(((Boy))) At Work

11 June, 2009

(((Boy))) is currently working at McDonalds.  If he were under age 18, I would classify it as child abuse.  As it is, it is just abuse.  So it works.  Today he overheard this conversation:

Today, a customer came to the counter and asked, “Are all your sandwiches made with 100% beef?”

Girl at the register answers, “Yes.”

Man at the counter responds:  “Damn.  And I was hoping for a chicken sandwich.”  Then he left.

Many levels of strange operate in a McDonalds.


There is an old joke.  A man is out hunting.  He shoots a deer.  He is very happy and runs up to the deer lying on the ground.  He sees another man standing next to his deer.  He tells the man, “Get back.  That’s my deer.”

The other man says, “No problem.  Just let me take the saddle off.”

I told that old joke so I could tell ya’ll about this:

Right after writing about (((Boy))) and McDonalds, I went to Wegmans.  It was crowded.  It was chaotic.  Why?  No idea.  No snow tomorrow.  Just busy.  So busy that I had to go out to the parking lot for a cart.

When I got in, I stopped at the latrine.  Coming out, I saw an oler man walking away with my cart.  I was mildly annoyed.  And I spoke up.  “Sir, that’s my cart.”

He turned to me and said, “Bull.  I just brought it in from the parking lot.”

I smiled and said, “No problem.  Could I have the list my wife wrote me out of the cart?  Otherwise I’ll never remember anything.”  I picked up the list and turned to go find another cart.

He said, “Asshole.”

Three other people looked at him and said the same thing.



  1. The world is full of strange people. And you seem to run into more than your fair share of them. 🙂

  2. Chappie: And they ain’t half as weird as some of the ones who comment on my blog.

  3. My wife works in ‘retail sales’ and about once a week some customer will want to return merchandise and will not accept being told that they didn’t buy it from that chain. She simply can’t tell them that this is not the brand they carry, it is from another chain. They will INSIST that they bought it ‘upstairs’, even though that store has never, ever, had an upstairs. One woman insisted that they took away the escalator just to keep people off balance.

    I have often thought that no one should be considered a legal adult unless they can prove that they have worked for six months in food service of some kind. Well, a convenience store will make a tolerable substitute, but it is a learning experience par excellence. One has waited tables…

    Wife and I stopped for something to eat at “Mickey’s” a few days ago and there was a young man who had done a sort of burlesque with their slogan. He had a blank badge upon which he had inscribed with a china marker, “I’m Toleratin’ It!”

    Wonder if he still works there…?

  4. Sarge: Back when I sold cars (hey, I majored in history, okay?), a guy pulled up in a brand-new Mazda and wanted to know why we had lied to him about what was included in the vehicle (he was told it had AC and hadn’t read the Moroni label) and where the salesman ‘Sam’ was hiding. The two of us looked at him, looked at the car, and said we didn’t sell him the car (we sold Isuzus) and no salesman named Sam works here. He then got angry, wanted to know when we stopped selling Mazdas (never did, so we never did) and when did we redecorate? After about a half hour of idiocy, we finally got him to go to the Mazda dealership a half-mile up the road. It can be tough.

    I like the Mickey Dees slogan.

  5. And they ain’t half as weird as some of the ones who comment on my blog.

    Not sure how I should take that… 8)

  6. SI: Not you, of course. I’m talking about the other ones.

  7. Relax, SI – he’s talking about me. 😉

  8. Chappie: No, not you either. It’s not all about your. Really.

  9. I miss Wegman’s since we moved south. It is, however, the ONLY thing I miss about upstate NY

  10. He’s probably talking about me too. 😉

    I worked customer service for medical insurance about 10 years ago. We once had a woman call in to complain about her copays for her husband’s heart attack (about 300.00 in total). Her complaint..”we have 11 children, we can’t afford this”. My response… “your policy does pay for birth control. But if you can’t pay your copays you will need to contact the rendering providers.”

    I sucked at customer service.

  11. Newbie: Well, there’s also the snow, right? And the cold and wind?

    Poodles: No, the other commenters. Damn, ya’ll are sensitive.

    Eleven children? I’ve never understood how anyone can keep up with that many names.

  12. Apparently my only use is to leave random links:


    Since the topic is customer service…

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