Another Christian Thinks Laws Don’t Apply to Christians

12 August, 2009

A Western Florida high school is learning an important lesson.  Well, the principal (Frank Lay) and the athletic director (Robert Freeman) are learning a lesson.  And it is a lesson with which certain Christianist dominionist fundamentalists have a great deal of trouble.

For the past 20 or so years, (from Americans United)

under Lay’s leadership, Pace High School became known as “the Baptist Academy.” Teachers and staff delivered prayers and invited students or outside leaders to lead prayers during school activities. Teachers read from the Bible and discussed church attendance with students. Students were encouraged to attend religious clubs and incorporate religion into their schoolwork.

Which, if this were a private school, say an actual Baptist Academy, would be no big deal. 

Except that Pace High School is a public high school.  As in paid for by all taxpayers, of all (or no) creeds, of all (or no) beliefs.  As in part of the government.  As in subject to the United States Supreme Court’s repeated decisions regarding the original intent of the writer’s of the United States Constitution.   As in lawsuit city.

In (from the Pensacola News Journal)

Last August, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the Santa Rosa County School Board, then-Superintendent John Rogers and Lay on behalf of two unnamed Pace High students.

Citing examples throughout the district, the students said school officials violated the Constitution by promoting their religious beliefs in schools.

For years, Lay had done exactly that, according to supporters and critics alike, and his actions had gone largely unchallenged.


Within a few months, the district admitted the allegations and hammered out an agreement that would take religion out of the classroom.

U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers approved the agreement. A temporary injunction was issued on Jan. 19, then was made permanent on May 6.

Well, that makes sense.  After all, the school district and the judge came to an agreement.  Everyone involved knew that the judge was right, the law was clear, and school would not do it again.  End of story? 

Well, we all know that right wing fundamentalists are extremely law abiding.  Whether it comes to torture, election law, or just filling out marriage licenses, obeying the law is, well, something that they . . . have a real problem with:

Nine days later, after Lay signed the temporary injunction, he was accused of violating the order.

On Jan. 28, he asked the school athletic director, Robert Freeman, to “bless the food” at a luncheon at Pace High for school personnel and booster club members instrumental in helping get a new fieldhouse. The school’s culinary class prepared the meal.

Four-term School Board member Jo Ann Simpson, who was at the luncheon, couldn’t believe her ears.

And every single tax-payer in the district should be pissed, too.  Because asshats like Lay and Freeman are costing the school district money.  Money which could go to preserving art and music instruction.  Or hire English as a Second Language teachers.  Or math teachers.  Or books for the library.

Why did Freeman do this?  To stand up for his principles as a Christian (quick question:  if the principal were Muslim, would anyone in the district allow him to prosyletize?  (okay, I know the answer to that one)).

And are the constituents pissed at the way these asshats are pissing away the tax money?  Of course:

Lay’s solid base of supporters includes the Rev. Ted Traylor, pastor of Olive Baptist Church. A member of that church for 10 years, Lay is a deacon and Bible teacher.  Traylor believes the consent decree is unconstitutional.

“If it continues to stand as it is, we are going to see an avalanche of these kinds of things where teachers cannot bow their heads to pray,” Traylor said. “The consent order needs to be overturned, and I know there is work being done to make a run at that. There needs to be some common sense in the way they are dealing with this issue.”

Traylor called Lay a family man with great integrity.

“I’ve had Mr. Lay speak in my pulpit, so I have the ultimate confidence in him as I do not turn that loose lightly,” he said. “He is a strong leader, and we have a great relationship.”

Many in Santa Rosa are puzzled over the contempt charge.

“A blessing over a meal to me is not evangelism or proselytizing,” said Dana O’Keefe, mother of two Pace High graduates. “It’s just thanking a higher power for a meal.”

Robert Smith, who owns an insurance agency in Milton, and several other friends of Lay have set up a Web site and a Lay/Freeman Defense Fund to help pay legal expenses or potential fines. They also are selling T-shirts and plan a concert and dinner fundraiser Sept. 10 at the Farmer’s Opry.

“I don’t think people realize Frank Lay is a patriotic American citizen and a law-abiding American citizen,” Smith said. “He is a man of character and integrity, and that is why I am helping him.”

Integrity.  Just thanking a higher power.  Patriotic.  Law-abiding.  

The radical religious right has decided that breaking the law is a religious crusade.

