Persecuted Christians?

17 June, 2009

Back in April, I asked Christians to make up their collective minds.  Either they are the majority who gets to run roughshod over any and all with whom they disagree, or they are the poor oppressed minority forced to pray in secret and oppressed by the courts and the ACLU.  Pat Boone (former mediocre actor, singer and porn star (okay, I made last one up) and currently columnist at World Net Nut Daily) has decided that Christians will soon be fed to the lions (I spotted this courtesy Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars (so blame him if you follow the link and lose brain cells)).

Can you believe it? In “the land of the free, the home of the brave,” the one country in human history whose original purpose was to create and preserve absolute religious freedom for all? The nation whose foundational documents, its Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and its subsequent Bill of Rights, specifically guaranteed that government would absolutely keep its grubby hands off its citizens’ freedom to exercise their faith however, whenever and wherever they choose?

Bullshit.  The constitution protects the rights of minorities, not the perceived prerogatives of the majority.  When it comes to religion, the government can not force others to conform to a government religion.   Maybe it’ll get better.

Our new president, his administration, a Congress and much of the judiciary ruled by ultra-liberal, “progressive” and humanistic men and women, egged on and abetted by the ACLU, are actively making plans and devising bills that will force Christians to either obey the new laws, or be fined, jailed – or who knows? Perhaps physically punished, imprisoned, or worse.You think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

Yes, I do think you are exaggerating and lying:

We’ve already surrendered the freedom for our children to pray voluntarily at school.

Children are allowed to (in the words of Mr. Brayton (I couldn’t say this better))

pray every single day in school, separately and in groups, spontaneously and in organized events sponsored by Bible clubs and prayer groups. Their right to do so is legally protected. But praying voluntarily does not include the right to make other kids involuntarily take part or sit through your prayers.

Back to Boone:

Teachers have been fired and students expelled for mentioning God in the classroom or praying before a game. Judges have been removed from the bench because they portrayed the Ten Commandments in the courtroom or in front of the courthouse.

Wrong.  Teachers have been fired because the used their government position to impose their religious beliefs on others in the course of his or her job.  Boone, you fucking idiot.  THAT is what is meant by the Constitutional separation of church and state.

While school boards and the NEA are falling all over themselves to teach grade school kids about sex, make condoms available to teens and mandate courses that validate homosexuality – all the while seeking to assure that nobody mentions Jesus or God – these same powerful folks make accommodations for Muslim students, providing prayer rooms and “time outs” so they can practice their religion! More and more schools, bowing to pressure, are adding courses for American Christian kids to “learn more about Islam.”

Guess what, Mr. Boone:  the religion-based abstinence only sex education does not work.  It does not reduce the rate of sexual activity, but it does increase pregnancy and STD rates.  And as for the non-sequitur regarding Muslim students, are you taking the position that it is  perfectly alright for Christian students to pray in school (not mandated or led by the school itself) but not others?

The bottom line: Like it or not, believe it or not, the end times seem to be drawing near. And unless we Christians exercise our freedoms and our faith, collectively, unapologetically and openly, we will most certainly be facing different, though still savage and deadly, lions.

No.  The bottom line:  Like it or not, believe it or not, the rest of America is no longer willing kowtow to the radical Christian right.  And since we are not willing to give people like Boone every single damned thing that they want, it means that Christians are being persecuted.

It reminds me of a kid with whom I was in Boy Scouts.  In a board game, baseball game, football game, if he didn’t get his way, he took the game or ball (on at least one occasion the football didn’t belong to him) and went home.

Christians are not persecuted.  They are spoiled brats.



  1. Yeah, I read this piece of shit the other day.

    My thoughts on Pat Boone? I think he has made a carreer grom mediocre-izing some fine music. He started off by robbing really good black artists in the sixties( Fats Dominoe, Little Richard), then continued up until his “In a Metal Mood” thing a few years ago(corroded metal?).

    Point being, Boone is so far below my respect horizon, I really can’t add anything constructive here but to say he’s a Douche-bag.


