God Probably Does Not Exist

8 July, 2009

God probably does not exist.  And here is some very strong supporting evidence:    Click Here to see the evidence!


Yes, I just Rick Rolled you.  Sorry.  It was (((Girl)))’s idea.



  1. Thanks to WordPress Snapshot, rickroll avoided. 😉

  2. Damn!


    Kudos to (((Girl))). 😉

  4. I would say that hes proof that Satan exists at the least. Some music glorifies God, some music glorifies the egomaniac and some music glorifies Satan. All rock and roll and all jazz glorifies sex, satan and sin.

    • Ah, the Three S’s. That’s the problem with America today. Kids don’t get the basics in school anymore.

    • Actually kids do get the basics in school — how to have sex starting in kindergarten — thats from Obama the one you worship, how to have abortions and how to hate God and love evolution. At least that is the public school curicu-dumb. If I ever have kids they will go to my local Bible school. And if the boys go to college they will go a real school — a Bible college — so they can study what is important to being human which is God and Jesus and the Bible.

    • Hear, hear! A well-reasoned argument that the filthy ath*ist lefties can’t fight! I can’t walk down the street without seeing kindergarteners bumping tiny little uglies right there on the playground.
      And it’s not just Ob*ma, 9THE ANTI-Christ!!1! It’s Hollywood, too! making movies like “Dr. Trimester or: How I Learned to Stop Creationism and Hate GOD”!
      And you’re right about how to keep your kids safe! The only sane thing to do is to put them into the hands of responsible members of The CHURCH – like priests, for instance. And Bible College, where they can study hard and learn the answers to Life, The Universe & Everything… God Did It!
      By the way, that was a devastating witticism you unleashed on those UNbelievers! “Curicu-dumb”! I bet they don’t have anything to say to that!

    • Oh, “rational christian”, don’t you realize those two words in conjunction are an oxymoron? Oh, you don’t? You’re like my parents, and insist there can be both? Well, I tell you this! There Can Be Only One! 😉

    • If I ever have kids they will go to my local Bible school.

      LOL! I did that! For about 13 years! And look what good it did….oh, wait, now…I do science, and make a small, meager attempt to “cure cancer”. I want to do this ONLY because I am a devote atheist….thanks to years and years of sunday school!

    • In case you missed it, “Rational Christian” is only saying his BOYS will go to Bible college. (‘Cuz, you know the only degree a GIRL needs is an MRS, right?)

    • ’Cuz, you know the only degree a GIRL needs is an MRS, right?

      awww, crap, i googled “MRS” before I THOUGHT about it…. 😛

    • You really cant handle the truth, can you? Whether it is the persectution of Christians, the pro-sex pro-abortion pro-evolution anti-God attitude of the current government or public schools, you just put yhour fingers in your ears and say nah, nah, nah I cant hear you until one day you wak up in hell and realize that the Bible is the only Book of Truth on the earth and that your failure to accept the love of God into your hardened hearts has dammed you to hell for eternity. I feel truly sorry for you, but not as sorry as you will feel when you finally learn the Truth which is written in the Bible which was written by God and is the Truth, the Way and the Light.

      You cant handle the truth!

    • your failure to accept the love of God into your hardened hearts has dammed you to hell for eternity

      If your god did exist, I would rather go to hell than spend an eternity with a deity that would conceive of a hell in the first place.

    • Postie: I never had three of anything in high school. Hmmm.

      RC: How many scientific, medical, or philosophical discoveries have ever come out of anything called a ‘Bible college’? That’s as much an oxymoron as military intelligence or your moniker.

      Postie: In the upper reaches of the Saar River in Germany is goes through a narrow gorge: it’s called the Saar Chasm. Methinks you done been there.

      Antistokes: Oxymorons are good. That’s how they breathe. And another believer driven to rationality by the love of an imaginary psychopath? Cool.

      Mutzali: Don’t need a degree to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

      Antistokes: And I got Mrs. T’s Peirogis. A local, um, gourmet item round here.

