Another Home Schooling Success Story

26 June, 2009

The North Georgia Falcons, a home-school football team, have this sign on the football field fence:


No, it ain’t photoshopped.  I spotted it at freethoughtfortwayne.org (it was also covered by the great PZed).

Note that God trumps family, family trumps acedemics, and acedemics trump atheletics.  Note the sign is signed by the coach.  I wonder what their record is?

I wonder if there is an exception for spellcheck?



  1. Acedemics. As opposed to Academics? You is smarter for gradumecating teh public skoolz.

  2. Homeskoolin werked fer me!

  3. How about atheletics as opposed to athletics?

  4. Hanna: Welcome. Yeah, and I use spellcheck.

    Buffy: Methinks the coach was homeskuled, too. Didn’t the sign company check the spelling? Or did the coach just say, ‘do it my way!’?

    Aerie: Welcome. Yeah, you’d think the coach would at least know how to spell that, right?

  5. Last time I checked Georgia’s abbreviation was “GA” not Ga.

    I dropped out in the 9th grade!

  6. Zedman: Welcome to my blog. Damn. Missed that one. Thanks.

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  9. “Be the hammer not the nail”? Which part of the Sermon on the Mount was that from?

  10. MO: Personally, I’d rather be the nail. Get hit a couple of times, then slowly rust in the wood. The hammer just keeps getting beaten.

    I also have to wonder how that fits in with the crucifiction?

  11. Ow!

  12. Why does the “Pie are round/cornbread are square” joke come to mind when I read that post?

  13. Makes more sense than the sign, neh?

  14. For fundogelicals, God trumps everything and everyone. That’s why they’re so fucking scary when they get their dander up about something.

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