Federal Investigation Begins into the Murder of Dr. Tiller

5 June, 2009

While the questions about Roeder’s involvement with the Kansas chapter of Operation Rescue continue, while the silenceof (most) Christians continues, while O’Reilly frantically denies that he said anything that he actually said, while Randall Terry cheers the killing and Cheryl Sullenger considers hiring a lawyer, it is nice to know that the Justice Department is in adult hands.  They have opened an investigation to determine if anyone else was involved and if federal laws were violated (from The Atlantic):

While the political debate over the shooting of Dr. George Tiller focused on the speech of abortion opponents, the Department of Justice is launching an investigation into whether anyone else was involved with the shooting, investigating for potential violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinics Entrances Act–the law that prohibits threats of force or physical obstruction of reproductive health providers and seekers; threats, intimidation, injury, or interference with people exercising religious freedom at places of worship; and damaging or destroying clinic property.

“The Department of Justice will work tirelessly to determine the full involvement of any and all actors in this horrible crime, and to ensure that anyone who played a role in the offense is prosecuted to the fullest extent of federal law,” Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Loretta King said today in a news release.

A year ago, the Justice Department would have been too busy looking for non-existent voter fraud to bother with little things like domestic terrorist networks.



  1. Don’tcha know? Domestic terrorism is one of those “dirty little secrets” we in the USA don’t talk about. Other countries may have home-grown terrorists, but we don’t. Why would we? Everyone here enjoys the freedoms that everyone there hates.

  2. Well you can’t blame this terrorism on hating America, hating freedom, or even better, hating god. What are they going to do? Oh right, they can still blame godless liberals for destroying America, forcing real Americans to fight back like this. Silly me, I forgot.

    Anyway, I doubt anything will come of the investigation. I feel it’s more show than substance, and no doubt the anti-rights groups will use it as “proof” that they’re being persecuted.

  3. So where was the federal investigation of this mass murderer who was performing illegal medcal procedures to murder viable pre born human beings?

    • abortion isn’t murder

  4. Chappie: No, domestic terrorism only includes left wing groups like ELF, PETA, Sierra Club, Audubon Society and others of that ilk. Right wingers are only defending themselves.

    Philly: Actually, I would argue that he did commit this crime because he hates American freedom: specifically, he hates the fact that women can vote, have control over their own bodies, and even have rights. After all, none of that is in the one book.

    Rational Christian: The medical procedures he performed were legal. And when he was taken to court by an over-zealous prosecutor, they couldn’t get a conviction. If it is not illegal, it must be, what, legal?

    Mikko: Good to hear from you again. Agreed.

  5. Given that Cheryl Sullenger was apparently e-mailing back and forth merrily with Roeder, and she’s a major player in Operation Rescue, one can hope the investigation will be serious and a number of the Operation Rescue folks will find themselves doing perp walks.

    I’d like to see some heads rolling, figuratively speaking, of course, at the FBI for sitting on their collective hands for much too long.

  6. Nan: And then, in jail, Roeder started talking about plans for more attacks. And then shut up. I wonder if Bushites would want to torture Roeder to find out about these future attacks? Wouldn’t work, anyway, he’d just make stuff up to stop the torture, but kinda makes you wonder.

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