Sarah Palin and America’s Over-Worked Mental Health Professionals

14 July, 2009

I remember some odd dinner time conversations when my Mom was going to college.  She took lots of psych courses (undergrad and graduate school) and the subject of sanity came up at least once a week or so (not sure why that subject would come up;  after all, I was at the table).  She said, repeatedly, that mental health, specifically abnormal mental health, is really hard to diagnose.  The various mental illnesses are referred to as spectrums because almost no one ever exhibits all, or even a majority, of the various symptoms.

Now, thanks to right wing whackaloon politics, we have a reasonably accurate gauge of sanity.  Or lack thereof.  CBSran a poll asking “Does [Sarah} Palin have ability to be President?”

If Sarah Palin is resigning her position as Alaska’s Governor to run for president, she faces doubts – even from Republicans – about her ability to be an effective one, according to a new CBS News poll.

Less than one in four Americans, 22 percent in particular, say she does have the ability to be an effective president. Only 33 percent of Republicans say she does.

Yes, folks, more than one out of five Americans think that Sarah Palin has the ability to be President.  Next time you’re driving in heavy traffic, cursing the morons who lean on their horns in stopped traffic, bemoaning the lack of investment either America’s infrastructure or alternate forms of transportation, do a quick count.  One out of five (national average, of course;  in Alabama, Oklahoma, Utah, or other strongly red state, the number will be higher) of those people driving two tons of lethal steel think that she could be President.

Sarah Palin attended four mid-level colleges and her professors could not recall her as a student.  She lies constantly (Russian and her backyard, the Bridge to Nowhere, and the polar bears are a good starting point).  She cannot write (witness her ‘I quit’ speech).  She has accused a majority of Americans of not being real Americans.  She has had enough ethical lapses to disqualify her from being night-shift dog catcher in Wasilla.  And on and on and on.

It strikes me that anyone who realistically thinks that soon-to-be-ex-governor Palin really could handle, on any level, the office of President of the United States of America has rather severe issues with reality.  Now this is not to say that every single person who thinks she would be a good President is, by definition, insane (and, conversely, there are probably some insane people who do not like Palin for President).  It does strike me, though, that America’s over-worked mental health professionals may want to add one more question to their initial assessment.

Just saying.

And for even more shits and giggles, take a look at the comments on the CBS page.  Many of them border on hagiographic in their love for Palin.  Scary.



  1. this is the country that had Dr. Bush for 8 years…

  2. I find that the number of people who believe this woman is capable of being president is one of the scariest political facts in the country today. The scariest part is that the people would have to be even stupider than she is to be able to believe that in the first place. That’s a hell of a lot of stupid people.

  3. German Sausage: Thanks for stopping by. One theory I have reagarding Palin’s popularity with the GOP is that, after a dose of her as President, W. Bush would no longer be the most incompetent President.

    Frank: I’m not sure if it is stupidity, ignorance, religious fanaticism, radical conservatism, or insanity. Or various combinations of all. It can’t be a love of incompetent quitters, can it?

  4. She’s gonna start her own party since the two we have now are controlled by liberals. Yes, she apparently thinks liberals control the Republican party.

    • Ha! Liberals don’t even control the liberal wing of the democratic party.

  5. Philly: And part of me is saying, please, please oh pretty please. Then again, if she sees the current GOP as too liberal, how many Americans could she possibly siphon off into a new hyper-conservative party?

    Oh. We know the answer – about 22%.

    Postie: The current Democratic Party is a center-right party (at least to the rest of the world). Even Al Franken is a center-left politician. Weird.

  6. That comments page may have given you shits and giggles, (((Billy))) – all it gave me was a headache. Too much stupid hurts.

  7. Chappie: I’m emailing you a couple two t’ree ty’nols, hayna?

  8. (((Billy))) – what am I supposed to do, snort them through the speakers?

  9. No, download them onto a 5 1/4 inch floppy, run it through a blender, and then imbibe.

  10. You are damn funny!

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