UN Human Rights Council Resolution A/HRC/10/L

1 April, 2009

“Access to this domain or directory, iambilly.wordpress.com (alias (((Billy))) The Atheist), has been suspended due to a reported violation of UN Human Rights Council Resolution A/HRC/10/L.. Combating Defamation of Religions.

Reasons for this suspension include:

Defamation of Christianity.
Defamation of Islam.
Stereotyping Islamic culture. 

“We 47 member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council strongly condemn defamation of religion as a human rights violation. An investigation is in progress to determine the validity of these reported international crimes. “We apologize for any inconvenience.” “This domain or directory has been blocked since 1 April 2009.”



  1. Not funny

  2. Philly: I agree. An April Fool can be dark. It doesn’t have to be funny.

    You can almost picture that happening, can’t you?

  3. I thought it was funny. Funny in that horror filled awkward way. I can indeed see this being a possibility in the future.

  4. Doug: Thank you for visiting. Scary how something can be amusing and frightening as hell at the same time. I get the same feeling when I see Inhofe open his yap — scared out of my shorts, but laughing my ass off.

  5. Witty, satirical and works as such because there is that tinge of reality, which makes you wonder. That is where the horror kicks in when you find your self asking is it real!

    I shall recommend this post to those who read my blog.

  6. Good April Fool’s prank. I’m glad it’s just a prank, though.

  7. […] Human Rights, Islamofacists, Religious bigots, Satire, UN Human Rights Council by adamsmith1922 This post is a spoof. However, it could be all too real. That is what makes bodies such as these so […]

  8. Adam: Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the recommendation.

    Chappie: I am too.

  9. Crap, I’m going to ban myself before those idiots get the chance. That’ll show ’em!

  10. Don’t pull a Masada, Ric.

  11. Ric: Are you going Galt on us?

    Philly: Masada is still there. The people, however . . .

  12. GALT – galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase

    I dunno. That’s a little obscure for me.

  13. Ric: You never were forced to read Ayn Rand by a cruel remorseless (and mildly psycopathic) English teacher?

    Galactose? Is that the sugar holing the universe together?

  14. ()-

    I think I did read Atlas Shrugged way back when and promptly forgot it. As for the universe, it is full of holes but I don’t know that there is sugar in them.

    Philly –

    I’m more likely to pull the masada out from under someone. (Don’t ask. I don’t know.)

  15. Masada: (n), a stupid slave owner (contraction of Master Duh). See Bush.

  16. This sounds like a good idea. At first. But what if Satan-worshippers, Islamists, Buddhas, Sioux, and other false religions also object? If the UN takes over the world and bans the ridiculing of religion, would that only be real relgions or would it also include those little bitty cults here and abroad? I think you should be banned because you do ridicule real religion. But, if you ever ridiculed a false religion or cult like Islamism, would they want you banned?

    They would need to amend it so it says that

    We 47 member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council strongly condemn defamation of real religions as a human rights violation.

    That way defamation of false religions would be okay, right?

  17. Well first problem would be how to prove your religion isn’t false. Good luck with that.

    The second problem is, regardless of whether something is true or false, freedom of speech means you can say whatever the fuck you want about it, including mocking it profusely.

    So no, it doesn’t sound like a good idea any damn way you look at it.

    Btw, “Rational Christian”, is that like Jumbo Shrimp, some weird sort of oxymoron?

  18. Oh, (((Billy))), you crafty SOB. You had me for a second… which is the scariest thing of all.

  19. Rational Christian: See, that’s the problem anytime any government or international agency gets involved with religion: someone has to decide which the real one is. I’d bet dollars to donuts that Muslims feel pretty much the same about Christians. And they get a vote, too.

    Philly: Bravo, free speech.

    And oxymorons? I was in military intelligence. Now I work for a government organization. So rational Christian would fit in, neh?

    Postman: I’m not a sob, I’m a wasp. Or at least my parents were. Before they dropped the p. So I’m actually a WASA.

  20. Wow. That was scary. I can’t believe this could actually happen.

  21. Teleprompter: The odd thing is, the religious asshat who dropped by managed to point out the biggest problem with the idea (other than freedom of speech): who decides what counts as a religion?

  22. Wow.
    The U.N.
    Shit you must be good.
    Is there a metal(gold silver bronze) like in bars to go with that high reward. Or a medal. A flying fucking jesus astride a cross(or a Mary,whichever one he was humping at the time)
    Anyway congrats.
    P.S. I am in a off mood tonight.

  23. Dax: Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, but they ‘decided’ against shtupping me down, so I guess I just need to be more dismissive of religion.

  24. thanks for sharing sir…

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