  2. I meant fifties, sorry

  3. Didn’t Pat Boone have a brother named Bab?

    I had a discussion with one of the more militant christians I know along these lines a wnile ago, and he didn’t seem to understand a thing I said. Just blared slogans.

    They can’t seem to understand that most of us recognise that our ‘freedom from’ is firmly entwined with their ‘freedom of’ and loss of one is really the loss of the other.

    I haven’t seen any picket lines or protests outside of any churches no matter what shennanigans their leaders or congregations get up to. All the OP-ED letters are in favor of forced religion of some kind, or at least demand some kow-towing to religion as a superior cultural symptom.

    “But look at all the churches they’re closing”! he brayed.

    Apparently, it is “The Atheists” causing these churches to close. Couldn’t tell the man that maybe it was just people not willing to buy what they’re selling, that people have better things to do with their time.

    I have noticed that a lot of the smaller case store front outfits seem to be poaching a lot of the mainstream younger folks that are inclined that way.

    Remember that time that a petition was circulated to keep “Touched By An Angel” on the air? “The Atheists” were supposed to have demanded that it be taken off the air. Couldn’t talk sense to anyone, what the hell did I or any other non theist care about the mind candy that people wanted to indulge themselves with? But, no, someone they never heard of said so to someone they did know so it must be true.

  4. Sorry I’m so late, (((Billy))). I was busy whipping my Christians. Boy, what a handful. It’s a good thing we’ve made it illegal to pray and congregate and such. Otherwise, they’d take the place over. Give ’em rights and the next thing you know, one of ’em would be president.
    You may laugh, but believe me, it could happen if we don’t keep them down, segregated and 2nd class.

  5. I see you are still peddling your antiAmerican anti Christian. You claim that Christians are nto persecuted against and you are wrong. Over 3,000 teachers have lost their jobs in the last three years becaue they are Christians some of them for something as minor as wearing a Christian symbol as jewelry. More than 10,000 Christian pharmacists have been forced out of their jobs becaue their faith does not allow them to give people abortion drugs like the pill. More than 2,500 doctors have een forced out of medicine practice becaue thaey will not kill babies. The congress and nonpresident Hussein Obama will make most of the Bible illegal with the ‘hat crime’ bill. Christian students are beaten in school because of their faith. Last year, almost 150,000 Christians were martyred for their faith, chiefly in other countries, but some here in America.

    Christians are being persecuted by false Christians, pagans, and especially Islams.

    • See here, Ascot7, your statements are misleading at best, but most often simply wrong…

      Wait a minute. Oh, you sneaky bastard! You almost had me, again! That’s good Poe. Who is this, really? Is this Christopher Hitchens? Oh, man. You’ve got a wicked sense of humor.

    • And that “‘hat crime’ bill” comment. That was sheer genius. You sounded just like a real fundamentalist nutjob. Kudos, my friend. You are a true artiste.

    • Ascot, you’re a flat out liar. And stupid. Really, you are. You believe some of the dumbest crap. It’s just amazing that you can go on living with so little brain matter.

    • NO, I am not a poe I did look it up and don’t quite understand the point. Anyone wiht a brain can tell the difference. of Course, bureaocrats dont have brains, so I understand a postmans problem.

      And not one of you have bother to refute the facts. Rational Americans give atheists the facts and the atheists attack the messenger every single time. You cannot prove I am a liar as I am not a liar. the facts of the continued persecution of God’s followers is well documented and continues unabated.

    • You haven’t presented any facts. All you’ve done is spew some Christian propaganda that someone spoon-fed you. You gave it no critical examination, no thought, you just regurgitated it like a mewling infant. You’ll believe anything anyone who claims to be a Christian tells you. Your brain doesn’t function, hat head. You apparently haven’t used it since you were an infant trying to convince your mother to feed you. Damn, but you’re pathetic. You come to an atheist site and try to peddle bullshit and then whine that we don’t understand you.

      Guess what? We understand you very well. And I have a hell of a lot less patience with idiots like you than a lot of the other people who hang out here.

      You have no facts and you are the farthest thing from a rational American imaginable. Hell, you’re as far from rational as a person can be and still function in the world. In fact you appear not to have a clue about what being an American is about.