News flash, folks:  the Constitution of the United States of America exists to protect the minority.  Majority rule must be tempered.  And it is by our laws.  Teachers work for the government.  They have no right to impose their religious beliefs on students even if a majority of the students agree with their hallucinations!

Teachers are role models for students.  As are coaches and principals.  I guess disobeying judges, ignoring laws and using the Constitution as toilet paper passes for a good example in some parts of our country.



  1. He needs to be removed from his position.

  2. Typical for Florida. It’s chock full of RRRW whackos who see nothing wrong with imposing their religious lunacy on everybody regardless of what the law may be. They help ensure the ACLU will never go out of business.

  3. GA: Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, he will probably lose his position and then be elected to the school board by all the ‘right thinking’ dominionists.

    Buffy: Oddly, they think that ‘majority rules’ allows the rights of minorities to be trampled.

  4. So, you can either spend your time fighting for something that benefits no one, or you could spend your time doing something useful, oh I don’t know like your job. Teaching

  5. After the so-called Intelligent Design trial in 2005 against the Dover School Board, the Plaintiffs who won the case sought, and I believe they got, an order requiring the school board to pay 1 million dollars towards their attorneys fees. That was only about half of what was incurred, but the Defendants (the School Board) actually thought it wouldn’t cost them anything, because the Thomas More attorneys who represented them offered to do it for free, and they took them up on it.

    I don’t understand why a case like the Dover one doesn’t enlighten school boards all around the country to look at what they are doing. They all hire solicitors (attorneys) to give them legal advice, and you’d think, if they were doing their jobs, the first thing they do is send around a directive to every principal and teacher in the school district to audit their schools and get rid of religion. But, nooooo, they think that if they’re not allowed to pray out loud and involve everyone in a public show of prayer, their rights are being trampled, even though they will be the first to admit that god hears their thoughts.

    I wonder is a lobotomy would improve their mental acuity?

  6. Bruce: Why do the job you were hired to do when you can turn your government job into an indocrination and proselytization gig?

    SI: I look at some of the shit our local school district gets away with (no ID bull, but Christmas ornaments in art class, etc.) and wonder when the school district will get sued? Not that the district have any money, but it’ll happen.

    Keep in mind, though, that a solicitor who gives advice that the customer does not want tends to lose a client. If they get sued, though, the solicitor gets lots of work. Cute gig.

  7. “A blessing over a meal to me is not evangelism or proselytizing,” said Dana O’Keefe…

    Guess what, lady? No one asked you what “a blessing over a meal” is “to you.” What you think doesn’t matter one bit.

    Jesus Howard Christ on a skateboard! Are Christians unteachable beyond the age of majority or something? What will it take for them to get a clue?

  8. Chappie: When someone is convinced that they have the only correct answer, why learn?

  9. When someone is convinced that they have the only correct answer, why learn?

    Good point. And Christians say atheists are close-minded. Talk about projection.

  10. Wow, I live only an hour or so from Pace, and this is the first I’ve heard of this story. I’ll have to scour the newspaper in the morning and see if I can find anything about it.
    Sometimes our paper is so biased it’s ridiculous. They’d probably take a story like this and either bury it in the Religious Section (Yes, we actually have a whole department devoted to religion here. . .Kind of unnerving at times) or they would just completely warp the details so that you have no choice but to root for the teachers.
    Or maybe they just never ran it in the first place…

  11. “If it continues to stand as it is, we are going to see an avalanche of these kinds of things where teachers cannot bow their heads to pray,”…

    Holy crap, lady… you can bow your head and pray whenever the hell you want. Just do it silently and don’t drag everyone else along with you. Why is that so hard to understand?

  12. Dan,

    No crap. I can’t stand the insistence of religious people that they’re being biased against because they can’t be biased against people.

    Separation of church and state is not being biased against any religion, it’s keeping any belief from having too much influence in government. It’s not promoting atheism, it’s not promoting anything!

    You believe what you want, but that belief cannot effect other people’s lives without their specific permission. It’s not a democratic decision, there is no majority support makes it OK, it’s on an individual basis.

  13. My favorite fundie(my brother-in-law) has consistently has (as he got older) become more rabid, in almost direct relation to the more liberal I have grown. The funny thing is that we don’t interact that often. What bugs me is that the man and friend that I have known for eons has become so right wing that anything like this that happens he will jump to their defense and scream persecution. What the hell ever happened to people that at one time in your life actually made you what you are today ???
    I find it sadly distressing and a poor sign of the times.

