Church Pastor Pleads No Contest in Kingston, PA, Case

15 June, 2009

I just saw it on the noon news, so I don’t have a link yet.

Brian Neiswender, accused last summer of touching a teenage girl inappropriately during church youth group events and private music lessons, pleaded no contest today to charges in Luzerne County Court.  He pled no contest to fondling three teenage girls (not sure what the exact charges were that he pled to, I will post that when I know).  He will be sentenced July 27th.

When I wrote about thisback in June of last year, I had numerous commenters who defended Neiswender (from Denial Is Not Just A River in Egypt):

A chunk of those posts have been defending Mr. Neiswender.  Florida Youth Member said:

I am a current member of Brian’s youth group in Florida and as someone who has worked with him extra hours on the worship team and gotten to know him very well, and as a female, I know that he would never EVER do anything of this sort.

She also blamed Satan.  She was the only defender who had (or admitted to) any personal contact with the accused. 

The others?  Just Another Christian blamed the girls.  He said that they “liked it for attention”  and made the point (which may be valid) that “this happens to Christians everyone forgets that they are just people.”  Just Thinkin also blamed the girls — they were ‘needy.’  By Real Folks compared the case to the Duke lacrosse case of a few years ago, again, implying that it never happened.  The only three professed Christians who commented either blamed the girls or denied that it had happened.

So, now that he pleaded no contest to the charges, will any of these commenters come back to, once again, defend him?  Or, since he decided not to fight the charges (not the same thing as pleading guilty, but guilt is assumed), will the next argument be that he wasn’t a real Christian?  Or did Satan still do it (before winning the Stanley Cup, of course)?



  1. Pleading “no contest” is the easiest way for him to settle this thing quickly and relatively quietly.

  2. Chappie: I know. And that way, he can still tell all that he really didn’t do it, he really was innocent, but he didn’t want to put the little girls through the pain of a court appearance. He’s only thinking about the children. Won’t someone think about the children?

  3. Satan has an ironclad alibi. He was in meetings all day, the day in question.
    I know it’s circumstantial, but if Satan has an alibi and Neiswender pled “no contest”…

  4. But did Neiswender fondle Satan? Or vice-versa? Is it a vice to fondle Satan? Or did Satan put Neiswender in a vice until he promised to fondle something, anything? Is Satan desperate? And is it true that girls want Satan to fondle them, because he’s so hot?

    So many questions, so little time to fondle.

    • Ric,

      If there were such a thing, you’d be the King of Yellow Christian Journalism. Randolph Hearst couldn’t have asked better questions.

  5. Billy
    I think they got Satan the Penguin confused with the other good guy.
    Neiswender deserves jail.Maybe the judge is one who won’t listen to the church crowd and will treat Neiswender as the criminal and not the girls.

  6. Billy, I appreciate you bringing this topic to everyone’s attention.

    I’ve got another angle on this topic that your post just reminded me of.

    My wife told me recently about the sex crimes by illegal aliens in this country.


    This article cites a study that nearly a million sex crimes have taken place in this country in the last ten years from illegal aliens.

    While I don’t think those from other countries are worse than those here – those that break the law to enter this country may not be the most law abiding type to start with.

    Also, unfortunately illegal aliens might just get deported for their crimes.

    The legal age of consent in many Mexican States and Mexico City is 12 years old – the highest age of consent in any Mexican state is 14 years old according the same article.

    The article also argues –
    “The crime of kidnapping a woman for the purpose of rape and marriage against their will, or “rapto” as it is known in Mexico is actually a minor crime and rarely ever prosecuted. A Mexican legislator actually called the practice “romantic.” Of course, this crime if committed in the United States would elicit felony charges and a penalty of 20 years to life in prison.

    While rape is a serious crime in the United States, many Mexican nationals cannot understand why they are prosecuted on this side of the border. Often, a small payment of $10 to $20 to the victim´s family will settle the matter back in Mexico.”

    I also wonder if this behavior has an element of religious failing in it? Aren’t most Mexican’s Catholic? Sometimes I have to wonder about a religious institution that has such large membership – but exerts little moral influence on such topics like rape?

    I don’t know how many Mexicans go to church and whether or not there is any difference in behavior among Mexicans who do and don’t go to church. But when a church exerts a lot of political influence on a country — I am a bit frustrated by a general lack of moral progress among church members. I don’t know how culpable the church is with some of the moral failings of Mexico.

    Other situations are equally frustrating to me. The BTK killer was an active Lutheran. Ken Lay of ENRON was an active member of a church.

    Jesus said that the two biggest commandment were to “Love God” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Instead some churches teach their members to have contempt for others by teaching that God hates all those unbelievers.