      RC: Are you now channelling Jack Nicholson? If so, give it up. Nobody does it better.

      Antistokes: I’ve always marvelled at the whole “Love me or you will burn in hell forever but you have free will” bit. Seems like an abusive boyfreind.

    • “you just put yhour fingers in your ears and say nah, nah, nah I cant hear you until one day you wak up in hell”

      I fell asleep last night, fingers in my ears and saying “nah, nah, nah”, as usual, and when I woke up this morning – Pow! There I was in Hell™! On the positive side, there were no “Rational Christians” there.

  5. Damn. Not only did I get Rick Rolled, but I also lost THE GAME. Shit.

  6. Dan: You even sound like (((Girl))).

    Lurker: (((Boy))) curses you.

  7. If Christians ever do get persecuted in the US, it’ll be thanks to folk like RC.

    I was in Target once and this kid was running around yammering, grabbing things and just being a fucking terror. Everyone was looking at each other wondering where’s the parent of this hellion? Then suddenly the mom appeared, grabbed the kid and smacked it harder than I’ve seen anyone smacked in a long time. I think everyone had the same thought, “man that’s just wrong, but…”

    • Christians are live and let live peple. We undestand that there are differing ideas about the world. We also understrand that there is only one real Truth of God as revealed through the Bible and throgh the life, teachings, trial, crucifixion and ressurection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We know that we cannot help everyone find their way to God so we are suprememly toleratn of different ideas about the world. Christians have never persecuted non-believers except for the cases where the non-believers threatened the peace of the world. Christians do not try to fite against atheists and other satan worshippers because we know that your idiocy and intolrance just drives people to our Lord and Savior and into the arms of Salvation. It is only very recently since the new atheists who profess hatred for the world and for their fellow man switched from just not believing to trying to tear down the entire Jedeo-Christian foundation of the Western WOrld that Christians have been forced to fight back.

      The child you talk about sounds like a perfect example of the hateful ditribes and hate speech in books and movies and politis and on the blog by atheists trying to descrate and eliminate all Christians form any partaking of life in the Christian United States of America. You have brought upon yourselves the wrath of God who is to a man as a parent is to a child. God must punish those who willfully misbehave much as a parent much chastise a child. Atheists are acting like spoiled children who mus t be taken to task with the rod of righteosness.

      I tired for weeks to in a civil and rational way point out the error of your ways in this hate site. I see now that because Billy the Idiot wont police and control his site that I will continue to be shouted down with hate speech and silenced much like Christians all over the world and here in the United States are being persecuted.

      I do have good news though. My wife is pregnant and in about 7 months I will have a son or daughter to raise according to the Bible and the Constitution. I hope to have many children so htat my children and the children of other real Americans can take America back from the atheists.

      God Bless You. I hope that you accept the freely given love of God. Peace.

  8. Elephants are made of cheese, and when you pull on their trunks, crackers come out, so that you can spread their cheesy goodness on them and eat them. When people aren’t looking, they run with gazelles.

    It really is kinda fun just writing nonsense as facts.

    Sorry to hear about your future kid, RC. Let me guess, it’ll be home schooled?

    • No. There is an excellent Christian Bible school nearby run by my church. They provide an excellnt grouding in the essentioals of living a good life,, including not epersecuting people becuasae they are Christian.

      You keep saying my facts are nonsense but you never reffute them. Why? Becuase you know that I am immersed in Truth.

  9. You don’t refute mine, either. Here’s another fact – trees in Rochester, NY can scat. That’s where Cab Calloway developed his musical style, from sitting alone under trees in Rochester.

  10. RC–I’m just curious. How do you reconcile your statement that Christians “are suprememly toleratn of different ideas” with your subsequent comments about athiests and “your idiocy” and calling our gracious host “Billy the Idiot”?

    It’s confusing like the “freely given love of God”. Is that the same god as in “the wrath of God” and “God must punish those who willfully misbehave” and the one who wil have us “dammed to hell for all eternity”? Wow, I’m glad it’s free,because I wouldn’t want to have to pay for that kind of “love”.

