What Republicans Really Are (via DailyKos)

3 May, 2009

This is the best, most coherent explanation of modern Republicans that I have ever come across.  DailyKos.



  1. I find it endlessly curious that Atheist sites take sides with political parties. Many Atheist are libertarian (small “l” — ie-not of the Libertarian Party). About 20% of the Republican party is essentially libertarian (I think the number goes). And many of us are atheists.

    This essay, calling Republicans “indulgent parents” is classic of partisan simplicities which to not seek understanding.

  2. Ah, yes. Libertarianism. The belief that, if there are no rules, everyone will magically obey the unwritten rules. ‘Tis absolute bullshit. Libertarianism seems to me to be perfectly designed to allow the wealthy and the large inudustries to dominate political and economic life even more than they do know.

    As to why I take sides in political debate, why shouldn’t I? Why can’t I? I am an American citizen, taxpayer and voter. When I write here, or talk with people in person, I am affecting (in a small way) the body politic.

    I am a liberal. I make no bones about that. I am anti-authoritarian. I make no bones about that. I am not anti-conservative but, in today’s political climate, there really aren’t any old-fashioned conservatives out there.

    The modern GOP is filled with authoritarian personalities who think that the rules do not apply to them. The whole Unitary Executive theory si based on the idea that the rules do not apply to the people in charge. The Bush II administration was 8 years of ignoring rules, laws, precedents, the Constitution, and international law in the name of political expediency, political domination, and a transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy.

    We saw an injection of faith into government which produced failure after failure: Katrina, Iraq, deregulation, virtually every policy pursued by the Bush II administration has failed totally. From Abstinence-Only-Sex-Education to the Justice Departments obsesssion with non-existent voter fraud, the modern GOP has ignored evidence and fact, relying on faith that the program will work.

    We saw an injection of religion into government. The Bush II administration sought to make evangelical Christianity a de facto state religion, funneling millions to churches with no strings attached. They took stands on women’s rights issues sought to return us to the 1950s. Their stand on human rights as it applies to the GLBT community kowtowed to the radical religious right.

    The Bush administration used torture to try to find proof of a non-existent link between al-Qaida and Iraq. They destroyed the concept of international law to pursue a narrow political agenda and invade Iraq and use the war to create a permanent Republican majority.

    Many, not all, of these subjects touch on atheism. All of them touch on liberalism and progressivism. So why am I, because I am an atheist, not supposed to speak about politics? Not taking sides is taking the side of the status quo.

    And the essay, to me, describes modern Republican thought quite well. They are indulgent parents — no Republican is ever wrong (just not conservative enough), no Republican should ever have to face consequences for their behaviour, and no Republican is ever at fault — it is the Democrats, the liberals, the press, Satan, you name it, it ain’t their fault.

    And as for ‘partisan simplicity’? How about Bush’s ‘with us or against us’? or Bachmann’s ‘let’s investigate un-American congressmen’? or the drumbeat of socialism and marxism as regards President Obama? or the childish insistence that it is the ‘Democrat Party’? Progressives (not all, but certainly most that I know) value understanding — how and why did we get where we are? How do we solve the problems? And, yes, part of that understanding involves putting the blame on the people who created the problem.

    The Democratic Party rolled over in the aftermath of 9/11 and allowed the Bush administration to shred the Constitution and the law, so part of the blame lies with them. But the policies of the new conservatives, from Goldwater to today, has severely stressed the fabric of America. The rich get richer (in the last 30 years, the income of the top 10% of Americans has gone up by about 200% (adjusted for inflation, of course); the income of the rest of America has gone up 10%) and the middle class gets smaller and poorer. This is a direct result of both the policies of the GOP and the spinelessness of the Democratic Party.

    So, no, I will not take your advice (phrased as a ‘curiousity’) and stop taking sides in the political process. It is my right, and I damn well am going to exercise that right!

    • No, you really do not have any right to an opinion in American politics as you are not an American citizen. America is a nation created under God. That is our national motto. The Constitution gaurantees a persons right to worship any way they please will not be persecuted. But without believing in God, or Allah, or any other gods, you cannot be an American. Blogs like yours should be shut down.

      • Wrong. On every level, wrong.

  3. Boy, your first sentence but made me want to jump into the rest of your essay, not. I may come back later and read — maybe. Busy day ahead.

  4. “Ah, yes.” Didn’t inspire you to read on?

    I do know there are many people over the last year or so who suddenly identified themselves as Libertarians, and virtually every one of them had no fucking clue what that meant. Perfect example – gay marriage. Every one was actively opposed to it. Telling others what they can or can’t do doesn’t sound very Libertarian to me.

    I’m not a big fan of political parties, and I certainly don’t think we have enough of them in the US. Competition benefits the consumer, and we consumers are pretty fucked. Because of this “A or B” political system, I think it’s almost impossible to make generalizations about one party or the other because each naturally is going to have people who aren’t quite in line with the official party line.

    To that last point, I would hope the moderate, pragmatic Republicans either take back their party or perhaps better yet, form a new one. There are plenty of them who don’t care for religious litmus tests like abortion. Guys like Tom Ridge can’t win a primary or get added to a ticket because he’s pro-choice. Here’s a clue – if your party excluded guys who could have won elections, and who perhaps could have stemmed the tide of what you all hate so much in Obama’s economic policies simply because they were pro-choice or weren’t god-fearin’ enough, then yo’ve made your bed so lie in it. You have only yourselves to blame so shut the fuck up with the tea bagging, “socialism” and now “fascism”.

    Why the more level headed, moderate Republicans don’t just walk away and form their own party I have no idea.

  5. Sabio: Well, enjoy work in a workplace made safer through regulation. Rest assured that, if you are injured at work, regulations make it illegal for the company to fire you just because you are injured. Enjoy commuting using sidewalks and/or roads paid for through collective taxation. While driving (if, of course, you drive) remember that police officers, paid for, again, through collective taxation, are on hand to ensure that all drivers at least come close to following the rules. When you have lunch (and dinner), keep in mind that there are regulations regarding how much foreign material (fecal matter, sand, etc) can be in a product. Also, keep in mind that the buildings you work and live in have standards for construction, power, sewer, etc., with which the owners of the building must comply. So enjoy your relatively safe day, but keep on dreaming the libertarian dream of self-regulated businesses who spend extra money for employee safety through market-based corrections.

    If it sounds like I have no respect at all for libertarianism, you are correct.

    Philly: And the GOP is throwing the level headed moderate Republicans out of the party as fast as possible. I think a viable third party is a real possibility and it will be a middle party.

  6. Billy, enjoy your blogging

  7. Sabio: I plan to. Enjoy your utopian dreams.

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