Happy Jewish Zombie Day

12 April, 2009

Happy Easter — the one truly Christian holiday with no borrowings from pre-Christian religions.  Well, alright, the Last Supper was, supposedly, a Seder, which is, of course, Jewish.  And the eggs are a pre-Christian fertility symbol.  As is the bunny rabbits.  And the ham was borrowed from the gentiles as a way of saying, “See, we’re no longer Jews, so stop persecuting us.”  And the Easter baskets are also a pagan holdover.  And the lamb, which should have been a sacrificial offering, has just morphed into moulded butter which we chop up with knives.  So.  Christ (if, of course, he actually lived) was Christian, right?  No, he was a Jew and a Rabbi.

Well, happy Jewish Zombie Day anyway.  Now I gotta go to work.


Here is a good (non-snark, no sarcasm) view of the pre-Christian origions of Easter (History.com).



  1. and the word Easter derives from the pre-christian goddess Eostre of the Dawn, who was celebrated in a spring festival or fertility and renewal. sound familiar?

  2. Oopsz: Thanks for stopping by. I didn’t know that one until today (after writing the above) but saw it in the History.com article. Real familiar. Is anything about Christianity (other than heresy) really original?

  3. Is anything about Christianity (other than heresy) really original?

    Not really, no.

  4. Craig: That’s kinda the conclusion I’m leaning towards. And happy Zombie Day.

  5. > Is anything about Christianity (other than heresy) really original?

    Well, for one, the idea that Jesus actually rose from the dead is original. What other system of beliefs claims to believe that a person actually physically came back to life? Furthermore, most Christians admit that if Jesus did not actually rise from the dead, the faith is worthless.

    • Actually, this isn’t really true either. The idea of a man, born of a virgin and then resurrected had been around for a long time before Jesus. Bill Maher tackled this fact in Religulous. And even though he was snarky about it, the facts are true.

      • Sorry the key point stars at 3m16s.

  6. > What other system of beliefs claims to believe that a person actually came back to life? <

    Off the top of my head I’d say Osiris and Dionysis.

    A quick google search gives us Odin, Persephone, Adonis, the phoenix, Balder.

  7. lol, my mom called me a sheeple today. Called ME a sheeple, cos I don’t believe in her undead jewish zombie overlord.

  8. Matthew: Thanks for stopping by. In answer to your question, many. See Kate’s answer.

    Kate: Sehr Gut.

    Robert: Thanks for visiting. So if you are one of the goats, that makes you a sheep? I dont understand.

  9. lol, I don’t understand either. I generally just ignore what my mother says about my non-religion.

  10. She called me a sheeple because I’ve read science websites and watched the Science Channel. Does that make me a sheep? I thought a sheep was a person that followed another person’s idea.

  11. Robert: One thing I have noticed about conservatives (whether religious, political or social) is a propensity for projection. They (not all, obviously (this is not a blanket condemnation)) are so completely unable to imagine a different viewpoint that they ascribe their viewpoint to everyone.

    Conservative Congressman is taking bribes and sending government contracts to his friends, therefore liberals must be doing the same.

    Conservative minister is on his fourth wife, sleeps around, embezzles from the church and blindly follows the dictates of just a few people, therefore liberals must all be unfaithful thieves who blindly and unthinkingly follow whatever a ‘scientist’ says.

    Lack of empathy on the part of conservatives can lead them to assume that their ‘enemies’ do things for the same reason they do things.

  12. I came to that conclusion as well.

  13. I used to be a religious nut. But then I got into rocketry and space travel, started learning how the planets formed, and questioned if God really made all this. Then my grandfather gave me the item that would spell doom for my faith, the Bible. I took one look at the bullshit and contradictions contained in that book and renounced my religion at once.

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