Ohio Law Would Take A Woman’s Decision Out of her Hands (and Put it in the Hands of a Rapist)

25 July, 2009

There seems to be a great deal of ammunition showing up on the internet this week regarding the FoFers*.  A law introduced in Ohio would take a women’s reproductive decision completely and totally out of her hands.

From Crooks and Liars.com (via Lifenews.com)

An Ohio lawmaker has re-introduced legislation that would include a father’s rights in the abortion decision-making process. Under Roe v. Wade, fathers are left out of the equation when a woman considers whether or not to have an abortion that would end the life of their child.

He also said the bill provides for criminal penalties for women seeking abortions who do not obtain consent properly.

Rep. John Adams, a Republican from Sidney, wants to change that and the legislation he introduced today, House Bill 252, would require the biological father’s consent before an abortion can be done.

Adams told the Daily Reporter newspaper that abortion centers would “need to get consent from the biological father” before the abortion can proceed and he called the measure a “father’s right bill” to protect the interest of fathers who are given no say in the abortion process.


“There needs to be responsibility for actions,” Adams said. “As someone who is pro-life, this is also an attempt and a hope to keep the two people who have created that child together, and I suppose if you just go back to the simple beginning, there is merit to chastity, and to young men and women waiting until marriage.”

Responsibility.  Well, obviously, if you are a Christian right-wing godbot, women cannot be responsible for their own bodies.  They need a man to give them permission to be adults.

And forcing women to be wombs, not human beings (the Bible says so, after all), is all about making sure that they are chaste (otherwise, they are worthless, spoiled, dirty sluts).  And if they refuse to be chaste, then they should be forced to have the child so that everyone knows just how bad they have been (oddly, the Christian right claims that a child is never a punishment, always a gift from god(s);  yet they tend to use pregnancy as a punishment.  Weird.).

So what happens if the child is the result of a rape?

“Providing a false biological father would be a first-degree misdemeanor the first time, which means not more than six months and jail, and a maximum $1,000 fine,” Adams said. “And on the second occasion, providing false information would be considered a fifth-degree felony.”

Adams told the newspaper that, in cases when the mother does not know the identity of the father, the abortion would be prohibited.

Well, she can’t legally claim another man (a helpful friend?) as the father without breaking the law.  And, if she does not know who the father is, she is forced to have the baby. 

And nowhere in the bill is anything that says that a father who refuses consent has take any financial responsibility for the child.  He can tell the woman to bear his child, but doesn’t have to help with the finances?

And, of course, they want to defund any program which could help young adults and teenagers understand how their bodies work.  Or how to prevent unwanted pregancies.  Because that would just be wrong.

Again, the FoFers are all about power and the power:  the power to punish and the political power. 

*Foes of Fucking



  1. As a very ‘imagine the worst’ type, I’m shocked that when I first heard this I didn’t think of rape cases. Thanks for really punctuating how retarded this proposal is. I just thought it was standard grade retarded. Here it’s ultra supreme retarded.

    Hey, imagine if uncle Joe or better yet, Daddy is the daddy. There, now I’m back to my old self. Whew!

  2. So, would he give permission for one of his mistresses to have an abortion? (I have no knowledge whether he has one (or more) or not, but he is a rightwing GOP godbot, so the odds are good.)

  3. I grew up in Ohio, and I have to say that anything south of Lima Ohio has its own special brand of stupid. This is par for the course. I can only hope that the women living in Ohio see what’s coming.

  4. A congressional representative is supposed to follow the will of his/her constituents. Is this truly the will of the wonderful women of Ohio or just a personal political ploy to further the FOFers march to theocracy? Hopefully cooler heads will prevail in a voice aganst such idiocy.Or then perhaps this poor deluded idiot thinks that the women of Ohio should keep their collective noses out of MANmade laws. So when does your fifteen minutes of fame begin to infringe on others constitutional rights? Rant end of line.

  5. As someone who lives and has lived in Ohio all is life… I simply say sorry for the stupid.

  6. Tau: Of course you also need to keep in mind that about one in three women, nationally, agree whole heartedly with this proposal. And in his district (Southern Ohio, I think), it is most likely well above half. So he very well may be trying to force the narrow-minded zealotry of his constituents down the throats of all Ohioans (Ohioites? Ohioers?). I don’t think this is about fifteen minutes of fame, I think he’s trying to ensure an eternity of basking the in the glow of god(s), waving a palm frond, and singing ‘Alleluia’ over and over and over and over and over and over.

    Adam: No need to apologize. I live in PA. We gave the world Santorum.

  7. Welcome to the Republic of Gilead. To the women down south: we’ll be setting up the underground railroad shortly from up north…

    Well, at least this guy was more honest about his motives than the average pro-forced-birth asswipe.

  8. Eaten: I have to disagree with your statement about his motives. The motive he claims is that by having the child, and having the father involved, couples will stay together, get married, and be unGOPedly faithful for all eternity. I think the actual motive is to punish and shame the sluts who let men use them.

  9. I really hope this doesn’t pass. This idea that men should have some responsibility is a good intention, but this law is quite a naive way of promoting that goal.

    Women must have the final say. Anything else is unacceptable.

  10. Teleprompter: I don’t think it will passs, and I think the idea is to reinforce the base and ensure a GOP victory in a political climate which is leaning away from the conservatives.

  11. But… but Rep. Adams, I like sluts. You obviously don’t. You don’t like any women from what I can tell. You’ve obviously got control and adequacy issues, Representative. Maybe you might want to take some time off from the pressures of legislating your will onto the people and spend some time on a therapist’s couch. But no touching and no tongue, okay?

  12. great blog!!
    your post is very interesting and very good:)

  13. Ric: I would guess that he likes sluts, too. And he wants all the sluts to himself. Basic conservatism — mine is mine, yours is mine.

  14. You make a good point about the “rights of the rapist.” As the father of four daughters as well as being a Christian, I wouldn’t hesitate helping any of them abort a child stemming from a rape.


  15. Jack: Glad you could stop by. The idea of a rapist having a say in whether or not a woman gets an abortion shows the dangers of black/white paradigms. Me? I would support my daughter’s decision. It has nothing to do with religion, though. Just humanity.

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