(((Wife)))’s Cycling Joke

16 July, 2009

We have been watching the Tour de France, and enjoying it. 

(((Girl))) asked if there was a women’s version of the Tour.

After a little bit of cross talk, (((Wife))) says, in a grating and sarcastic voice, “I can’t ride today, I’m on my cycle!”

Please note, that joke came from (((Wife))), not me.  Really.   All I did was put it out on the web.  Blame her.



  1. I heard before that the inventor of “the pill” was Catholic, and so he made sure users still got their period every month via the placebo week, cause they still needed to be reminded of original sin. Surprisingly, it’s taken until recently for a couple of companies to put out pills that will either eliminate it altogether or limit them to just a few times a year.

    So I guess blame a Catholic for a lack of a women’s Tour de France. 😉

  2. (((Wife))) has a goo sense of humor.

  3. Make that a good sense of humor. I’m not sure she’d appreciate the “goo” remark.

  4. Philly: I hadn’t heard that about the pill, but it certainly makes sense.

    Chappie: (((Wife))) does not do goo.

    Chappie: Thanks. That makes more sense.

  5. It is true it was a Catholic who developed the first oral contraceptive, but that wasn’t his intention. He was trying to help infertile couples conceive and the goal was to devise a way to regulate menstrual cycles and pinpoint ovulation. The idea was a woman would take the pill for several months, stop, and the miracle of pregnancy would occur shortly after. I think it’s still a technique recommended for women with very irregular cycles.

    It didn’t take long for the pharmaceutical company to realize, though, that for every woman who really, really wanted a baby there were a whole lot more who did not, so they switched to marketing it as a contraceptive. Marsh and Ronner give a pretty good capsule history of the pill in The Empty Cradle: Infertility in America from Colonial Times to the Present. (I retain this bit of trivia because it’s one of the better books in history of medicine that I’ve read in recent years.)

  6. For what it’s worth, there is a woman’s version
    Search for it’s proper name which is Grand Boucle Feminine

  7. Nan: Sex sells, right?

    Newbie: Thanks. Took a look at it. Seems (from the distances on each stage) to be more of a strength race and less of an endurance race. Either way, those athletes (male and female) are amazing.l

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