • (((Wife))) refers to the blog as a millstone. Thanks.

  6. Ahh, yes. I can remember when (((Little Billy))) was just a gleam in the Scarlet A Team’s eye.

    He’s all grown up now. 😉

    • Yeah, but back then, I went by many, many different (nick)names: Billy, A Liberal Disabled Vet; Billy ALDV; ((())); OH (from an early habit (still shows up occasionally) of, after a rambling/coherent comment, apoligizing for the long comment and claiming it was an occupational hazard); and finally, Billy the Atheist which became (((Billy)) The Atheist.

      And for the record, I have not been ‘little’ since, oh, about age ten or so.

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