Ultimate Protest

31 March, 2009

Do you ever feel like you want to protest something?  Or everything?  But each different thing that you protest needs a new sign, right?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an all-purpose protest sign?  One that tells the world you hate everything that your version of god(s) hates? 

Well, (via hissingteakettle (attribution under Creative Commons)) here it is:

The All Purpose Right Wing Christianist Dominionist Protest Sign.  (He was protesting a hackey-sack game.)



  1. Hey… Hey! I’m an actor; is he calling me two-faced? I’m also a jesus-Mocker… and, depending on who you ask, probably a pervert. I’m also a non-homemaker – never made a home in my life, (that would be perverted). It’s barely possible that I’m a drunkard and a porno freak, too; I’ve imbibed alcohol and seen porn.
    So I seem to be royally screwed.

    However, I’m confused by “ankle-biters”, (Children? Weren’t we all children at one point or another?), and “Dykes on Bikes”. What, the pedestrian dikes get a pass on this one? Hardly seems fair.

  2. An all-purpose sign like that cuts down the clutter in the garage. No more rooting around looking for just the right sign for today’s protest – one sign does all. Very thrifty.

  3. Postman: Maybe the ‘ankle-biters’ to which the sign refers are the little yippie-yap dogs like, say, a bitchin’ fritzie or a weinerdog.

    Chappie: Hadn’t thought about the basement or garage clutter. Helpful.

  4. Maybe that guy is just petitioning for membership in the Phelps clan…I have it on good authority that their god hates everything too.

  5. Tau: The problem with him trying to join the Phelps church is that he would have to prove that he is a Phelps. Seems to be a family thing. Makes me wonder about weddings. Actually, no. I don’t want my mind to go there. Shit. Too late.

  6. All non-homemakers? Even children and men?

    This all-purpose sign really has it in for women. I think it’s funnier when they list other religions…

  7. Poe’s Law? It seems a little too inclusive and/or snarky. I can’t picture the typical fundie including “ankle biters” and “baby killers” on the same sign, given that “ankle biters” usually refers to infants and toddlers.

  8. Dykes on bikes?

    Whoever heard of water containment levees riding a self propelled two wheeled vehicle?

  9. Nan: The photo is from a Flickr account. The caption says that the sign holder was watching students play hackey sack (do kids even play that anymore?). If poeist? Well done.

    Sarge: Here in WB, about 5 years ago, the newspaper had a headline: “Feds to spend $10 million on dike beautification project.” My vote for the best headline ever.

  10. I told my lesbian neighbors about that one, they said, “Damn! And we moved to Altoona”!

    They said they just couldn’t seem to catch a break.

  11. Sarge: Its all about timing.

    Why not dykes on trikes? A water containment levee on a ceratopsian?

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