One Heckuvva Game!

12 June, 2009

There are few things on earth as exciting as the last five to ten minutes of game seven of a Stanley Cup Finals.  I cheer for the Bruins and the Capitals in hockey.  I like both the Red Wings and the Penguins (though I will cheer against them).  I wanted good hockey.   My hope for this final was seven games, with the last one close.  I got it.  Fleury’s saves in the last 10 seconds were amazing.  The speed of Detroit’s rushes after they pulled the goalie were breathtaking. 

Congratulations, Penguins.  Wow.

And seeing Satan hoist the cup did my evil gods-hating un-American atheist heart good.*


*Sarcasm.  Honest sarcasm.



  1. Is that his birth name – Satan – or did he change his name to Satan or is it a nick name he goes by?

    Just curious.

  2. That is his birth name. It is pronounced Sha-tan (both short ‘a’s in there). He spent some time here on the Wilkes-Barre little Penguins and his name raised some eyebrows. And sold lots of jerseys.

  3. What a disaster. It’s bad enough all you ever fucking hear is Crosby, Crosby, Crosby from the league. Now it’ll be completely insufferable, and no doubt he’ll be lifted to that “never can do wrong” level guys like Gretzky enjoyed where never shall they be called for penalties, even though Crosby is a total drama queen diver.

    What would have been great (and would have totally pissed of the league office) would have been the Flyers or ‘Canes winning or maybe Chicago, you know, an actual TEAM, that relies on TEAM play, not a bunch of all stars like Detroit or some Prima Donnas like on Pittsburgh. Ugh. Now with Fleury they’re going to be a force to deal with for some time. FUCK!

    This Finals was a battle between two evils, and the worst evil won.

  4. Since the Capitals weren’t involved, I didn’t have any real favorite in this series.

  5. Philly: The NHL is a business. They are in it to make money. The owners, the league, the players, the arenas, you name it. People will not come out to see a ‘team’, they come out to see stars.

    And I would disagree with your assessment regarding team play. Crosby had more assists than any other player. He did not have the most goals (that was Malkin, I think). Had he been a prima-donna superstar, I doubt there would have been as many assists.

    I was not wild about either team, I just wanted a good game. Since the Bruins and the Caps weren’t in it, I was just happy it wasn’t the Phlyers. Now that would have been bad.

    Chappie: If I’m not wild about the teams, I just hope for seven games.

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