Rules, Laws, the Constitution, and Contracts are Null and Void (if the Bible Says So)

21 March, 2009

One of my pet peeves (other than people who use the phrase, ‘pet peeve’) is the inability of the religious right to understand America.  We are, without any doubt, a secular country.   We are not a Christian nation.  Yet every argument against equal rights for Americans who are homosexual comes from a couple of verses taken out of context from the Bible.  The religious right wants to deny human rights to homosexuals (and expects them to be happy that they aren’t being stoned to death).   And the religious right thinks that rules, laws, the Constitution, and contracts can be ignored anytime it interferes with the bigotry of bromze age mythology.

I don’t want to get repetitive, but this is getting ridiculous! 

First up (From 365 Gay (via  Greg Laden’s Blog)), the state of Louisiana (big surprise, I know) has decided that adoptions decrees from other states are may not be legal.  A man from New York  “. . .  attempted to get a new birth certificate for their child, in part so he could add his son to his health insurance, the office of Louisiana State Registrar Darlene Smith told him that Louisiana does not recognize adoption by unmarried parents and so could not issue it.”

Lambda Legal filed suit and, citing the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution, “U.S. District Judge Jay Zainey in New Orleans ordered the state Office of Vital Records to put the names of both fathers on the amended birth certificate.”  So, of course, “a bill has been hastily filed in the state legislature that would make it illegal to revise birth certificates for people who would not qualify as adoptive parents in Louisiana. That would include gay couples.”  (emphasis mine) 

Screw the Constitution.  The Bible says gays are bad, so we must deny them human rights.

Also from 365 Gay  (and also via Greg Laden’s Blog):  House Judiciary Chairwoman Carrie Webster and Delegate Barbara Fleischauer say they are on the receiving end of a telemarketing campaign by the Family Policy Council of West Virginia.  Why are they threatening two lawmakers? 

People in the two lawmakers’ districts have been receiving calls saying that Webster and Fleischauer are blocking a ban on gay marriage, according to The Charleston Gazette.

The calls tell voters to send a message to the two politicians, and if the recipients choose, they are then patched through to Webster’s or Fleischauer’s office.

Family Policy Council President Jeremiah Dys confirmed his group had hired a firm to make the calls “as part of our educational effort.”

Somehow, anytime ‘policy’ and ‘family’ show up on a groups letterhead, I get worried.  And asking people to “send a message” to the lawmakers?

 Webster said callers are trying to “intimidate” her and Fleischauer.

“They call my staff idiots. They call my staff God-haters,” she told the paper. “I believe people should be able to exercise their free speech, but I do think it’s a manipulation.”

Gee.  What a surprise.  Pro-human rights means hating god(s).  Once again, the religious right cannot differentiate between bronze-age mythology and a modern secular democracy.  Screw the legislative process; the Bible says gays are bad, so anyone who wants gays to have human rights is evil and intimidation is a fair tactic.

And, from Dispatches from the Culture Wars (just to show that I do read other blogs than Greg Laden’s), another visitation rights case, from Florida, involving a lesbian.  (This quote is from World Nut Daily (but I am not linking to it (if you want to go there, Ed has the link))).

Lara Embry and her former lesbian partner, Kimberly Ryan, began a relationship while they lived in Seattle, Wash., and registered as domestic partners. Ryan had a daughter through artificial insemination on Feb. 21, 2000. A Washington court allowed Embry to adopt the baby and listed her as a second parent.

The couple moved to Sarasota, Fla., in August of 2001. Embry conceived her own daughter through artificial insemination and gave birth on Oct. 2, 2001.

Both women and their daughters moved back to Seattle so Embry could finish her doctoral studies at the University of Washington. While they lived in Seattle, Ryan became listed as a second parent to Embry’s child.

The lesbian couple returned to Sarasota in August 2002 and ended their relationship just two years later.

They informally rotated custody and visitation arrangements for two years following their break-up.

Ryan left her homosexual lifestyle, became a Christian and is engaged to marry a man. She grew concerned that the visits were not good for her 9-year-old daughter and discontinued the plans with Embry.

Embry demanded that a Florida court enforce the Washington adoption decree and allow her to continue visiting Ryan’s daughter.

The newly born-again ex-lesbian (or bi-sexual) has decided that homosexuality is evil (well, the Bible says it is) and, via religiously-based bigotry, wants all the legal documents to disappear.   Once again, being religious means laws do not apply.

Screw the law and the documents she signed;  the Bible says gays are bad, so laws and contracts don’t apply.

Every single one of these cases is based upon bigotry created by Biblical literalism and conservative politics.  Feeding the base.  Stoking the fires of the culture wars.  Ignoring the history of America.  Ignoring the laws.  Ignoring the Constitution.  Is  it even possible for anti-gay activists to argue against human rights for citizens without citing, directly or obliquely, the Bible?



