(((Girl)))’s New Earrings

6 June, 2009

One of my loves is palaeontology.  Not just dinosaurs, but just about any terrestrial vertebrates.  Sauropods, protosuchi, gomphotheres,  rhynchosaurs, titanotheres, anything.  Apparently, (((Girl))) has at least some of my genes (though she claims to be adopted):


This is her new pair of earrings.  Julia, the Ethical Palaeontologist, too bad.  So sorry.  Not a saurapod.  Definately a non-avian theropod.



  1. Those are SO CUTE! If I wasn’t alergic to metals, I would have a pair just like that.

    You go (((Girl)))

  2. WANT! I could live with it being a stinkin’ theropod… Has (((Girl))) seen the similar necklace? But for the fact that it’s nearly £100, I would love to have one. I would be the envy of every girl at SVP (and probably some boys).

  3. Marisa: Thanks for stopping by. And I think it is rather cheap metal, at that, which even irritates her ears (she can wear them for a day, but then has to take a break).

    Julia: She hasn’t seen the necklace and, until the job situation improves over here, she most likely won’t. She got it at a mall store on sale for like $3.00. One kid at school asked why she had a dragon in her ear.

    My memory is bad. What is SVP again?

  4. Those are pretty cool. (((Girl))) is alright for a youngster.

  5. Chappie: Well, it is way too late to throw her back, so it is a good thing.

  6. Very cool!

  7. (), you love Newt Gingrich and the Republicans? Say it ain’t so!

  8. Dan: She likes ’em.

    Ric: No, I like dinosaurs. A type of animal which dominated virtually every ecological niche from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretacious. They were supremely good at adapting to environmental changes and thrived in deserts, coastal flood plains, jungles, and swamps (and most likely mountains and hills, but that’s a poor area for fossil preservation). The Republicans are not dinosaurs. That is an insult to dinosaurs. They are slime moulds: they grow in one particular climate (fear (religiously based, terrorism based or based on the fear of the ‘other’)) and have no reason to evolve.

  9. You’re insulting slime moulds.

    I’d compare them to rocks. They never change, they never grow, they certainly never evolve, and they haven’t got as much intelligence as a virus, though they are a plague.

  10. But rocks are useful. Rocks create a firm foundation. And rocks, when subjected to tectonic forces, move and build mountains. They do not build mountains out of mole hills.

    Republicans are reactionary conservatives out to preserve the privileges of the wealthy. That work?

  11. Julia: (((Girl))) says she will trade you the earrings for the necklace.

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