If You’re Not 100% With Us, You Are Against Us.

23 July, 2009

The aptly nicknamed Foes of Fucking (FoF) (I though that PhillyChief coined that, but it may have been the Grumpy Lion) claim that their goal is to eliminate abortions.  The radical Christian and political right, of course, couch it in family terms:  what about the children?  We have to protect the children! 


These groups, Focus on the Family, the Family Research Institute, Democrats for Life, and others, claim that they are anti-abortion, pro-life, pro-family, pro-child.  What they actually are is anti-woman, anti-sex, anti-choice, anti-education, anti-modern.  The only thing that they are for is power  Power over others and the power to punish any who are different. 

They claim, based upon their beliefs, beliefs based upon a narrow-minded and zealous reading of certain bronze-age myths, that abortion is a sin.  That abortion is destroying America.  That abortion should be illegal.

So why do I also refer to them as anti-woman, anti-sex, anti-choice, anti-education, anti-modernity?  Because they really do not care one iota about abortion.  They want control. They want to force all Americans  — believers, non-believers, Christians, Muslims, Jews, everyone — to follow the same religiously-based rules that they do not follow.  You see, if they were actually against abortion, they would support anything — comprehensive sex education and birth control included — which reduces the need for abortion.  Instead, when a member of Democrats For Life in America comes out in favour of reducing abortions through methods which have proven to be effective, they kick him out. 

Tim Ryan (D) of Ohio was, until recently a member of the national advisory board of the DFLA.  They booted him, though, because he voted for a bill which included:

Prevention: Almost half of all pregnancies are unintended and four-in-ten unintended pregnancies end in abortion. Policies in the bill that help prevent unintended pregnancy include:

  • Grants for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Comprehensive Education (encouraging teens to delay sexual activity and providing age appropriate, factually and medically accurate and complete contraceptive information for teens) 
  • Support for After-School Programs 
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Incentive Grants 
  • Grants to Encourage Creative Approaches to Teen Pregnancy Prevention 
  • A National Initiative to Enlist Parents in Preventing Teen Pregnancy
  • Grants to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy Among Community College Students
  • Restoration of Medicaid Entitlement to Coverage of Family Planning Services
  • Expanded Coverage of Family Planning under Medicaid for Low-Income Women
  • Increased Support for the Nation’s Title X Family Planning Program
  • Grants for Home Visits by Trained Home Visitors for Low-Income Families (to include contraceptive counseling)
  • A Public Awareness Campaign Regarding Resources Available to New Parents

Support: One of the two most common reasons women report having an abortion is that they cannot afford a child. Policies in the bill that support pregnant women who wish to carry their pregnancies to term and assist new families include:

  • Expanded Medicaid and CHIP Coverage of Mothers and Children (including expanded postpartum coverage and increased CHIP income eligibility for children) 
  • Coverage of Maternity Care
  • Improved Access to Prenatal Ultrasounds
  • A Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Women
  • Increased Support for Pregnant and Parenting Students 
  • Grants for a National Information Campaign on Adoption
  • Expanded Adoption Tax Credit Assistance
  • Increased Support for the WIC Program (extending certification periods for children, promoting and supporting breastfeeding, and increasing WIC funding)
  • Expanded Nutritional Support for Low-Income Parents
  • Increased Funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant Program
  • Grants for Home Visits by Trained Home Visitors for Low-Income Families (to include contraceptive counseling)

Many of the programs listed above either reduce the number of abortions or make for healthier mothers and children.  That does not matter.  He is not against contraception, so he’s out.

“We’re working in Congress with groups that agree with preventative options while [the DFLA] is getting left behind,” Ryan said. “I can’t figure out for the life of me how to stop pregnancies without contraception. Don’t be mad at me for wanting to solve the problem.”


Ryan said he tried to convince officials with Democrats For Life of America, which he referred to Monday as a “fringe group,” that the use of contraception is needed as part of any plan to reduce unintended pregnancies but that failed.

Are they are fringe group?  When one considers that among women who have ever had intercourse, 98% have used contraception, I think that qualifies as a fringe position, don’t you? 

The anti-sex zealots want a return to a mythical time when there were no STDs (that time may never have existed), a mythical time when all babies were born in wedlock (that didn’t even happen in Puritan Massachusetts), a mythical time when there was no premarital sex (again, that never happened on a societal level).  They are pushing this anti-woman, anti-sex, anti-choice, anti-education, anti-modern extremist position for  power.  Political power within the GOP.  Power over other people.  Power over women.  Power over children.  Power to punish.  Raw naked power.  And if you are not 100% with them, you are against them.


  1. My take is that they think girls/women should be punished for having sex outside of marriage (or married women who have sex for pleasure rather than for procreation), and the child is that punishment. That’s the true value of children to these folks–a millstone around the neck of these harlots. That’s also why children don’t need health care: they should be as much of a burden as possible, to remind the woman that she had S-E-X at a time or in a manner not approved by the religious right.

    I’d bet that these same hypocrites sure as hell want their mistresses to use birth control!