  14. (((Billy))),

    Per the AU article, Lay and Freeman “have been charged with criminal contempt for violating a federal court order that banned Santa Rosa County school officials from leading students in prayer during school events.” Per the Pensacola News Journal, we learn Lay has in fact led students in prayer during school events. Clear cut, I’d say – but then Rodgers issued a court-order to “keep religion promotion outside the classroom,” which is about as ambiguous as ever. We all know that what constitutes “religion promotion” is going to differ from person to person. Was Lay’s asking Freeman to offer an invocational prayer at a luncheon for school personnel and booster club members “religion promotion?” It will depend entirely on who one asks. So, while I don’t think there’s enough information here for me to form a reasoned judgment on Lay’s actions, I feel your pain, I really do. Excessive or intrusive Godspeak makes me nauseous, and I’m not even an atheist!

    Still – and speaking outside the specific context of this case – I can’t help but note that freedom of religion was conceived to safeguard against discrimination, not expression. So on the one hand, I’m with the atheists who say, “Don’t force your beliefs down our throats,” but on the other hand, if some elected official is religious and wants to bless his Taco Bell, that should be cool, too. Just don’t force me to bless mine, or deny my rights should I refuse to bless mine.

    Isn’t that reasonable?

  15. (((Billy)))

    The principal was acting as principal in a professional and educational setting. As a teacher myself, everything you do at school is regarded as education if students are around, and professional ethics apply regardless. The principal wasn’t in trouble because he silently bowed his head and prayed which I’ve seen many teachers do during lunch, but because he called on other people to do so also. That’s not expression, that coercion. Even without stating that it was mandatory, it’s implicit that denying his request, as would be denying any principal’s request professionally, would be risky.

  16. We get this same kind of shit in Ohio. Of course we do: Half of the people in Florida used to live in Ohio.

    When I first started hearing of this more and more, I really became pessimistic about the direction of our country. However, having spent some time thinking about it, and seeing that atheism is becoming much more vocal, I think we’re simply seeing this sort of bullshit being called out more.

  17. I don’t know if you people realize this, but this country was founded on God! Then you have Left wing lunatics taking God out of every thing, it’s no wonder why this country is in the shape it is in. If some one or some people want to pray in school or otherwise they should have that right, just like muslims have a right to pray! If people don’t like it then don’t pray or leave the room or don’t go to the school function until prayer is over! But to take away a christians right to pray is not fair!! Just think about it, one day we will all have to answer to Jesus! What will we say to him? Sorry Jesus, but I was just trying to be politically correct? I don’t think so!!! I commend Principle Lay and Robert Freeman and I wish that more people had the morals that they do!! Oh yes, by the way, I am a democrat not a republican. So you can’t just blame this on the so called right wingers!!

  18. Sherry

    You’re a freakin’ idiot! Go back to your little book and show me where it says anything about America. There is no god, there was no jesus; if your god did exist, I’d still think he was an asshole.

    • Ok! I would like you to show me any evidenc that he did not exist! You can’t! In fact no one can! That is why it upsets every one who dosen’t believe, because there is no proof that he did not exist! And about the asshole part! You will have a chance to tell him that face to face one day, until then I will pray for you! Some one needs to!

  19. Chappie: But they are open minded. They are so open minded that their mind has fallen out, and ‘god(s)’ has fallen in.

    Jake: Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes an hour away is all it takes to fall outside the area of interest.

    Dan: But if she (or he) doesn’t drag everyone else along for the ride, how will they know how holy she is?

    GA: If I haven’t welcomed you before, welcome to my blog. Many Christians are convinced that if the government is not actively helping the Christians to proselytize, they are being discriminated against.

    Tau: If Faux News tells them they are being persecuted and that they nasty old ACLU will put them in konzentrationlaagers long enough, they start to believe it.

    CL: Not sure how I can make this any more clear: if a public servant (someone hired by the government (which represents (and is paid for by) all Americans)) chooses to use his or her position as a public servant to lead others in a religious ceremony while ‘on the clock’, while in an official capacity, the civil servant is implying, by his or her action, that the government is leading the religious ceremony.