      And don’t whine when your crap gets thrown back in your face. It’s unbecoming. It’s embarrassing. It’s sad to watch.

      The only legitimate question arising from your mewling is whether a person as ignorant as you can possibly be lying. You’d have to actually know something factual and evidential in order to lie about it. You don’t appear to know anything.

      Damn, I should’ve stayed in bed today. Everything’s pissing me off.

    • Ric: Congratulations on what may be the best tirade ever to show up on my blog. I am truly impressed and stand in awe. You are, truly, the master. I am but a lowly grasshopper.

      (((Wife))) hereby dubs thee, “Froth King.”

      And ’tis better to be pissed off than pissed on. And pissing off does not work well in bed, so I’m glad you got out of bed.

    • I’d like to amend that to ‘Froth King of The Lions’. My kind thanks to (((Wife))) for her thoughtfulness and unerring accuracy in naming things.

      And the fact that you recognized the magnificence of my tirade demonstrates conclusively that you no longer need consider yourself a ‘lowly’ Grasshopper, but a true and pure Grasshopper. Perhaps one day you can prove yourself truly worthy and advance to the status of Cricket.

    • Ric,
      You make some excellent points. However, I think you missed one small thing. The poor, downtrodden ascot7 seems to simply be trying to piss someone off. Look at the couple of tacky comments he made about postal workers because he assumed I actually was one.
      Or I guess he could really have some kind of issue with mailmen. Perhaps one scared him as a baby. Maybe his unemployment check was delivered late this week. Or he’s overcompensating for a sexual attraction to men in knee-shorts. Who can say?

    • Postman,

      I suspect a rabid mailman bit him to shut him up during one his nonsense rants.

    • “You haven’t presented any facts.” Those aer all facts. Every oone of them is in print and cannot be refutted. They are the reality of the trash that is running Amarica. Th econtinued persecution is horrifying in God’s eye and in the eye of real Americans. None of you are real Americans. None of you served. None of you give of yourselves. None of you believe in anything but yourself. And all of you are out to destroy America by making Christians against the law. I don’t expect you to understand, but I throught that atheists and other God haters loved facts. I present facts and you deny them just as you deny God.

      And Postman, I am not trying to p–s people off. I merely pointed out that civil servants are the ones too stupid to make it in the real world. Another fact with will be ignored by the God haters.

    • Jeez, Ascot, you’re really embarrassing yourself. Or you would be if you weren’t so self-righteous, arrogant, and stiff-necked. You either can’t spell or can’t type, possibly both, but we’re supposed to take your word about your statistics, which on their face are laughable and speak to paranoia, ignorance, and a complete failure of critical thinking on your part. Just because you say or believe something doesn’t make it a fact. Just because one of your Christian writers who peddles this nonsense says it or believes it doesn’t make it fact either. All you’ve offered here is mental pollution, ignorance, and really, not to repeat myself, stupidity. You do accomplish one thing though: you provide a living definition of the term ‘dumbass Christian’.

      You really shouldn’t hang out where atheists gather. Or even agnostics. You’re just not smart enough to keep from stumbling over your own dogma. But perhaps you do have a purpose: we always welcome and enjoy a good laugh.

    • Phrew! Ascot, I was going to laugh and point some more, but a)Ric seems to have done that quite well enough and who am I to kick a guy when he’s stupid? b)Up to now I’ve been chuckling at you, all in good fun, but one of your ill-considered comments happens to be something that annoys me on a personal level.
      When morons such as yourself say things like, “none of you served,” and refer to yourselves as “real Americans”, well – that just pisses me off.
      For the record, you pig-ignorant, ill-educated oaf with the social graces of a baboon, I joined the US Army in 1990 and spent the next 8 years on active duty and/or in the reserves. So don’t get in my face spouting crap about how no one who isn’t a mad-dog fundegelical ever serves the country.
      And, by the way, I know that (((Billy))), also was in the Army.


    • Bravo, Postman! I’m deducting two points from my Tirade Account, for not catching him out on the military thing, and awarding them to you. (((Billy))), take note and adjust the balance. Thanks.

