Happy Pi Day!

14 March, 2009

Happy Pi Day.  March 14.  3/14.

Of course, this means on Monday we have to put up with endless John Day:  3/16.

Odd that anytime non-Christians come up with a day to celebrate (Darwin Day, Pi Day) some Christians either get bent out of shape or coopt the celebration and religify it.  For people who know that they, and only they, have the Truth, they are damn insecure.



  1. Christians have always co-opted others’ holidays. Christmas and Easter, the two most important Christian holidays, were both reinventions of pagan celebrations. Christians have also co-opted others’ myths – the Jesus Christ story fits an ancient hero myth cycle. And, as you know, many of the supposedly unique fables in the Christian Bible have parallels in the traditions of other cultures and religions. Alas, it seems that Christians compensate for their lack of originality with some skillful re-packaging of ideas and practices that have proven useful to others.

  2. Christians could celebrate Pi Day on September 3rd, since 9/3 = 3. I suppose March 1st, June 2nd, and Dec. 4th would work, too.

  3. It is also “Steak & Blowjob Day” as the IPU has posted about. Co-opt that!

  4. And I just found out the Albert Einstein’s birthday is pi day. Damn!

    Chappie: Someday, someone needs to do a complete list of Christian and Jewish inter-mythos plagiarism.

    Philly: And when is bat day?

    Orion77: Works for me.

  5. Philly:
    Good Lord, man, don’t give them any more ideas! They already monopolize the holiday calendar.

  6. Chappie: Do they really need encouragement? I think they are so supremely self-motivated that what thinking people do really does not matter.

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