Things That Make You Say, “Huh?”

18 April, 2009

I’ve been real busy (work (new program (includes music performance (guitar)))) (though I have been watching the comments with interest (it feels weird to feel that I have nothing to add to the comment thread under my own post)).  (((Wife))), last night, had an interesting sighting.

An older Ford minivan (Windstar), kinda dented, with a Jesus Fish (complete with a cross) on the back of the van.  On the front passenger door, right under the handle, a bumper sticker:  “Don’t Laugh, Your Daughter Could Be In Here.”  Not often one sees such blatant cognitive dissonance on one vehicle.

Actually, I’m torn.  Which would be worse?  My daughter in a van with an older gentleman with odd sexual proclivities?  or my daughter in a van with a born-again Christian fundamentalist evangelizing her unmercifully, witnessing her again and again and again?  Both turn my stomach.  However, one scenario would, most likely, leave her much less mentally scarred than the other.

UPDATE:  Told (((Girl))) about this post.  She said, “Either way, the result would be the same.  I’d kick him in the stomach.  By way of his balls.”



  1. I, actually, can’t figure out what is creepier. But, if the senior citizen is a millionaire, I would go for the money over the evangelizing Christian. If the evangelizing Christian were a sexy hunk, I would take the Christian.

    Option 3: The evangelizing Christian is filthy rich and insanely good looking. I would beg him to take me (he probably wouldn’t).

    Yes, my values are getting better all the time. It seems that money and sex are at the top of my list. But, what can I say, I am only human.

  2. Damn, (((Billy))). I was going to tell you about the three robins I saw yesterday, all adults but with white rather than red breasts.

    Your sighting was a whole lot odder and thought provoking.

    That ‘which would you rather have’ thing is always uncomfoortable.

  3. I don’t find the Jesus Fish/Cross creepy. I never got into those symbols myself, but, they’re everywhere, so I’m used to seeing them. I always think, “Fundogelical,” and just keep driving. That “Daughter” sticker is creepy as hell. I’ve never seen that and hope I never do.

  4. Lorena: I actually have not idea the age of the person in the old, beat-up minivan. I can, with a fair degree of confidence, say he most likely ain’t rich.

    Sarge: Which is the lesser evil? Always a tough sell.

    Chappie: The Jesus Fish and othe religious paraphernalia aren’t freaky. Having the religious drivel with the daughter sticker? Freaky as hell.

  5. Freaky indeed.

  6. Either one or the other is bad enough, but both together is downright scary.

    I LOLed at (((Girl’s))) comment.

  7. Ridger: Yeah. Definately an odd combination.

    Oz: And she would, too.

  8. I’ve known a couple of jesus freaks with a true punk-rock sensibility. Odd and definitely hard to figure out. Maybe it was one of them.

    If I ever meet (((girl))), I shall be extra polite… Oh, now I see why some people respond to threats of Hell.

  9. At least we know it wasn’t a catholic priest, or it would have said “son”. 😛

  10. Postie: I don’t think it was ‘punk rock sensibility.’ I think it was more ‘I’m a sleeze-ball, but I put the fish on the back to make me look good.’

    And (((girl)))? Politeness doesn’t help. Nor does friendleness. She’s 16 and has an attitude.

    Poodles: Not only that, around here, it would have been a Caddy (or a Bimmer).

  11. Just… ewww. Do not want! o_o I agree with (((girl))), a good kick is the best thing for that situation!

  12. Insert: Not that I agree with violence (I am (despite being a veteran) a militant pacifist), but, yeah. Either way, it would be violence (coercion is a form of violence) and, unfortunately, violence is often an appropriate response to violence.

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