    • I paid for that kind of love once, in Nevada. It’s over-rated.

  11. Philly: You realize that if you keep replying, he may follow you home? Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

    RC: All I can say is, no matter how often, and how many ways, you claim that the sky is plaid, it ain’t. Really.

    And I already feel sorry for the emotional and intellectual abuse your child will suffer.

    Mutzali: You expect consistency? You expect no contradictions? You expect a lot. I agree, though. The whole ‘love me of your own free will or I will punish you’ is just bizarre on many levels.

  12. (((billy))), and RC, I’ve been hesitant to weigh in here, but I think I have to.
    I have not found this site to be a “hate site”, and I oppose that label. There is no doubt that the regulars here think differently than I do, and that we both think the differences are important. You guys don’t exactly downplay your opinions.
    But I have found that rational, respectful discourse gets met with rational, respectful discourse, and I have profited from it; if only by helping me to be more clear in my own mind what I believe and why.

    I dislike disagreeing with a brother Christian, especially on an atheist site, but in any group, no matter how much they have the right answers, half the people are in the bottom 50%.
    One of the reasons I dislike the type of schools RC likes is that with limited exposure to other ideas, the ability to think and to disagree is stifled.

    On another topic, I agree that “love me, or I will beat the crap out of you forever” is a pretty poor picture of a good god. I rather like “accept the truth, or live forever cut off from the truth” I flesh that out a bit more over at my site, various articles about hell and damnation, fire-breathing fundi that I am. Some here may find them amusing.

    -R. Eric Sawyer

    • I rather like “accept the truth, or live forever cut off from the truth”

      What, you mean like, “Hell Is the Absence of God” by Ted Chiang? A good short story about the topic.

      And also, correct me in i’m wrong here Mr. Fundie :), but isn’t there something in the Revelation about ‘So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth’? It’s either true, or it’s not true, dude. According to your book, ya gotta pick one.

      On the evolution/earth age front, my dad would always retreat the the old line ‘god does not see time as humans do’….

    • Well, I don’t know anything about Mr. Chiang, and I hate to agree with someone I haven’t read, but something like that. But the nuance I was aiming for has to do with a definition of God as “that which is” or, quoting from “the Book,” “I am that I am.”
      I assume union with such an entity would imply union with all that is true, and rejection of all that is not true. “All that is true” would include things like who I really am (as contrasted with who I pretend that I am, or who I have convinced myself that I am) what have been the consequence of my actions or absence of actions, who God is, and what, if anything, He did to bring me to this place. I’m not positing a final exam, with a perfect score required for graduation. I rather see it as a situation where no pretence is possible, all is known (or knowable), all that is required of me is acceptance that the truth is the truth, it is what it is. That will be a tough pill for some to swallow, especially for those with strong opinions. It may be tough for me. But the truth is what it is.
      If there is any afterlife, any union with that which may reasonably be called “God”, then I think at a minimum, this acceptance of truth is the issue. Refuse truth even in this life, and one grows more and more into unreality. Obviously, many folks here think that I have made such a refusal, and thereby support my own argument. I of course think the same of atheists.

      As to the quote in the Revelation, I see you’ve been reading my mail. Your quote is quite right (2nd or 3rd chapter if I remember. I’ll let you look it up –it may do some good)
      I’m not sure the point you intended, but I read that as it’s no use trying to have it both ways, trying to hedge your bets. The application I see to that is that God can deal with outright rejection. Someone, say, someone here, who based on everything he has seen and heard just can’t accept the idea of God out of intellectually honesty, is someone who God can deal with. Honest error (whether by you or me) can be fixed. What can’t be fixed is the person who pretends to be one thing while he is actually something else. It’s like trying to sculpt water.

      Your last note, about God and time is one way to resolve the issues, I don’t find it particularly satisfying; but then a lot of folks aren’t impressed by my suppositions, either.

      And yes, I know that all this is predicated on certain preconditions that many folks here reject. But I can’t elaborate on the points without assuming them. No sense sticking forever and ever on the first point about “Does God exist?”

