Deja Vu All Over Again

24 June, 2009

This story has gotten old.  An asshat who has declared that gays enjoying the same rights as other humans will destroy the sanctity of marriage.  An asshat who has played the morality card multiple times.  An asshat who wants to turn down most of the stimulus money heading for his state to make political points in the hopes of being the GOP candidate in 2012.  An asshat who then gets caught with his pants down.  No, not McCain.  No, not Gingrich, either.  No, not Ensign.  Not Foley.  Damn, there have been a lot of them. 

I’ll narrow it down.  He told his wife, aides and security detail that he was going hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  Then he went to Venezuela to drive along the seashore.  Sorry, to meet his mistress.  He admitted it today.

And, of course, Faux News was all over it (from Crooks & Liars):


Note down at the bottom.  I’m sure it is an oversight.  Just like when they labeled John McCain as a Democrat, Arlen Spector as a Democrat (when he was still a Republican!) and Mark Foley as a Democrat.  Just to be fair, they also listed a Democratic strategist as Bush’s head of FEMA, which is understandable as his name happened to be Michael Brown, and Brown is such an unusual name.  They also announced Rep. William Jefferson’s indictment using footage of Congressman John Conyers.   So I guess this is par for the course.

We all know, though, who is really to blame:  Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont.  They allowed those gays to get married.  Which is destroying the sanctity of marriage.  Which is why Gingrich Ensign Reagan McCain  Sanford hooked up with his Argentine mistress about eight years ago.

It’s okay, though.  He’s a Christian so he’ll be forgiven.



  1. He’s already asked his followers to forgive him for breaking one of God’s laws.

    Being an outspoken religious person makes it so easy to become a hypocrite (as I discussed today).

  2. And obviously no God hater has ever had an affair, cheated, lied, had an affair, or ever made a mistake right? Because our laws adn morals come from God. Atheists get to make up whatever they want and call that law or moralty.

    I notice you don’t mention any of hte Clintons who have all had affairs, or John Edwards who cheated on his wife when she was sick, or Ted Kennedy, or Al Gore, or Feinstien, or Gulianni, or Jack Kennedy, or FDR, or any of the hundreds and thousands of Democrat elected officers who cheated while in office and nobody cared when they got caugth. Thanks for being even handed.

    Must be nice to make up your wown rules whenever you want about whatever you want.

  3. hundreds of thousands? lmao thats rich. must be nice to spend taxpayer money to go bang a woman in argentina

  4. Oz: Isn’t it odd how quick some right wing conservatives are to ask forgiveness when they remember any slight to them for decades?

    Ascot7: Giulianni is not a Democrat. Never has been. And who did . . . What the hell am I doing? The sky is not plaid!

    Obdurate: And he tried to turn down money for children and the unemployed in South Carolina. Hmmm.

  5. My daughter-in-law is a woman of color, and she tells me that she kind of enjoys watching that sort of thing.

    If they try to trot out The Myth of White Supremacy, guys like him make it a pretty hard sell.

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