  1. When my former husband and I split up because he was gay, I could probably have created a huge problem for all of us had I been a religious nutcase. Luckily for everyone, I’m an atheist and therefore really had no problems with his homosexuality. We now have an extremely well adjusted 19 year old (oops – 20 next week – I feel old), and we’re each happily married to our respective partners. I’d be willing to bet that that 9 year old girl won’t be so lucky.

  2. Once again, the threat to America raises its multiple heads. For some reason, you and your kind are determinde to destroy America by providing rights to those who are determined to break God’s law and thus America’s law.

    Why should America risk the loving wrath of the Almighty in order to provide rights for perverts which no other American has? Why should perverts be allowed to adopt when I, as a single man, am not allowed to? Why should a pervert be allowed to force an innocent child of God into a sick relationship? Why should a pervert be allowed to recruit that poor little girl into a sick and twisted lifestyle which has been proven to lead to insanity, disease, and a severly decreased life span?

    I grieve for America. Please wake up and smell the coffee. Please wake up and learn. As America strays from its true Christian roots, we suffer the righteous punishment of God for our collective transgressions. Fires, floods, hurricanes, depression, are all linked directly and verifiably to depravity.


    We must return to the Christian roots of our collective subconscious and embrace a surrender to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Billy, I know that you think you are an atheist. But, think you, in your heart, what if you are wrong? I know that you are wrong. You know that you are wrong. Embrace that small voice in the back of you mind and be saved.

    • WOW !!! For a christian you sure calling alot of names (like pervert) ARE YOU SERIOUS????? That is not christian like at all, so practice what you preach !!I am 35 and my wife and I have been together raising our children(3 of them)… We are a normal family just like anyone else !!!It is People like you who makethings hard or try !! I luv my wife and our children and would not change a thing !!! I go to church just like the next person…If we get technical and reallysearch the very first bible before all the translations ect… You would see that it say different. There are so much ignorance in this world it is pathetic !!!!
      Practice what you PREACH !!!!

  3. ()-

    It’s become increasingly obvious over the past two millennia that religious people are literally born without brains and thus, by default, must follow prescriptions that have been written down for them, no matter how wrong. Goodness, if you take Bibles away from Christians they will undoubtedly engage on a spree of immorality and violence unparalleled in the history of man, except of course by those sprees of immorality and violence they’ve committed in the name of their Bible and their god.

  4. I think the words “loving wrath” say it all. I just cannot imagine hating anyone so much. Or anyone at all, really.

    How many heads do you actually have, Billy? Just wondering.

  5. Jeez, looks like Reginald snuck in just before me. Damn!

    Well, Reg, here’s what your post says once we wade through the dreck. It says you’re ignorant, you’re stupid, you’re full of hate, you’re bigoted, you’re arrogant, you’re prideful and proud of being ignorant, stupid, hateful, bigoted, and arrogant.

    That’s where all your Bible study and Christianity has brought you, to a place that is so far from the teachings of Christ that, if it existed, you have earned yourself a place in Hell. And frankly, the sooner you and your kind get there, the better off the world will be.

  6. Laurie: My mom had two boyfriends in college. Both broke up with her to enter the priesthood. Okay, not the same, but similar.

    Isn’t it amazing how useful rational thought is in preventing minor glitches becoming major catastrophes?

    Reginald: In the last paragraph of my post, I asked: “Is it even possible for anti-gay activists to argue against human rights for citizens without citing, directly or obliquely, the Bible?” I’m guessing from you comment drivel that you disagree?

    Ric: But what happens when your book of choice is either unclear or contradictory? Wouldn’t the internal cognitive dissonance create openmindedness? Or am I now in a fantasy world?

  7. All: We seem to be cross-posting here.

    Laurie: Hate, at this level, seems to be the province of the conservative wings of both religion and politics.

    Ric: He is rather proud of his ignorance, isn’t he?

  8. Oh, one more thing – I’d bet the real reason you aren’t allowed to adopt a child is that the adoption agencies can spot you for the perverted, twisted, mentally damaged freak that your post makes you out to be and wouldn’t let a child within five hundred feet of you.

  9. () –

    In order to recognize internal cognitive dissonance, otherwise known as lies, distortions, contradictions, and propaganda one has to have independent intelligence. In the Christian case, they spend inordinate amounts of time and energy rationalizing the dissonance instead of actually considering it for what it is. Which is to say they have made up their mind and will not be dissuaded by facts and evidence, but will twist their texts to fit their fantasies and justify their distorted and perverted sense of reality.