    • And I notice that not one of you have even tried to refutte my facts. And I know why you have not. You have not because you know as well as I do that the facts are just that they are facts. And facts are reality. And the reality is that un-American persons are trying to remove Christians from American life. Never mind that we were once a Christian nation before we elected an Islam as President. Never mind that all you do is just call me a liar because I am stating the truth. Paul spoke the truth. So did millions of martyrs of the faith even unto today. Your problem is that truth interferes with the fantasy that you are all powerful and that the individual is God. The truth is contrary to what you claim you want to believe. You can’t handle the truth, can you? You just can’t handle the truth that Christians are being fired, or not hired, or beaten or killed BECAUSE THEY ARE CHRISTIANS!!!!!!! Until you accept Jesus as your personal savior, you will continue to have trouble with reality.

      So sad.

    • Ascot, if what you say is true, that Christians are being persecuted and killed, let me assure you that it’s not because they’re Christians.

      It’s because so-called Christians like you are so goddamned annoying and stupid.

      Watch your back, sonny. Your enemies might be sneaking up on you right now.

      And it’s not ‘Islams’, moron, it’s ‘Muslims’.

      You’re a troll, aren’t you?

    • Oh, good gawd. Give it a rest. No one has “refutte[d]” you because your arguments are ignorant and childish and no one wants to spend good ink on them. On top of that, how does one refute word salad, anyway?

    • Ric: Your a frightened child afraid of reality, aren’t you? You are scared to death that you will finally discover that your view of the world is based on fantasy, aren’t you?

      I dont care about word salad. I just want you to admit to all that I am tellng the truth and that Christians are being presecuted because of their beliefs,

    • Alright. This has gone beyond ridiculous. This is the last I’m going to say on this. We’ve humoured you for too long as it is.

      No one is being “presecuted”; or prosecuted or persecuted for that matter. If we had that kind of power, we’d have already sent the guys with straight-jackets to pick you up.

      Now go away kid, you bother me.

    • Ascot,

      Kela se elahim ta kestah mestakalah e fekahim.

    • Ric: May you be blessed by the eternal love of God’s sacrifice. He died for your sins and when you accept that, you will live.

    • Let’s see, maybe you’re expecting me to reply something like this:

      Your god’s a vicious pig, you’re a jerk, I have no sins, and I live just fine, thank you.

      Okay, expectations met.

      And as I said before – Kela se elahim ta kestah mestakalah e fekahim.

    • No. I expected you to understand that I was bowing owt of this conversatoin. You are not interested in converseing, only abuse. I was showing my love for humanity just as you were showing your love for the darkness of evil inherent in Islam. Peace, friend.

    • Ah, good riddance. Ciao. Bye-bye. Ta-ta. Au revoir. Aloha.

      Oh, and by the way, I don’t ‘love’ Islam, any more than I do your sick religion or any other religion. They’re all delusional. You wanna know what I said? Go look it up.

      And you don’t want a conversation. You want to puke your vomitous views on everyone and get praised for them, and you can’t stand it when people tell you to piss off.

      ‘Love humanity’? Don’t even go there, fool. You’re not competent to do that.

      Bye. Don’t come again soon.

    • My turn!

      Ascot7 “More than 10,000 Christian pharmacists have been forced out of their jobs becaue their faith does not allow them to give people abortion drugs like the pill.”
      …”like the pill”? In what dimension does something that prevents the egg from being released equal abortion? If you mean that the pill is potentially an abortifacient, then I have two pieces of bad news for you. One, there’s no evidence that it is (it’s purely theoretical), and that guy at the shop who sold you coffee definitely sold an abortifacien. If you breastfeed? Abortifacient. Stress at work? Abortifacient. Exercise? Abortifacient. I’m not kidding.

      “More than 2,500 doctors have een forced out of medicine practice becaue thaey will not kill babies.”
      It serves those pediatrists right! Frankly, I was kind of surprised that foot doctors were even in the abortion business.

