A Little Self-Indulgence

12 May, 2009

One of the fun things about writing a blog is taking a look at the search terms with which people have found me.  Some are interesting.  Some probably have a story.  Some, I don’t want to know the story.  Anyway, I’ve been getting quite a few weird (and trust me:  if I think they are weird, they’ve gotta be weird) search terms.

Noah’s Arch Be Found  I’ve done posts on Noah’s Ark and one about the collapse of an arch at Arches National Park.  But “Noah’s arch be found”?  Sheesh!

Aer Education Abstinence-Only working?  No.  Education are not working for you.

Wife Pictures (with variations)  Since I posted about a trip to Jersey with my (((Wife))), this one has become quite popular.  I suspect that the visitor may be somewhat, shall we say, disappointed?

Sick Fucks  Eight people in the last week came here looking for this.

Prairie Muffin Deflowering Video  ?????

Crushed His Genitals  I still get about three of these a month.

For all of you who came here looking for sick fucking, nasty pictures of (((Wife))), deflowering videos, and other sexual terms, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE!!!!!!!1111!!!!11!!

And the AOSE and Ark people?  Learn how to spell and write more gooder English, ‘kay?

Addendum:  This morning I looked at my stats, and two search terms used?  “Christian How Not to Have Sex” and “Does Anal Sex Break Abstinence”.



  1. I often get people coming to my blog searching for some variation of “straight kissing is gross” or “kissing is gross”.

    Today I got one sicko searching for “little child fucking kostenlos”. “kostenlos” means “free” (with regards to money) in German.

  2. I get “little boys and there penuses” and “queefing”. These aren’t stray searches — these are in the top 20 searches.

    Also, “midwife fuck” is a common one. I think they are sadly disappointed when they arrive at my blog.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’m not one of the Sick Fucks they’re looking for.

  4. Craig: Well, if you do it a dozen dozen times, then I guess it would be gross.

    Michelle: ‘there penuses’: with the spelling problem? Weird.

    Chappie: I guess it depends upon what they are looking for. To a True Believer fundogelical Christianist dominionist asshat, we most likely are.

  5. I’m just glad I’m not alone. Ever since I published this letter from Gawd: http://deusexeverriculum.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/dear-scott-snyder/ over 24,000 people have come to my blog in search of “jailbait”.

  6. Postie: Damn. I’ve only had about 56k visitors and you complain about getting 24k of one search term? Not satisfied with the popularity? My number one, all time, search term is absinthe (with 1,950 coming in through that term).

    • Well, it’s hardly bragging when people aren’t dropping by to read the condensed wisdom of Gawd, but to find underage porn. The highest number of searches for something to actually do with my raison de blogging are about 1,500 looking for… Odin.

  7. This is why I’ve never bothered checking to see how people end up at my blogs. I’ve decided there are some things I just do not want to know.

  8. Nan: Im just curious. Sometimes I learn things that disturb me, but I still learn.

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