  10. These stories make me keep coming back to the Christian assertions that atheists are unAmerican or hate America. What’s more unAmerican than not respecting America’s sovereignty, casting it and its laws aside for a an old book and a fantasy?

    Leaving nationalism out of this, what of basic human respect? Why must these people impose their beliefs on other’s lives? It’s that perversion of the Golden Rule that Christianity hangs its hat on which gives these people both the license to do this and removes the basic human empathy which would otherwise prevent someone from doing this

  11. Reginald has an almost insurmountable obstacle to sensible thinking. His religion; he is sick with it.
    I once asked a friend how she could love a god who would wipe out an entire community because the people living there had stopped believing in him (Numbers 31).
    Her response, apparently abandoning all her usually keen sensibility because she was discussing her faith, said “Well, they had stopped believing in him. They brought it on themselves.”
    I was horrified by her seeming inability to recognize that it was her loving god and he was ordering mass murder on an entire city. I haven’t mentioned anything about it since, and I have altered, nay cancelled, my previous respect for her.

    March 22, 2009

  12. I use the simple solution for such people. Once they reveal themselves, they’re out of my life. They’re toxic and they’re liabilities and you can never, ever trust them.

  13. Ric: Wouldn’t it be nice if extremist religious views (say, Southern Baptist Coalition churches)were considered a barrier to adoption, foster care, or even hosting exchange students?

    The political and religious right seems to be especially accepting of propagandistic lies.

    Philly: Theists (most of them, anyway) only consider fellow believers (specifically, believers wtih beliefs similar to their own beliefs) to be human. The rest of the world is devil-fodder, and, unless we suddenly believe the right lie, the faster we go to hell, the better. In fact, if the radical religious right can make the lives of non-believers hell on earth, all the better. They expect to be rewarded upon death for torturing the unbelievers. Thou shalt not kill only applies to their theological neighbors.

    NE: Thanks for stopping by. I agree that certain levels of religious mania are mental illnesses. Unfortunately, because their delusional state is in sympathy with the religious paradigm (though at a more extreme level), they are not considered insane by the vast majority of Americans (including the courts and politicians).

    It makes sense, then, that extreme religious views (basically, in my book, anything more conservative than the Unitarians) are actually quite in line with the psychopathic, sociopathic god(s) that they worship.

    I have lost friends over the years when I have realized that their god(s) delusions are so strong that they are willing to condone genocide, rape and other atrocities if they believe that is what god(s) wants.

    Ric: I’ve taken the same approach a couple of times. After all, what if their god(s) tells them that I must die?

  14. () –

    It’s simpler than worrying about whether their fantasy drives them to murder. Simple version – a friend of mine from high school is in an abusive marriage. Another couple, very religious, said they would help her in any way they could to get away from the husband. But when my friend arranged to get out, requiring only a ride to the airport, these two Christers told her, on the day of the escape, they couldn’t drive her there because they had to go to church. Unfortunately there was no backup plan and she’s still trapped.

    Another friend got sucked into the Witnesses cult, and said several times that I would come around to believing in god. She wasn’t pushy, but it was fucking annoying. I finally told her exactly what I thought of the JWs and haven’t heard from her since.

    It’s a sickness. Mental disease. I’ve no problem with churchgoers until they bring their nonsense into my life or the political arena. I’ll tell them once if they mess with me and then they’re done if they do it again. In the political arena (and science too) I’ll never stop fighting them. And any talk of there being common ground between faith and science is nonsense and utterly defies sanity.

  15. Honestly.
    The bible gives us 10 commandments. What they don’t seem to realize is that in Ex34 verse28 kjv Moses gets another set of commandments that the bible says are The commandments cause Moses got ticked at his people killed three thousand or so and broke the first set of tablets. Different too.
    In the new testament(I’m doing this from memory I could be a little off)Jesus says Love the lord your Blah blah. This is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto it
    Love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the profits err prophets.
    The sad fact about it is of course is what happened to me.
    Just after university I was losing faith.Went to see my pastor. Got the lecture. Keep strong read the bible.
    Then the miracle. He handed me one of those little daily readings books.
    I thought I would do him one one better and actually read the whole bible. Hey If a daily reading can restore my faith. Reading the whole F****** (didn’t see your notes re language)thing should set me on the throne. Didn’t work out that way. It took about two years and by the end of it I was not going to church and couldn’t believe what was going on. I was kicked out of several bible study groups.
    I am proud to say I still try to live by the second commandment but I call it Atheiest Cool.
    I play in church several times a year. My wife reads in church. We have great friends there. The minister hasn’t given up on me but I’ve not been invited to participate in thursday night bible study. Kids are not monsters nor the grandchildren

  16. Dax: Okay, then.

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