      “The congress and nonpresident Hussein Obama will make most of the Bible illegal with the ‘hat crime’ bill.”
      First: No. Second: It’s “president”. Third: attempting to smear him by calling him Hussein is stupid (ergo, you’re stupid. There! How’s that feel?) Fourth: At most, it would fall under a “hate speech” bill (which I’m against). Fifth, even as a hate speech bill, it would require incitement (saying that gay is an abomination is not hate speech. Saying that it’s an abomination and you should pull them from their cars and cause them bodily harm is hate speech. See the difference?)

      “Christian students are beaten in school because of their faith.”
      And others are beaten for non-faith. Your point is?

      “Christians are being persecuted by false Christians, pagans, and especially Islams.”
      Everybody is being persecuted somewhere. What happens here is most not persecution. “Not getting everything you want, even if it comes at the expense of others and the Constitution” is most emphatically not persecution.

      “And not one of you have bother to refute the facts.”
      Can we see these facts? Can you provide us with them?

      “Th econtinued persecution is horrifying in God’s eye and in the eye of real Americans.”
      But it’s okay when it’s the non-Christians getting stepped on, right?

      “None of you are real Americans.”
      Worse, some of us are…brace yourself…foreigners! Oooga booga!

      “None of you served.”
      You do know that there are atheists in foxholes, right?

      “And all of you are out to destroy America by making Christians against the law.”
      You are welcome and free to practice your religion, as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of your neighbour.

      “I merely pointed out that civil servants are the ones too stupid to make it in the real world.”
      Obviously. Remember that when you require something of the State. Jerk.

      “Another fact with will be ignored by the God haters.”
      Tip: Frothy tinfoin cap’d madness is not a “fact”.

      “And I notice that not one of you have even tried to refutte my facts.”
      Repeating an accusation doesn’t make it true. Nor does it make up for your lack of facts. Nor does it make up for the lack of attribution for those facts.

      “Never mind that we were once a Christian nation…”
      First Commandment. First Amendment.

      “…before we elected an Islam as President.”
      Even if that were true, it shouldn’t matter. What about “no religious test” do you not understand?

      “Your problem is that truth interferes with the fantasy that you are all powerful and that the individual is God.”
      Anybody here believe that they’re God? Hand? Anybody?

      “Until you accept Jesus as your personal savior, you will continue to have trouble with reality.”
      Your fine example isn’t selling me.

      “Your a frightened child afraid of reality, aren’t you? You are scared to death that you will finally discover that your view of the world is based on fantasy, aren’t you?”
      It sounds to me like someone is projecting, hmmm?

  6. Postman I meant hate, not hat. Even a useless civil cervant like a postman should have been able to figure that out.

    • Well, of course, Ascot7. I should have realized you were thinking about hate when you wrote that. Why, now that I look closely, I see that it has “hate” written all over it.

  7. I have a hard time taking someone like Boone seriously. He was a hack in the 50s and is still a hack. But, really, look at what’s he’s saying. No one with a modicum of intelligence can actually believe him, (e.g. see Ascot7, if he’s real) so he’s clearly preaching to his own choir. It’s a way to keep the troops whipped up.

    Look at the first line of his “article”.

    WARNING: This column is written for, and addressed to, America’s Christians only.

    C’mon. This’ll be printed out in pamphlets, with the World Nut Daily logo on top to make it look somewhat official, and sent in mailers to people on certain mailing lists, with a request for money. It’s scare begging. Scare them into sending money.

  8. Postie:
    I’m glad you got to the truth about the “hat crimes” bill. I nearly tossed out all of the deacon’s baseball caps.

    • I was momentarily worried that I’d have to get rid of my gold-lame’ Postman’s hat with the beercan holders.

  9. I still maintain that it’s a shame the Romans didn’t have more lions.

  10. Mac: Thanks for stopping by. Pat Boone did metal? That is disturbing at so many levels I have no idea where to begin.

    Sarge: Odd that, somehow, the financial problems of churches somehow became the persecution of Christians by atheists. Do they ever take responsibility for anything?

    Postie: I wish.

    Ascot7: References please. I’ve done some checks and cannot find any of these numbers anywhere. Please provide citations (not Chevy Citations, they were POS’s)

    And would my signature straw Stetson be covered under the hat crime bill?