    To put this in a non-religious milieu: I am a federal employee. I am allowed to attend school board, city council, or other local (or state or federal) meetings. I am allowed to participate. I am allowed to engage appointed and elected officials in public meetings. I cannot, however, show up in my uniform and make public comment about the proceedings. Were I to do that, the implication would be that I was speaking as a government official and I would be, most likely, spending two weeks off work without pay. I would be misusing my authority as a federal employee.

    Leading a prayer at a government function is misusing ones authority as a public employee.

    Godless: Agreed. See what I just wrote to CL.

    TDG: Welcome. Yeah, some of Ohio is a Bible-belt transplant. I’m not sure if it is the result of more vocal atheists or just that America is becoming a more secular nation. Either way, it’s the right direction.

    Sherry: Glad you could stop by. No, the United States was founded as a secular nation. Read the Treaty of Tripoli. The part where it says, quite specificallly, that we are not a Christian nation.

    • I think you need to brush up on your history a little better!

      • Sherry: Many of our founding fathers were Christian. Others were deists. Others were, well, its hard to tell. Read the Constitution of the United States of America — the only two places in which religion is mentioned are negative. Separation of church and state, and no religious test for office.

        Poe, right?

  20. All: Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve been getting some really bad nightmares (leftovers from September of ’01). And it has been hot and humid. And, to be honest, seeing CL come here put me off my feed (so to say) — I’ve seen what CL has done elsewhere and, lets face it, would you invite an incontinent puppy into your house?

  21. Sept. 17,1787-The Constitution of The United States was finished- At least 50 out of 55 men who wrote it were christians-11 of the first 13 states required faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible just to hold public office! The Constitution of each of the 50 States acknowledges and calls upon the Providence of God for the blessings of freedom. So, really! Read the Constitution, you might learn something if you do!

    • First: What is your definition of Christian? Do you include Jefferson who created his own Bible by cutting out the stuff that was nonsense?

      Second: If being Christian was so damned important, why did they not write a Constitution which states that America is a Christian Nation? They didn’t. And the writings of many of the framers of the US Constitution noted how strongly they had tried to avoid having a state religion.

      Anyway, I’m glad that you can mindlessly spout the Christian Dominionist claptrap which is forced into the innocent minds of home-schooled and reliously-schooled children. Here’s an idea. Go to a library. Read a general history regarding the founding of our nation. It will be in the history section. Not the religion section.

      I know you won’t, but I suggest it anyway.

      May open mindedness find you. Quickly. ‘Cause, damn!

      Keep in mind that the entire country is not Florida Panhandle evangelical Christian dominionist asshat.

  22. 1st My definition is a person who loves as Jesus loved! And 2nd maybe you should go to the library and read some books out of the history section. If you want you can also read a copy of the Declaration of Independence while you’re at it! Declaration of Independence-“We hold these truths that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world. And for the support of thes Declaration with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.
    When the Declaration was signed Samuel Adams ssid: “We have this day restored the Sovereign to Whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in heaven, and frome toe rising to the setting of the sun, let his kingdom come.” On the same day, Benjamin Franklin suggested that the national motto be: “Rebellion to tyrants is Obedience to God”! So, you can not tell me that this country was not founded on God, because it is just not true!
    Look, I don’t hate any one. I just want my right as a christian to be able to pray when and where I want to. I am not asking you to you are intitled to your beliefs, but let me have mine. That is all I ask.

  23. Sherry

    As is commonly done by the Religious Right, your kneejerk reaction to the mention of god or a creator is that the writer must be Christian. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Deists, specifically, believed that there was a god that created everything but then left us to our own devices. Secondly, there are a lot of other gods that people worship. You, of course, will blindly bumble along thinking that your god/dog is and awesome dog/god.

  24. Look, you are going to believe what you want to believe, I can’t change that. What I can do is pray for you. And if any one needs to be open minded, it is people like you. One day all of us will have to answer to Jesus, I just hope you will have a change of heart before it is too late. Oh! by the way there is only 1 God! You can’t prove the existance of any others no matter how much you try!

  25. Sherry: Keep up the good fight. You do realize that you are commenting on a hate site riht? I have already sent at least three notices to wordpress but its still up and running.

    The hateful owneer of this blog hates God. Hei s afraid of God. He wants to continue sinning with no consequences. He will I am sure start deleteing your comments. Has he deleted any yet? I bet he has. He is so afraid of the Truth that he will censor anyone he disagrees with. Anyone tryig to show him the Truth.

