Fill a Void

28 March, 2009

I have got to be more careful when typing in search terms.  I recently bought a Tamiya Infantry Tank Mark II, Matilda (it’s an old kit (actually, the first tank model I ever built was this one (long ago)) and discovered a molding error in the turret.  I really don’t want to order a new turret, so I decided to check on-line for a way to fill a void in the styrene plastic.  I typed in “fill a void” and hit enter (I should have included the word ‘styrene’).  This is what came up. 

Fill The Void – 3:44pm

Is Your Life Empty? Let the Lord Jesus Christ fill the void!! Informative articles that will help you find meaning and purpose in your life.
www.fillthevoid.org/ – 18k – CachedSimilar pages

Well, I had to wonder just how a fictional bronze-age rabble-rousing rabbi could fill a void, so I clicked.  And entered a painful web site.

Right at the top: 

(I think that is the light at the end of the tunnel.  But it looks more like an onrushing freight train.)


In every person’s heart, there is a void (there better not be a void in my heart — most holes in the heart are congenital birth defects which, if not treated, lead to a really short life)  – an empty place that can only be filled by one thing (surgery?). Each of us goes through life seeking and searching for that one perfect fit, that thing that will fill the void (Oh, a metaphorical void.  I have never searched for perfection in anything.  In a chaotic world, perfection is not achievable.  If you are searching for perfection, I guess you would feel empty.). Many try to substitute other things, money, drugs, careers, relationships (Don’t knock it.  A real relationship with a human being (as opposed to a fictional delusion) is quite fulfilling), fame. Many seek fulfillment through mystical, religious or occult practices. But these things, however attractive they seem, cannot truly satisfy that inner longing (Wait.  Ya’ll are trying to sell Jesus (which means Christianity (or at least some form of Christianity) and in the same paragraph insisting that mystical, religious, or occult practices will not fill the void?  Believing in a mythical sky-daddy who killed his own son who was himself ain’t mystical?  Christianity ain’t religious?  Speaking in tongues and handling snakes ain’t occult?).

The Bible (which version of the thousands of different translations?) teaches (the Bible teaches nothing, preachers and teachers teach what the nonsense means) that only the One who made man’s heart (Mom and Dad?  or at more philosophical level, the evolutionary process which led to homo sapiens?) can also fill it. Are you seeking fulfillment? (No, I am seeking a really good Reuben, though.  Can you help me there?) Are you lacking inner peace? (Yes.  Those with inner peace are totally happy with who they are and aren’t real likely to try to learn or try new things) Not sure of your purpose or direction in life? (There is no ‘purpose’ in life except finding a mate, fucking, and having children.  That is our biological purpose.  Other than that, life and reality just are.)  Let Jesus Christ into your heart and know Him as you Lord and Savior (Depends.  Does he have a medical license as a cardiac surgeon?  If not, no way is he getting in my heart). He is the ONLY way to truly fill the void!

Today, over at Pharyngula, the humanist of the year P. Z. Myers, posted this picture of a church sign from Arkansas (it is a quote from Martin Luther):

Reading the two paragraphs from the Voiding in Jesus web site simply reinforces what many of us have already grokked:  Faith is the greatest enemy that reason (or rationality (or reality)) has.  If fallacious arguments from authority combined with a great straw-man will convince anyone to embrace the great zombie, than I guess that rationality, reason, and reality aren’t really a part of that individuals life.

I arrived there searching for something else (advice on using gap-filling CA to fill a molding void in a styrene model) and found, what is to me, a rather amusing site.  I wonder just how many people  sites like this one have snared over the years?  And I wonder, how many of those snared simply transfer loyalty from one brand of theism to another, or from one form of Christianity to another?  And how many actual atheists or universal deists actually get snared?



  1. You said that the sky-daddy killed his own son, but I’ve heard that they were the same person, so isn’t that suicide?
    You know, I go to the ATM and check my balance, I try hard to imagine its something else, in fact I often believe its something else and then the evidence comes in. Perhaps these guys need a dose of evidence, or the very least a bit of gap filler to fill the void.

  2. I’m amazed “fill a void” didn’t return porn.

  3. Bruce: Yeah. Killing himself/his son to free us from the sin that he introduced which. . . Ah, hell. Anyway you look at it makes no sense.

    My (((Son))) has the same problem with his ATM card.

    Philly: You mean that site isn’t?

  4. Well who am I to say what others might find spank worthy? If the internet were actually a “series of tubes”, anyone traveling inside them would need a hazmat suit.

  5. Philly: Would capacity have increased as quickly as it did were if not for porn?

  6. Porn had always been at the forefront of web design. They paved the way for image optimization, then video optimization, e-commerce, marketing, and security.

    Everyone, from the Christians “filling voids” to grannies seeing pictures of their grandchildren online owe a debt to porn.

  7. Philly: In college (pre-internet), I took a course in Art History (I quickly learned not to think for myself, but simply regurgitate what the teacher wanted (if she say phallic symbolism in Jackson Pollock, I saw it too)). Her drumbeat through the entire course was that the history of art was the history of pornography. Made for an interesting course.