  2. Jesus was conceived out of wedlock. You’d think that would hold some sway over their opinions. ;-P

  3. Mutzali: The power to judge other people and/or tell others what they can or cannot do. The dream of an authoritarian personality.

    And the mistresses comment? Excellent. Unless they’re Mormon, in which case the mistress is just another wife. Off the books, shall we say.

    Dan: Ah, but no man was involved and she got no pleasure from the holy spirit so that was acceptable.

    • “Ah, but no man was involved and she got no pleasure from the holy spirit so that was acceptable.”

      You’ve been talking to Gawd’s ex-wife again, haven’t you?

  4. Well you see, the whole plan actually is to create a crop of babies for WASPs who the good lord, in his infinite wisdom, has blessed with barren wombs and subpar semen, so you can see why they’d be upset with contraceptives and financial aid to the women to help them keep their babies. They need them fucking and putting their babies up for adoption.

  5. Unfortunately these bozos think
    1. “Leave it to Beaver” was a reality show
    2. You can force women to bear children and they’ll miraculously come up with the $$$ to raise them

    IOW, they’re idiots.

  6. Anything that gives pleasure must be wrong, and removing the “consequense” from such an intense and private pleasure is just terrible to a certain mind set.

  7. Philly: I don’t think the evidence fits your analysis in this case. If your hypotheosis were correct, we would see an attempt to return to 1950s Mississippi, when young black women who got pregnant out of wedlock were ordered sterilized by the courts, or we would see an encouragement of abortion among minorities and overseas. They would also be pro-contraception for the little brown brothers and sisters (intentionally using outdated and racist language to make a point, here) rather than trying to deny access.

    Buffy: 1. You are correct. 2. The state’s interest ends as soon as the child is delivered. If they don’t have the money to support the child, then they are being rightly punished for being sluts. In other words, you are right, they are idiots.

    Sarge: Kinda makes you feel sorry for the wives, y’know? But it also explains the high levels of infidelity among the turbo-Christians.

  8. The FoF types made their agenda pretty clear when they came out in opposition to the HPV vaccine. Their argument was that it would be better for a few women to die from cervical cancer than to take a chance on teenagers having premarital sex.

  9. Nan: Forgot about that. Their view? Punish the sluts. Simple. And simple-minded.

  10. Nice info, useful for my job.. thanks a lot… 🙂

  11. I think the basis for your objection is incorrect, (((Billy))). Infertile WASPs don’t just adopt white babies, they happily adopt the brown and yellow ones, too. In fact, in light of the growing market for imported babies, isn’t it more practical to develop a homegrown market? Sure, a white crop would be more desirable, but demand far exceeds supply so they can’t afford to be picky, thus the strategy is not focused on just white baby production, nor does it want to stop non-white baby production as you suggest.

    Now if you want to consider a sinister agenda, you could consider this also a sort of “final solution”, but rather than actually eliminating the non-whites, it’ll eliminate non-white culture by fostering an environment where poor non-whites can’t sustain themselves and are forced to give up their babies, where WASPs will make them into the “correct” culture. Personally, I find this hypothesis too far fetched, but who knows?

  12. Philly: But they want foreign brown babies (or Asian (the stereotype about good grades)), not American brown babies.

    And with the religious right, I tend to lean toward sinister agendas. They make sense (if you look at them sideways, anyway).

  13. They’d rather have homegrown non-white babies. They’re cheaper. 😉

  14. Philly: Homegrown non-white babies. Sounds like a good name for a screamo band.

  15. Screamo? You damn kids and your made up words. Get off my lawn!

  16. I didn’t make it up. I accidently loaded one of my kid’s songs onto my Zen and the damn thing started screaming at me. I asked them what it was and they told me it was a screamo band.

    Duke Ellington said, “If it sounds good, it is good.” This shit wasn’t.

  17. Wtf is a Zen?

  18. Creative makes an mp3 player called a Zen. I have a block 8 gig Mosaic. Excellent little player, I can use the kid’s iPod files, and I can be different — everybody has an iPod. I like listening to the music of a different drummer on a different player. It’s how I roll.

    • I use a Zen, too. No complaints from me… except that every once in a while you have to reboot it if you let the battery drain too much. Wait a minute. If you use a Zen and I use a Zen, does that mean Zen players are for oldsters?

      I’d turn my nose up at the screamo stuff, too, but I used to descend into the mosh pit in my youth. And I had a Sigue-Sigue Sputnik tape at one time, so maybe it would be a little hypocritical.

      • Hypocritical only because they both suck, but the Screamo crap is way further up on the suck scale. Heavy Metal is pretty sucko today, too. Every singer sounds like he’s deepthroating the mic and saying “ruh ruh RUUUUH”. Christ, and I thought Poison and Warrant were a low water mark.

        You know, I’m becoming the limo driver from Spinal Tap.

      • Now that you mention it, Philly, it’s true that I’ve always imagined you like this:

      • Nah, Postie. It just means we’re the cool ones.

  19. I never saw that clip before. That’s great.

  20. […] ( ( Billy the Atheist ) ) ) asserts that If you’re not 100% with us, you’re against us! So why do I also refer to them as anti-woman, anti-sex, anti-choice, anti-education, […]

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