    SI: And it will be quoted for years as proof of Christian persecution. Or persecution of Christians. Whatever.

    Chappie: Get ‘im a real hat: a nice straw Stetson cowboy hat.

    Postie: Gold lame’? You planning on a remake of The Ten Commandments? or Antony and Cleopatra?

    Ric: Yeah, the Romans were slackers. Or maybe the lions were. Whatever.

    • Pat Boone not only did metal, he appeared on the Tonight Show dressed in black leather to perform it. It’s one of those memories that I keep trying to suppress, and then some lout mentions it and the image of the aging, pale, out of shape Boone in a black leather vest (with nothing under it except one flabby white dude) comes back to haunt me. Definitely the type of thing that makes a person wish Brain Bleach actually existed.

    • Nan: Thanks. Now I’m going to wake up at 3:00am with that image in my head. Damn.

  11. Lions rock!! Yowsah!

  12. Ric: 0 and 16? In what way does going unfeated an entire season rock? Maybe the Christian-eating lions had the same coaching and training staff as the Detroit ones. Would explain lots, neh?

  13. Surely you meant ‘unfeeted’, as in the future pluperfect subjunctive applied to someone whose feet have been amputated, no? Or is that ‘defeeted’? I always get those two mixed up.

    Detroit has lions? I’d heard they were extinct in Detroit.

    • No, I meant unfeated. After all, the Patriots were undefeated in the regular season a few years ago. Based upon that, a perfect season the other way would be unfeated, right?

    • Now you’re splitting hares and I’m going to turn you in to PETA.

      I’m going back to bed. You people in the real world are wearing me out.

    • I work for the government. What’s the real world?

    • The real world is anyone’s world that doesn’t have me in it. Or possibly any world in which I am not. Or… oh, hell, why do you always pose the really hard questions?

  14. Sadist that I am, I’m going to share the proof about Boone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8zi4oFdUek.

    • That link wasn’t working for me. Try this one.

      He’s soooooo smooooooth.

    • That is horrible. On so many levels. That is disgusting. I would rather listen to the complete works of Yoko Ono. Curse you Nan. And SI. Curse both of your.

    • OMFG! That’s hilarious. It’s so awful it’s entertaining, in a very weird, warped sort of way.

    • Chappie, I just lost a little bit of the respect I hold for you.

    • I remember seeing the original. It’s kind of like watching a plane crash, that sort of fascination type.

      He was actually censured by some evangelists for it, because of the music, not the…other.

  15. (((Billy)))

    I apologize for some to-be-determined amount of my rancor towards your guest, ascot7. But I think it fair to regard him as more of a home invader than a guest, so I don’t apologize for too much of the rancor.

  16. You apologize to someone who doen’t even bother policing and controlling the comments on his own blog? You have odd priorities. And yes, you are.

    • Yeah, you religious freaks are big on policing and controlling other people, aren’t you? Is that part of your love of humanity, like the love of humanity you show when you demean Muslims and call them evil? Like the love of humanity you show when you come to this blog and start insulting people left and right? Interesting how you rabid Christians tend to be the least self-aware people on earth. You haven’t a clue. You don’t even believe your own screwed up religion. Motes and beams, fool, motes and beams.

      Piss off. Go away. You may be offering Billy one of the few genuine reasons to shut someone off here. Frankly I hope he does. But, unlike many so-called Christian blogs, he doesn’t generally edit and delete comments, because, unlike Christians, he believes in free speech and free thought, and is more than generous in that regard on his blog.

      You’ve become tiresome. Mildly cathartic, but tiresome. You’ve nothing interesting or original to say and the dreck you do say you say dully and poorly, like some poor, besotted drunk regurgitating his evening’s drink in an alley.

      I’m done here.

      (((Billy))), your play.

    • Ascot7 said:

      And yes, you are.

      to Ric, the Froth King of the Lions. I wonder what in the name of pluperfect hell he (or she) meant by that? And Ascot7, though I am curious, I’m not quite curious enough to want to read any more of you drivel.

