A Medical Update

12 November, 2009

I did have H1N1 Influenza, 2009 (Novel).  Which, in a weird way, makes me feel better.  I would hate to think that I was sick for the past month and did not have the Swine Flu. 

I did, however, find this.  Enjoy.

I am feeling better.  Not 100%, but better.



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    What the hell?

  2. Agree. The related posts are weird.

    Wishing you a speedy, complete recovery.

  3. Temaskian: I feel like I had two separate bouts with pneumonia (well, bronchial pneumonia (actually, they now call it acute reactive lung disorder (which is really a more accurate description))) but I finally feel like I am really getting better. Scary, though.

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, Billy. I hope you get back to 100% soon. It sounds like it was a terrible experience. I’m glad to hear that the doctors are getting rid of those demons that possessed you!


  5. Hey, at least you don’t need to get that evil, mercury-laden vaccine now 😉

  6. Marisa: Thanks. Though I do know of at least three people who prayed for me. I think the meds did more.

    Sarah: I know you’re joking, but there are a shitload of people who a) are convinced (despite no clinical evidence at all) that therimasol causes damn near everything and b) that it is still in vaccines. The anti-science know-nothing luddites are a strong force in ‘modern’ America.

  7. I agree about the deadly vaccine. Oh… and I’ll pray for you.

    POW! That was a two-fer.

  8. Postie: Bise Mich!

    • Er… does that say “Bite Me,”?

      • Ja tut es. Kühlen Sie, huh ab?

      • I never learned any German, beyond “Achtung,” and that from “Hogan’s Heroes”. I did, however, take French in college and spent about 12 hours in Paris once, so I’m imminently qualified to say this – “Le singe fume une pipe! Deaux bieres, sil vous plait.”

      • My German is extremely limited (mostly to military terms).

        So what was the monkey doing to your pipe? Enquiring minds want to know.

      • Er… you make it sound so dirty.

        If pressed, I think I can also give a stirring discourse on a boy carrying a book through a doorway and perhaps sing a verse or two of “Brother John”.

  9. Uh oh – the prayers are having their effects. Not only is (((Billy))) starting to feel better, he’s also speaking in tongues!

    Oh, wait – no, he’s just speaking German. I can put my handy-dandy Heavenly Tongue Decoder away.

    • Is it just me, or does “Heavenly Tongue Decoder” sound like it should have an alternate and prurient meaning?

  10. Herr (((Willie))) es ist gut sie sind jetzt gesund! Bitte, bleiben sie so! (Bitte verseihen sie mein zer schlecht Deutsche. Ich brauch diese sprechen nur zwei oder dreimal im eine jahr.)

    My wife’s bosses are getting insistant that she and her co-workers get the h1n1 vaccine, but it’s availability is limited in our area.

    She’s been taking prophilaxis for Lyme disease since September and STILL caught something that kept her from going with me to the hospital a week ago Monday when I had some surgery. She was pretty miserable.

  11. Sarge: Sich nicht sorgen, mein Freund. Mir bin mehr als mein begrenzter Deutscher erschöpft worden. Und bitten Sie mich nicht, Deutsches wirklich zu sprechen. Das würde ernsthaft nicht-gut sein.

    It was surprising — the actual illness felt like a bad cold with a little bit of fever. Over it in three days. Then it settled in my lungs, and stayed. And stayed. And stayed.

  12. My mother-in-law was born in 1901 (died 1987, my wife was one of those ‘surprises’…) but she lost a year of school to the Spanish flu. She was very lucky because it seemed to be most deadly to people her age. She said that after the initial onset there were other things that seemed to cause problems, and she wasn’t really herself again for almost two years. And she was never a woman who coddled herself.

    In the late 50’s we had “The Asiatic Flu” which most of us caught. I have very seldom felt as bad as that…probably only when I had a type of hemmoragic (yeah I know, spelling) fever my first tour in Viet Nam. They told us that we had a sixty percent chance of dying from it, two weeks would tell the tale. A medic told me that the near universal sentiment was, “Two weeks, huh? Jeez, that’s gonna be a long time…” No one really caerd if they lived or died, just that it be OVER.

  13. Sarge, that Asiatic flu in the 1950s is probably one of the reasons that we geezers are less susceptible to the H1N1 strain that’s making the rounds now. The strains are apparently closely related. Anyone born before 1950 is considered lower risk for pandemic (H1N1) 2009 than younger persons.

  14. Sorry to hear of the illness, I’ll pray for you — oh wait, sorry wrong blog.

  15. Sarge and Nan: Another reason for old people to mock the young.

    Ulysseus: Thanks. Sort of. I guess. Welcome to my blog.

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