      R. Eric Sawyer

    • quoting from “the Book,” “I am that I am.”

      Not only are you quoting the Book, you are also quoting Popeye. Good on ya! I would highly suggest checking out the Chiang short story, I think he was raised Catholic, and weaves this into his narrative.

      “All that is true” would include things like who I really am (as contrasted with who I pretend that I am, or who I have convinced myself that I am) what have been the consequence of my actions or absence of actions, who God is, and what, if anything, He did to bring me to this place.

      I am the product of millions of years of evolution, in a universe that exists through pure, random, unadorned chance. I feel blessed, and to a certain degree lucky, to be here at all. Who I am is my parents, and my parent’s parents, and their parents— generations of breeding under the pressures of natural selection combined with my unique environment. I require no god to tell me I am special, and extremely lucky. I know that just from taking intro bio in college.

      The idea of an afterlife cheapens and degrades the life we’re living now, which is a wondrous, beautiful (also pretty disgusting and at times horrible) process. In the words of Sir Terry, ‘everywhere I look I see something holy’. (Heh, define holy!) And, as has been stated before on this blog, I’d rather go to hell as a political statement than bow to a god that would have a hell in the first place. The bible is pretty clear that hell is *not* a nice place!

      Your quote is quite right (2nd or 3rd chapter if I remember. I’ll let you look it up –it may do some good)

      Yes, this is what roughly 13 years of sunday school got me, the ability to recall versus from the Revelation. That and John 3:16. Oh, and the beatitudes. And the general impression that Jesus was a freakin’ hippy 🙂 (not necessarily a bad thing). This Revelation quote in particular was what pushed me over the edge into pure atheism— I’m against him! Not lukewarm, I have convictions. I kicked Jesus out of my heart (literally, I had a whole thing were I cut myself up in the sunday school room) and decided to take my life into my own hands. I need no god to be responsible for my actions, just other humans around me to judge said actions.

  13. I fyou dont recognize theis as a hate site there is no way you could possibley be a Christian.

    And everyone limites children’s exposure to ideas. Girls should not know about sex until they are married — my wife didn’t and we are happy for over two years now. Children should be sheilded form evil ideas. the list is endless. Public schools deny the Bible, God, Jesus, miracles, creation, the entire universe and try to stop kids from knowing hte Truth. Bible schools and colleges do not limit knowledge. They open the mind to the infinity of God’s love and creation.

    I come here with the love of God and am abused by the owner of this hateful denialist blog and by some of the poeple who comment. You are not fair.

    Good bye. God blesses you even if you do not realize it. Accept the love of God as expressed through the sacrifice of his only Son Jesus. Live with God. Go with God. Be one with God.


    • In all seriousness, if you’re not Poe, (and your comments are so crazy, it’s hard to believe they’re not), then you truly could use some form of psychological counseling.
      I mean, I’m used to your ignorant, badly-spelled diatribes against atheists, but Mr. Sawyer is, (nominally, and I don’t mean any slur towards him by this), on your side. Because he seems to advocate the better bits of christianity and isn’t obviously a raving lunatic, you say he can’t possibly be a christian? Phrew! Your mind must be a tangled up mess of 3-D Snakes and Ladders.

    • RC, I think it very strange that you would judge my relationship with God on whether I agree with you concerning the presence of absence of hate in another person. I thought I probably agreed with you about most of the important things, but perhaps we have different definitions of what it means to be a “Christian”

      I think this conversation would be best served by continuing in a different venue, as it is a family disagreement. I would welcome you to continue by making a response over at my site, on the “about random musings” page. I think we have some things to discuss that need to be just among Christians.

      R. Eric Sawyer

  14. Oh no! If RC really means, “Goodbye,” I’m not gonna be able to come over here for any more fundie shits and giggles! That’s a tragic loss of cheap entertainment.

  15. […] July 11, 2009 by R. Eric Sawyer Over at a blog entitled (((Billy the Atheist))) […]

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