    • ((()))

      I wondered about that, but not enough to encourage the little twit. I would guess that he apparently seems to think he knows what “Kela se elahim ta kestah mestakalah e fekahim” means. Obviously he doesn’t.

    • Yes, Ric you are the home invador here, not me. I didn’t start attacking a nother commenter. I focused on his ill-informed article. You invaded his blog and attacked me, so you are the home invader.

      You just can’t handle the truth, can you?

    • Oh, for Cruise’s sake, ascot… “I know you are, but what am I”? Really?

    • You really are an idiot, ascot, aren’t you? You’re like the little kid who annoys everybody and doesn’t get why no one wants him around. And you talking about truth is very funny, as if you had a clue. Not only do you not have any understanding of truth, or even of the word true, you don’t even understand what a fact is or what evidence is.

      Frankly, you have to be more than a little emotionally disturbed to keep coming around here and taking the abuse you so richly deserve and have earned. Apparently you’ve decided you’re such an evil sinner that you have to take god’s punishment in the form of being completely rejected and laughed at by atheists. Wow, atheists doing your sad little god’s work! Now there’s a bit of irony.

      You’re a sick puppy, boy, a very sick little puppy.

      Go away. The big kids don’t want you around. And you’re such an easy target that it’s no fun beating on yhou anymore. No challenge in it.

    • No, Ric, it is you who do not understand Truth. All the Truth needed to be right with God is in one book. The book written by God. The Bible. You should buy one, open it up, and start reading. Then you will experience Truth.

    • Ascot, you are doing two things, neither one of which I think you are trying to do two things: you are beating your head against a brick wall of ignorance, willful and hatelful ignorance at that, and you are makeing yourself and other true believers look silly. I have watched the hate speech on this blog. They will take anything you say, twist it, and make you look like you do not know what you are talking about. Yoou really should think twice before commenting at a hate speech site.

      I know this will get deleted, but it is worth the try. I have had many comments deleted from this site, he only keeps the comments which he can twist.

    • Please see everything written here so far.

      Have a nice day playing with yourself.

    • Yeah, ascot, listen to Abe. You guys are on the same page.

  17. Ascot7: You are not banned (I don’t do that (though you do offer a tempting case)). I do monitor my blog when I get home from work. As for your assertions of fact, let’s see some citations. Where did those ‘facts’ come from? I have some pretty intelligent and well-read bloggers who comment here and the fact (you might want to look up the definition (along with the definition of citation)) that none of them have run across these ‘facts before (for that matter, I haven’t either) tells me that you are either pulling them out of your ass, or you are quoting a blogger who has pulled them out of his ass. Either way, without a clue as to where they came from, they are useless.

    And I wish to formally thank both Ric and the Postman for dealing with this steaming pile of scheisse. And the rant points have been adjusted.

    • And I wish to formally thank both Ric and the Postman for dealing with this steaming pile of scheisse.

      You know where to send the check.

  18. Woah. Uncanny. I just wrote my version here.

    …and the best that he can do is point out:
    *that Christians have to follow laws (that don’t exist) or they’ll be punished,
    *that Democrats will bring back Fairness Doctrine (they won’t),
    *that public school teachers can’t force kids to pray,
    *that judges can’t (or, at least, can no longer) force the Ten Commandments on people,
    *that some Democrats are soft on illegal immigrants (which apparently slights American Christians in some way),
    *that an informal group of Christians almost had to pay for incoveniencing their neighbours.
    …and that weak case means that we’re in the End Times. Who knew?

    • Thanks for going to the trouble, Modus. It just boggles my mind that it’s necessary. Arguing with people like ascot7 often strikes me as like arguing against the sky being plaid.
      Instead of explaining why the sky is, in fact, not plaid, why not simply point and laugh?

    • The problem is that the sky is plaid over Scotland. It’s a law. And it’s not safe to point and laugh at large burly men wearing skirts, even if they are called kilts.

  19. modus –

    Nicely dissected.

    • modus –

      Sorry. That was meant for the long dissection you performed on ascot7 back up the page. But it could as well apply to the short one right here.

    • That’s what I do. I’m the Dissecterer.

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