Skewering Palin with Truth!

19 July, 2009

This Modern World, by Tom Tomorrow, has a fantastic Sarah Palin comic out right now:

Palin Comic Detail

And the really scary thing?  This is not that far off from the reality of about 1 in 5 Americans.

Click on over for the full strip.



  1. I’m really not surprised. This is the result of saying for decades that government is bad, politicians are bad, smartsy types are elitist baddies, and that good ol’ common sense and faith in god is really all you need and the rest will just fall right in place. What better candidate then?

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  3. They need someone inexperienced and erratic – someone whom they presume will be easily manipulated.

  4. My parents are rabid Republicans, and hope that dim wit Palin gets in. I hope she does, so these retards can see she would be the worst President in American history.

  5. Philly: Good take on it. Palin is the ultimate argument that the Republicans are right. Bleah.

    Aristiono: Checked your blog. Substitute God or Jesus for Allah or Muhammed, and you have a Christian site. Either way, Bleah.

    Chappie: Like Bush?

    Robert: But they already had Bush adn most conservatives think that he was the greatest President evah! Bleah.

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