Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger

2 May, 2009

Seriously.  He has taught me more about American labour history and how to be a musician than anyone else I can name. 

The Pete Seeger Appreciation Page.



  1. “Labour”? Speak AMERICAN!

  2. Philly: I speak and write in English. I got in the habit of using the alternate spellings because it annoyed the hell out of a right-wing McCarthy-worshipping high school English teacher. And it stayed.

    I do, however, use the American ‘ass’ rather than the British ‘arse.’

  3. Besides “arse” do you follow Canadian or British spelling rules?

  4. Happy Birthday Pete, and many more I hope. You were a wealth of understanding for me in my politically formative years.

  5. Craig: And how, pray tell, does a Canadian spell ‘arse’?

    Tau: He’s one of the few I consider a hero (flawed, but hero nonetheless).

  6. (((billy))), one of mine I will always think of.

  7. “arse” isn’t generally used in Canada except in a few places in the east. What I was wondering was whether you used “-ise” or “-ize” endings (analyse vs. analyze, colourise vs. colourize) That’s the main way Canadian spelling differs from standard British.

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