    Librals complain that Christians tell the truth even when thhey are working for our government of by and for the people who are Christian so you are right it is a Christian government. And they get mad when we complain thqt they preach the religion of Darwinism and Evilution as sivil servants paid by us Christians. Do atheists even bother paying taxes? Case after all the rules do not apply to them.

    Good luck. But don’t expect civilitiy, manners, politness or even fair play on this hate site.

    Your in Christ.

  26. Abe,
    So far nothing has been deleted, but thank you for what you said. I know I can’t change any of them, but I think every one has a right to be heard. Thank you & God Bless!!

  27. (((Billy)))

    Not sure how I can make this any more clear: if a public servant (someone hired by the government (which represents (and is paid for by) all Americans)) chooses to use his or her position as a public servant to lead others in a religious ceremony while ‘on the clock’, while in an official capacity, the civil servant is implying, by his or her action, that the government is leading the religious ceremony… Leading a prayer at a government function is misusing ones authority as a public employee.

    I agree, and challenge you to find words of mine that suggest otherwise. I would further note that your wording leaves less room for argument that the ambiguous court order I criticized (at least, what you shared from it). So really, what part of my comment August, 2009 at 2:19 pm do you disagree with?

    ..to be honest, seeing CL come here put me off my feed (so to say) — I’ve seen what CL has done elsewhere and, lets face it, would you invite an incontinent puppy into your house?

    Apparently you’re more partial towards preaching than reasoned discussion, then? If so, what “free” thinking…

  28. If you look of reasoned discussuion you will never find it here. Billy who I think must be aroudn 13 considering the way he deleats comments is an angry God hater. All he wants are people who agree that he is a god and can do whatever he wants. Free thinking means accepting Jesus as your personal savior and surrendering your life to God. Billy is afraid of that.

    CL this is a hate site. Allyou have to do is read what Billy writes. He hates America. He hates Americans. He hates God. He hates the military. He hates the CIA. He hates Jesus. He hates the Bible. He hates and wants to murder babies. he hates children. And I think he hates himself.

  29. Abe,

    I have my own opinions about our host and these fine people, thank you. The most you’ll get out of me is that we are all fallible human beings, “saved” or not, and none of us are entitled to any moral highground over another. This is (((Billy)))’s site and it is his right to do as he pleases, how he pleases. If you ask me, the entire dichotomy of “us vs. them” has no place in the new world because we’re all human, and hate is a strong word that should be used sparingly if at all. I doubt I really have any idea what (((Billy))) or anyone else hates or fears, so I’ll refrain from ascribing motives to anyone.

    • Well, I tend to doubt he hates god. Nothing I’ve ever read here would indicate that. Can’t hate something you don’t believe exists.

      Now, delusional bloggers on the other hand…

  30. Yeah, you’re all a bunch of angry god haters! Yeah, you just hate god!

    Riddle me this Christian. How can you hate something that doesn’t exist?

  31. CL– The us version them dichotomy” started when Eve at of hte forbidden fruit and Satan rebelled. It is us against them. It is believers who have been saved by the love of God against satan worshippers.

    You have not read much of this web site. It is a hate site. Read the hateful things Billy says avout Christians.

    Spanish– There are no atheists. THere are believers who have been saved by the Grace of God throught he sacrifice of Jesus and there are God-haters. God exisits. All of creation is part of God. You are part of God. You know that God exists and choose to pretend He doesnot so you like Billy, can peruse tyour sinful ways.

    Godless– God exists. Look around you and you will see. Accept His will and be happy. Stop hating and accept love.

    This is a hate site. The mocking of real Americans shows the Hate that Billy has for all mankind. Billy, what has life doen to you to make uyou so bitter?

  32. Abe:

    Hate – You keep using that word; I don’t think it means what you think it does. Of course, your confusion is understandable, given that your definition of love is:

    “I love you, and you get to choose whether to love me back or not, but if you choose no, then I shall torment you in the fiery pits of hell for all eternity! Bwahaha! Hugs and kisses…”


    PS. Keep the sex to a minimum. It’s icky. I really should go back to the drawing board on that one. Another flood? No, I promised no more of those…

  33. Look, you have the right to believe what you want to believe. I have no desire to change that. What I can do is have an open minded discussion with you. And if any one needs to be open minded, it is people like you. I believe promoting belief in the christian god causes confusion, hate, and self loathing among our fellow man. I just hope you will have a change of heart before it is too late. Oh! by the way there is no god! You can’t prove the existance of any god no matter how much you try!
    –do you see?

