A Cool Cartoon (Which I Wish I Had Found For Easter)

16 May, 2009

I spotted this cartoon over at Truthdig.com and thought it was really good (in a spooky, creapy sort of way):




  1. It’s just missing something like, “I don’t want to tell him, and he doesn’t want to set you on fire. You bring it upon yourselves.”

  2. Philly: Gute! You just made it creepier. Or, “. . . he’ll set you on fire. Forever. Because He loves you.”

  3. That is one creepy bunny. Ugh!

    • All bunnies are creepy.

      • Not when they’re in the pot with some tomatoes, peppers, onions, white wine, and potatoes. Then they’re delish.

      • Funny enough, the first class I took at the Institute of Culinary Education, (What a blast! I reccomend it to anyone who likes to cook.), I butchered and cooked a rabbit in tomatoes and onion.

  4. Chappie: Yeah. It almost looks like it is attempting jujitsu.

  5. Oh! Oh, that’s… that is… Holy Fucking Easter Claus!

    That is my new desktop. Too bad it doesn’t have your alternate ending, (((Billy))).

  6. Postie: You have a graphics program, right? And who does Eostre fuck with her holy claws?

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