Church Signs

10 June, 2009

What would I do without church signs?  Here I am, enjoying a nice vacation at home, (((Wife))) worked her street corner for the last day this school year, and I have been trying to come up with a topic about which to post.  And along comes a couple of church signs.

First, this one has some, um, well, here it is:

The Best Way to Serve Your Master is on Your Knees.

Does anyone else find this to have a sexual connotation?  This one just weirded me out.

The second one is a direct Bible quote:

And Jesus said:  “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  Matthew 18:20

Which immediately brought to mind, then why are there churches? 

I understand that the early church had a real problem with heresy and heterodoxy.  Each group of early Christians, using either oral traditions or a selection of ‘gospels,’ developed their own idea about what, exactly, it took to be a Christian.  Whether Jesus was a human, a god, a combination of both;  did one need to be a Jew before one could become a Christian?  And just how many gods are there:  one, two, three, three who are one, or a thousand?

It was necessary to have churches in order to keep the flock from drifting into heresy.  And it was necessary to establish a heirarchy to keep the churches in line.  Paul basically created Christianity (so why aren’t they called Paulians?).  So I can see why there are churches.

Then I wondered, if every place where Christians get together in Christ’s name, why do they not claim tax exemption for all these places?  After all, homes, Christian businesses and restaurants are all places where people gather to do many things, including gather ‘in Jesus’ name.’

So why, if homes and businesses could, according the Bible, be considered places of worship, are there still churches?

Screw that.  Why don’t we just tax the churches as real property just like we tax homes and businesses? 

Yeah, I know.  Treating Christians like citizens under the law means they are being persecuted.



  1. Does anyone else find this to have a sexual connotation? This one just weirded me out.

    This from someone whose (((Wife))) works a street corner.

    Why don’t we just tax the churches as real property just like we tax homes and businesses?

    As I understand the basic contradiction here, it’s like this. On the one hand, Separation of Church and State prevents the state from taxing the church. On the other hand, the failure to tax the church actually endorses religion, by giving them a tax break others don’t get. It’s a rock and hard place, I tellya.

    I say, smash the fuckin rock, and tax the bastards.

  2. The Best Way to Serve Your Master is on Your Knees.

    When I was a teen, my friends and I would have had a few good chuckles over that one.

  3. I can understand the tax exemption in the sense that if the government taxed the churches, then they’d have a vested interest in their success. Greater success = greater revenue = greater tax revenue. That could be a conflict of interest.

    I don’t see a problem with taxing their property since property would be taxed regardless of who owned it, and property is finite, as opposed to taxing generated revenue. I’m also for revoking any sales tax exemption they have.

  4. SI: She won’t be for the summer.

    Of course, we have a policy of not taxing non-profits, so if the churches agreed to give up their prophet, then we couldn’t tax them?

    Chappie: I’m 43 and chuckled.

    Philly: Good point. If there is tax revenue involved, the government tends to listen to the companies lobbyists. Not that the government doesn’t already listen to the religion lobby, right?

  5. Yeah, real good point, Philly. There’s nothing religious about property ownership. Real estate is real estate is real estate. But the income of the churches is tied directly to the amount of money fleeced extracted from the members.

  6. SI: You just reminded me of something (((Wife))) said today (during our conversation about the church sign): “Churches are sheepcotes.”

  7. The Best Way to Serve Your Master is on Your Knees.

    That brings back some memories. 🙂

  8. A local church sign says, “If you think you’re without sin then you just added another one to the list.” Get on your knees and raise your butts because all you heathens are screwed.

  9. Poodles: Not going to ask.

    Frank: Thanks for stopping by. Sin was invented by humanity as a precursor of law. In the absence of a working legal system, religion, using the idea of sin, must take the role of law. There is no such thing as sin. It is a human authoritarian construct. Therefore, I would strongly disagree with your sign.

    And odd that you consider non-Christianity to be an equivalent of homosexuality. Not sure what that says about the writer.

  10. It says my warped sense of humor doesn’t convey itself very well to people who don’t know me. It isn’t my sign, I agree with you. But I will sulk back to my cave now to try to get my foot out of my mouth. I knew there was a reason I don’t talk much.

  11. Frank: I apologize. I did not understand. I’ve been a little, shall we say reactionary? due to Abe and the Rational Christian (see Culture of Life Strikes Again. Sorry ’bout that.

  12. FrankDN blog is on my blogroll (Chapel Choir): http://priorperceptions.com/

    He also comments on my blog occasionally. Frank – you don’t need to get your foot out of your mouth at all. I got the joke.

  13. Chappie: After his second post, I visited his blog. My foot should be in my mouth. I assumed.

    Chappie: I get the joke now. I may be slow, but I am dense.

  14. OK, from now on I use emoticons :p

  15. Frank: Thanks. I’m kinda dense sometimes (that emoticon is a guy smoking a pipe, right?).

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