    Maybe one thing that is most lacking in many (most?) churches is an appreciation of humility. Ministers, preachers or priests that are proud seem to be at the helm of many churches. Pride radiates from the faces of many televangelists. This pride closes peoples minds to the thought that they can be in error whether moral error, intellectual error, scriptural error or any other kind of error. People in churches may hope that they are better than others. Then they hope and falsely believe that their ministers are better. Many look down on scientists and read books seductively titled “The Long War Against God” which espouses that evolution is a theory which has no underpinnings but to underpin religious belief.

    Perhaps I want too much to see perfection – but I overlook so much imperfection in my own life? Like maybe I should spend more time looking for a job – and less time on the internet?

  7. Damn. I had no idea that Neiswender was an illegal immigrant.

    What the FUCK does that have to do with a youth pastor molesting three girls?

    And what the FUCK is your point? Yes, you should get a job. Or at least start your own blog. You can focus on space rays shooting down FUCKING illegall immigrants.

  8. Ric: I think that Christians are kinda fondle the ‘Satan made me/him/them do it me/him/her/them.’

    Postie: King of Christian Yellow Journalism. I hope I don’t wake up at 3:00am thinking about that.

    Thomas: First, what does this have to do with abuse by an authority figure in a church?

    Second, I did some quick searching about the Violent Crimes Institute, specifically about this study. I found many websites showing the holes in the ‘study.’ According to a letter sent by Reps. Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Bob Etheridge (D-NC), Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Investigations and senior Committee Member, Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), the study and the institute are suspect:

    We were particularly troubled by your claim that there is an unusually high percentage of sexual offenders among the illegal immigrant population. The only basis cited for this assertion is a “study” by an organization called the “Violent Crimes Institute.” From what we have been able to discern, the “Violent Crimes Institute” is a one-person affair, and this “study” appears unscientific and was not peer-reviewed.

    I was familiar with this report when it came out. I also followed the deconstruction of the report. The statistics were found to be based on “extrapolated assumptions.” Once again, you assume ignorance on my part.

    Please peddle your busted right-wing lies elsewhere. The study is bullshit and has been exposed, repeatedly, as bullshit.

    BullDyke: Welcome to my blog. I wouldn’t have stated it that way, but I agree.

  9. I was kinda thinking maybe Christian Polka-Dot Journalism, or maybe Zebra Stripe Journalism. How about Chameleon Journalism, since they’re so good at disguising the truth.

    • “Chameleon Journalism” is great… so long as the default color of this particular lizard is yellow.

  10. Hi Billy,

    I like running up against those with different ideas. A fresh perspective is helpful.

    From what I know, no records are collected on the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens. Because no national records are collected it makes it difficult to get accurate information. I suppose that is why “extrapolated assumptions” are used to come up with the figures. If without too much work you can explain why the “study is bullshit” – it would be helpful to me. If not don’t bother – I don’t make a big issue out of the illegal alien situation – I haven’t brought it up before and I may not bring it up again. However, if you can give me better information on the flaws in the study cited by the link I gave – I’ll be happy to review it and adjust my position further. Someone at sometime will bring up the issue again – and if I have better information I can respond better.

    Despite your protestation that I shouldn’t post here it is a stretch to state that my posts are made up of lies. I am certainly going to say some wrong things – and the statistic that I quoted could be wrong. But whether a group has committed a hundred thousand sex crimes a year or a thousand sex crimes a year – it is still bad.

    I humbly beg your forgiveness for any assuming of ignorance on your part. I was ignorant of the controversy about the accuracy of the statistic I quoted.

    Maybe because I have a lot of ignorance on topics – I wrongly think others are also ignorant? I will grant that you have more knowledge than I have about a lot of political issues.

    I have some interest in national policy. I have a deeper interest in science as it pertains to National policy and health and natural disasters.

    My most avid penpal over the years has been an atheist with a great sense of humor, a wideranging intellect, and a fiercely independent streak.

    I have just as much respect for him and his determination to do good as I do for any Christians who try to do good. Most every person has limitations in their intellect and flaws in their thinking.

    Your thinking has enhanced my thinking.

    So whether you block or remove my posts – I’ve benefited from reading some of views.

    Hey BullDyke, you will find Billy’s wit a blast – and he will enjoy your wit too.

    BTW, I’ll have to learn a lot more before I could follow your specific blogging suggestion. However, if I do start a blog – I’ll let you know!

  11. Thomas: I do not block posts (except one asshat from Australia who has a fascination with the copy/paste function. I do not remove posts. This is a free speech zone. You have freedom to drop right wing eliminationist propoganda when and where you wish. I will call you on it if I am familiar with the argument. If I am not familiar, I will research it.

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