  8. If we mate your Fill A Void post with my Jesus Is My Boyfriend post, will we get something porn-worthy? Then again, I’m not into snuff films. You can keep your Void away from my Jesus – we’ll all be happier that way.

  9. Chappie: Maybe if we just, a la Mapplethorpe, void on Jesus? Though I think that ‘social conservatives’ frown on scatalogical subjects (unless they are will their prostitutes).

  10. I quickly learned not to think for myself, but simply regurgitate what the teacher wanted

    That’s what prompted me to leave PoliSci, but then I found it in every other department, too. 😦

    I did find one English professor who, after teaching the same course for 20 years, was very receptive to fresh opinions, but he was the only one.

    Btw, the trick to acing art history exams is to talk about the process of creating the work. Every art historian is a wannabe artist who sadly has no talent, so having a window into the mind of an artist gets them so worked up that they completely overlook how you actually never answered the questions or addressed any of the information that was taught in the course. 😉

    Well, it worked for me anyway.

  11. Philly: Luckily, my history professors were into actual critical thinking and honest arguments. Their classes were fun.

    The art history exams were more about identifying artist, style, period, materials, etc. The lectures, though, were a hoot. Everything was sex. The last supper? Sex. A Dutch tryptich? Sex. Pointilism? Sex.

    I did use the ‘BS until it looks like I know something’ in philosophy. And it worked in economics class. Actually, in economics, I BS’d my way through a one question mid term, got an A+, and was asked why I wasn’t majoring in business. I told him I prefer reality. He laughed.

  12. Not to derail the comments or anything, but whereabouts is this “void” on the turret? Is it somewhere that can be filled with some sheet styrene, or is it a weird shape that will mean scratchbuilding a whole new turret top?

    Just wondering.

  13. Rallymodeller: Thanks for stopping by. It’s a 1/4 inch hole with no plastic right underneath the portside turret lifring mount. I filled it with gap-filling CA, sanded it smooth, then layed down a layer of Elmer’s white glue, let it get tacky, and pressed fine sandpaper into it to regain the rough cast steel texture. Then I light sanded it a second time and it is now (with a coat of primer (actually, Tamiya medium gray)) indistinguishable from the original cast steel texture of the Tamiya mold. I’ll post a photo when finished (which, given my modelling time, may be months).

  14. Hey guys,
    I want to apologize to you for all the ignorance surrounding Christianity. I know it makes a lot of people think Christians are intelligently weak and socially offensive. I ask you to overlook the rhetoric surrounding Christianity and look closer at what Christ teaches. I think you might be surprised to learn that He makes far better sense than many of His followers.
    Keith Kannenberg

  15. Well, that’s debatable.

  16. Keith: If Jesus actually existed, and if the myths recorded by Greek scribes at a later date accurately reflect Jesus’ teachings, what, precisely, do you mean when you say that he makes better sense than his followers? Jesus left no writings (actually, no historical proof of his existence), so, wouldn’t it be his followers who created Jesus’ teachings?

    And be careful tossing around the word ignorance. That I do not agree with you about the existence of god(s) (actually, you do not believe in the existence of almost as many god(s) as I) does not mean that I am ignorant about the lessons of the Bible. Additionally, the rhetoric surrounding Christianity is Christianity.

    Philly: Agreed.

  17. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you will only be healthy and whole when you fill the void in you life that is left by your denial of the Love of Jesus Christ, our Savior? Without the acceptence of God’s Love, you will forever be looking for ways to fill the Void in your Soul. People try to fill that Void with Darwinism, pornography, Satanism, Atheism, sex, drugs, alcohol, anything that deadens the senses of a human being, anything that reduces humanity to the level of an animal, anything that creates the fantasy that God does not Exist, that God does not Love you, that God is not the most important Thing in the livfe of every single human being.

    Good luck with your search for meaning in life. I hope that you find a way to fill that Void in you life. I hope and pray that you and others like you, will accept the Love of God through His only Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

    • Did you ever stop to think that maybe you will only be healthy and whole once you’ve filled the void in your life with something tangible? Without coming to terms with and accepting reality, you will forever be looking for ways to fill that void. People try to fill that void with religion, porn, sex, drugs, alcohol and anything else which deadens the senses of a human being, anything that reduces humanity to the level of an animal, anything that creates a fantasy escape from reality.

      Good luck with your search for meaning in life. I hope that you find a way to fill that void in you life, and that your solution is one grounded in reality. I truly hope that you and others like you will accept reality and come to know the joys of life without delusion and fantasy.

    • Dude, read the post. He’s talking about building plastic models. You remember right? I think I built those from the wehen I was about ten until I was fifteen. Both Philly and Billy have a void, but its between their ears.

      Accept the Savior, I am with you in God.

      • Dude, wake the fuck up.

        Accept reality.

  18. Accept reality.

    IOW, “think like me!”

  19. Accept reality.

    IOW, “think like me!”

    Thanks, cl. You just broke my irony meter. Third one this week. Only one from you, but third one got broken this week.

  20. The irony being?

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