  34. My Comment Above Was Directed to Sherry.

  35. First off, you know when someone can’t find anything clever to say when they repeat what you have to say. 2nd, if being openminded means not believing in Jesus, then I will pass. 3rd, look at the history, even a lot of those who do not believe Jesus is God believe he existed as a man(Prophet). So maybe you should not speak until you know what you are talking about. And about the proof of the existance of God, look around you, there is all kinds of proof that there is a God!
    My comments are directed to Quixotic

  36. Sherry,

    May I respectfully warn against the conflation of evidence and proof? I agree that there is evidence that supports theism all around us; I disagree that there is proof.

  37. I’m probably going to be sorry I asked this, cl, given that I’ve seen you revel in the semantic argument game in other threads, but what evidence is there that supports theism (and which flavor), and how is that different from proof?

  38. Ildi I know what hate means — hate is a denail of God either throuh fear or hatred or wanting to sin without conseqaunces. In other worsd hate is someione who claimws to be an atheist. Just read what has been wroten on this site.

    Interesting that I call out Bily the Hater for bing a hater an he disappears. Scared? Frightened? You should be. God knows that you are a hater and hatred is something thta God is the opposite of. God is love. Billy when you finallly get called on your hatred and persecution of Americans you disappear? Coward. Yellosw. Baby.

    CL: Without proof evidence is nothingness. The only proof in the world that is worth anything is the Holy Bible ond the love of God as expressed through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And the Bible is the onuyl proof needed.

  39. ildi,

    I’ve seen you revel in the semantic argument game in other threads,

    Although supporting evidence for the accusation would be nice so I can look back and see if in fact I have strayed from cold logic, don’t you think the importance of words and what people mean when using them are absolutely crucial in any debate? I do.

    ..what evidence is there that supports theism (and which flavor),

    Well, that puts me in quite the conundrum: on the one hand, I’d honestly love to answer your question. On the other hand, I fear accusations of “derailing” (((Billy)))’s precious little thread. So, if you’d like, suggest a place where it might be “appropriate” to continue, and I’d be happy to.

    ..and how is [evidence] different from proof?

    Generally speaking, proof is a preponderance of evidence.


    If God is love, and you serve God, why don’t I feel love (or at least temperance) in your comments?

  40. Yeah, I called that right, cl. Your conundrum is that all the fun goes out of the game if you actually give a straight answer.

  41. Abe:

    hate is a denail [sic] of God either throuh [sic] fear or hatred or wanting to sin without conseqaunces [sic].

    Not even close, want to try again? (Hint: you don’t want to use the word itself as part of your definition.)

  42. Want to know what hate means? Look it up in the Websters Dictionary(who by the way was a Christian!) There are 2 definitions of hate, and 1 of hatred. I will give the 2nd def. hate-to express or feel extreme enmity-to find distasteful-detest, abhor, abominate, loathe. I think you should look up the other definitions as well.

  43. Sherry that is why this is a hate site. You said it uyourself.

    Yours in Christ,

    cl The love of God comes through His just punishments. Read your Bible. And dont join Billy the Hater in his hate.

  44. Hateful Coward!

  45. ildi,

    Your conundrum is that all the fun goes out of the game if you actually give a straight answer.

    Assume away, “rationalist,” but when you want to aspire to that “..purist when it comes to logic and sweet reason in my personal discussions” you chumped up at chaplain’s this morning, I’ll gladly answer your question.

  46. Assume away, “rationalist,” but when you want to aspire to that “..purist when it comes to logic and sweet reason in my personal discussions” you chumped up at chaplain’s this morning, I’ll gladly answer your question

    Dude, if you want me to play, you have to make a least a little bit of sense…

  47. Well, blockquote fail.

    I’m going dancing.

  48. Dude, if you want me to play, you have to make a least a little bit of sense…

    What, you having trouble following along or something? You asked me a question. I told you it was a good question. I said I didn’t want to go off on a tangent unrelated to this thread so I wouldn’t have to hear anyone complain, and told you if you wanted to pursue it elsewhere, I’d be interested. You responded with an accusation and got snarky. I don’t want you to play, nor do I want to play with you. If and when you want me to address your question, I’m still interested.

    In case the chaplain reference is still unclear, you were over there talking about how you’re such a “..purist when it comes to logic and sweet reason in personal discussions.”

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